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Ascension Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #8 reader â doc 9780345519597 Á danpashley Í ❰Reading❯ ➼ Ascension Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #8 Author Christie Golden – NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE GALAXY STANDS LEADERLESS CAN THE JEDI SAVE IT—OR WILL THe enduring menace of Abeloth the profoundly evil entity hungry to become a god  “Christie Golden’s excellent storytelling captures the essence of the beloved space opera and should leave series followers eagerly anticipating the story’s conclusion” Library Journa It is all coming together for an epic conclusionI cannot wait for the finish of this 9 book series So GOOD

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE GALAXY STANDS LEADERLESS CAN THE JEDI SAVE IT OR WILL THEIR ENEMIES ENSLAVE IT?The toppling of ruthless Natasi Daala has left a political vacuum on Coruscant and ignited a power struggle between opposing factions racing to claim control of the Fate of the Jedi is a great series This book was my least favourite of the series though The pace of the book is a hyperspace speed Usually this would be great but it felt like the book was a rushed to cram in as many revelations and secretes and conspires as possible Christie Golden was the first to really push the boundaries of Ben and Vestara's attraction; she continues this in this bookThere are little touches I did like in this book Like the characters eating food that are recognisable then just making up new names for things This is good I even liked that fact that some of the conspirators who were around from the time of Palpetine still have the speiciesist attitude The prefer humans to all other species Small touches like this do add to the believabilityThe story Riding the wave of their huge victories form the last 2 book Luke leads the Jedi on a mission to destroy the ancient Dark Side being called Abeloth Using this high risk stagey of taking all available Jedi could leave open to a counter attack The lost Tribe of the Sith have become his second priority could he have underestimated them Luke's character seem to alternate between a naive doting father to a ruthless Sith like strategist willing to sacrifice his own familyI have to disagree with Master Saba I think the Sith are stupid Really who else could the mystery senator be? I don't think there is anybody anywhere who would not have guessed this from the first meeting between them and the Sith That was a bit of a waste of a big reveal for the last pageVestara has a really hard time in this book She has to make hard choices about who she was who she is and most of all who she want to become then if that is even possible She also faces the same sacrifice play Jason has to face in his was to become a true SithAll in all a good book but because it was so rushed it felt like a set up for the next book rather than book strong enough to stand alone Maybe if so much of the book was not wasted on the Lost Tribe's ceremony of accepting Aboloth or if the book had another 100 pages then the book was not have need a new revelation or conspiracy every chapter There are a number of secret groups formed and disbanded However an important book pertaining to the series Can't wait for the finale in Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Apocalypse

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Ascension Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #8Galactic Alliance Surrounded by hidden agendas treacherous conspiracies and covert Sith agents the Jedi Order must keep the government from collapsing into anarchy while facing the combined threats of the resurgent Lost Sith Tribe a deposed dictator bent on vengeance and t I found Christie Golden's Ascension book 8 of 9 in the fate of the Jedi series to be interesting but not really satisfyingBook 8 has the tankless task of mostly being set up for book 9 Apocalypse due April 2012why so long? and has to manage events accordinglyBut a LOT of things do happen in Ascension A lot of ground is covered Much of the standing around waiting for something to happen feeling is gone Perhaps if this level of action had been attempted in earlier books they wouldn't have seemed like fillerThe four main dangers to the galaxy are these 1 the political conspirators Moffs and Senators2 the Lost Tribe of the Sith3 recently deposed Admiral Daala4 AbelothAnd all four of these evil forces start to take big chunks out of the galaxy and each other There is a lot of maneuvering and outmaneuvering and backstabbing and secrecy Daala gets some revenge against those conspirators who undermined her rule The Sith and Abeloth take big chunks out of each other But if you've been reading this series from the beginning the big twist near the end of this book will be no big surprise The cat is let out of the bag very early on for a careful readerMeanwhile there are two huge turning points for the Ben Vestara romanceone positive and one negative But the romance finally does beginwith Vestara renouncing the Sith after she is forced to kill her father his will twisted or destroyed by Abeloth to save her own life But to save Ben Vestara later chooses to return to her Sith ways but keeps it a secretThough book 7 foreshadowed the impossibility of Ben and Vestara living happily ever afterAnd the Lost Tribe of the Sith hatches an ambitious gambit to seize Coruscant itself Who knew the Sith were Republicans? Though it does make a lot of sense Taking a page from Emperor Palpatine's book the Sith go into politics and the media and go after the Jedi full force And they aren't the only ones who decide on that kind of planLuke Skywalker's return to Coruscant from exile is a short lived one He decides to lead the Jedi off of Coruscant for good just before the bad guys start turning people against them again in order to lure the various evils out of hiding But he also has a point that Jedi being too closely involved with politics is a bad thingThere's a pretty good battle with Daala and her Maw Irregular forces plus a few Moffs including Lecersen once the political conspiracy falls apart against Jagged Fel's secret Imperial fleet But if I had to guess I'd say Daala and Jagged Fel will find some way to co exist to stop Abeloth who by the end of the book is poised to live out her dream of galactic domination and apotheosisAnd even though the Jedi are lured into Abeloth's giant dark side trap which might as well have TRAP written in neon big enough to read from space the damage to the order seems limitedSo the biggest battles are yet to come Will the good people of the galaxy fall under Abeloth's spell? Will the evil people of the galaxy be content to live as Abeloth's slaves? Will the Jedi be able to unite against Abeloth in time to stop her from becoming a goddess?I guess we'll have to wait until April 2012 to find out Though the excerpt from Apocalypse seems to indicate that the end of galactic civilization is in the offing