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Read eBook à American Vampire Anthology #1 ß ð [Reading] ➬ American Vampire Anthology #1 ➳ Scott Snyder – You are cordially invited to a party—to die for This special features eight amazing stories set in the world of American Vampire with “lost tales” new characters and old faYou are cordially invited to a party to die for This special features eight amazing stories set in the world of American Vampire with “lost tales” new Short stories about vampires

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Characters and old favorites Don’t miss these stories brought to you by series creators Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuuerue as well as other awesome comics You can read the full review over at The Founding Fields and Bane of Kings review the first anthology issue set in Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuuerue’s American Vampire series from Vertigo Comics“Scary creepy vampires plus some of the best writers in comics right now This is a fantastic mix of story and talent” Shadowhawk The Founding FieldsI’ll preface this review by saying that I have yet to read any issue of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuuerue’s American Vampire for Vertigo I’m not really into Vampire fiction in comics and so I sort of tend to stay away from that kind of stuff The only Vampire comics I can recall reading are some odd issues of Dynamite’s Vampirella and the first volume of Joshua Hale Fialkov’s I Vampire for DC However given that the line up of creators for this anthology is pretty stellar and includes some of my favourites such as Scott and Rafael themselves Gail Simone Becky Cloonan Jason Aaron Jeff Lemire and others there’s no way that I was going to pass on this bookAnd I’m glad I didn’t because I think this is a pretty solid first issue for what is hopefully going to be a regular ongoingScott and Rafael both open and close this anthology with a short comic featuring who I guesstimate to be a primary protagonist for American Vampire Skinner Sweet What’s notable with this story is that we don’t get the straight up lowdown on the character here no obvious action This story is about subtleties of narrative and letting the reader play things out in their heads rather than the writer and artist laying things out in a fairly obvious manner The undertones of badassery shown were totally to my liking and I loved how everything was built up whether that be the opening comic or the closing one Rafael’s artwork is among the best I’ve seen him do and that includes the backups he’s drawn for Batman a title written by Scott himself and drawn by series regular Greg Capullo The final panel showing Skinner Sweet in all his vampire glory was a perfectly illustrated panelThen we move on to a story by Jason Aaron and drawn by Declan Shalvey This one features a tribe of Native Americans known as the Chowanoke As a story about faith in the gods and self empowerment this was a perfect story I think My previous experience of Jason’s writing is his excellent Thor God of Thunder with artist Esad Ribic and Thanos Rising with artist Simone Bianchi Its great to see Jason try his hand at something other than superhero comics and I think he pretty much succeeds in writing a flawless story that is as much about revenge as it is the other things Declan’s art also gets to shine plenty particularly the scenes involving vampires His art style is different to that of Rafael but is just as good and this was another great story hereWith the next story Rafael steps up for writing duties while artist Ivo Milazzo handles the pencilwork and other duties I really liked the story here It has a sense of adventure and exploration to it tempered by the harsh realities of a world in which vampires exist and are always out for sport This is the first ever Albuuerue script I’ve read and I think that he rises to the occasion and delivers a fairly good story and with a cool character that I really do want to see of just like as with Skinner Sweet The art however was not to my tastes Not at all and that crimped by experience with this storyThen we have Jeff and Ray on a story about a Canadian Vampire this time As with the above story I liked the story but not the artwork Even Ray’s writing is hit and miss for me and this is a case of the latter since I just could not get invested in the story at all Jeff Lemire usually on top form in Justice League Dark and in the pages of his new series Trillium for Vertigo also falls a little flat here since there is almost no backstory of any kind on the main character minus some obvious expected story beats Sadly not a story I enjoyed But a good ending thoughMoving on we have a story written and drawn by Becky Cloonan herself My previous experience of her work is Batman #12 where she guest drew in Greg Capullo’s place and did a great job of introducing Scott’s new character and delivered on a really good looking issue She does the same thing here except she shows she has strong writing skills in addition to art that is just super good This is also uite a deceptive story with a great twist in the last panel so that was even better Given the style of comics art I’m used to this was the best looking story in the entire anthology so hat’s off to Becky for being so great Would love to see from her

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American Vampire Anthology #1 Talent like Becky Cloonan BATMAN Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon DAYTRIPPER Jeff Lemire SWEET TOOTH Greg Rucka The Punisher BATWOMAN Gail Simone BATGIRL and man Awesome read some stories are better than others but it's worth it to pick it up