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FREE PDF Ý BOOK القرآن الكريم å [EPUB] ✴ القرآن الكريم By Anonymous – The uran English pronunciation kɔrˈɑːn; Arabic القرآن‎ al urʾān IPA urˈʔaːn literally meaning the recitation also transliterated ur'an Koran Al Coran Coran Kur'an and Al ur'an is the The uran EnglishThe uran English pronunciation kɔrˈɑːn; Arabic القرآن‎ al urʾān IPA urˈʔaːn literally meaning the recitation also transliterated ur'an Koran Al Coran Coran Kur'an and Al ur'an is the central religious text of Islam which Muslims believe to be the verbatim word of God Arabic الله‎ Allah The uran is composed of verses Ayat that make up 114 chapters suras of uneual length which are classified either as Meccan المكية or Medinan المدنية depending upon the place and time of their claimed revelatio Have other people noticed that the ur'an is listed here as being by Allah whereas the Bible is by Anonymous? If I were a Christian I think that would leave me feeling just a little annoyedSince I posted this review the entry has been changed and the ur'an is now also listed as being by Anonymous Well whoever did that is a braver man or woman than I am I admire your chutzpah So to speakAnd now it's Allah again My impression is that the Muslims and the Infidels are pretty evenly matched here Looks like it'll be a close gameMere days later and now we're back to AnonymousI'm particularly impressed by the good sportsmanship both sides are displaying Who says a religious war can't be carried out in a civilized and courteous manner?In a surprise move the author has now been changed yet again to 'ALLAH the creator As believed in Islam' Match that if you can InfidelsAnonymous once but to be honest it seems rather unimaginative Come on Infidels you can come up with something better than this can't you? What would Dawkins do?Back to Allah again I clicked on His page and was immediately confronted with some interesting options I could become a fan I was surprised to see that Allah didn't have any fans Evidently I'd been misinformed I was also asked if He had a blog and on reading further discovered thatAs a librarian you can create a blog for this author even if they're not on Goodreads by adding the feed URL Atom or RSS of a blog they keep elsewhere This will make summaries of their blog posts available hereUnfortunately I don't know of any blog kept by Allah but if I discover one I'll make sure I use this featureOh and by the way He doesn't have any upcoming events either Is this correct or merely a reflection of the fact that He exists outside of space and time?Ho hum Anonymous is back Heshe has written a whole lot books than Allah but also lacks fans Well that's one thing they have in commonFlash update the author has now been changed to GodThis boldly ecumenical move impresses me God I learn from His Homepage is the author not only of the uran but also of The Gospels of Jesus KJV with Search Every Verse Navigation Optimized for E Readers where He is credited as the author and King James as the translator He has not written any other books Well I've never pretended to understand theology but I recognize new thinking when I see it I hope someone competent than I am is already preparing an exegesisThe page ends with the following rather intriguing prayerIs this you? Let us know If not help out and invite God to GoodreadsI'm disappointed to say that we've now got Anonymous again Whoever did that should be ashamed of themselves God was inspired this is just dullWhat other possible candidates could there be? Muhammad PBUH? The Angel Gabriel? Abu Bakr? Muhammad PBUH Bakr Uthman and Hafsa? We need some fresh ideas hereAfter several months of inactivity we have another change but it was worth waiting for Allâh God Almighty Brilliant Isn't that circumflex just to die for?The Infidels with their characteristic rapier wit have changed the author back to Anonymous Sorry but I am not impressed And don't give me that Goodreads Policy crap Plenty of holy books are not listed as being by Anonymous for example The Book of Mormon and The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti MonsterI look forward to seeing the Muslims' next move I think they have the initiativeThe Muslims score again with ALLAH all caps who has also written Study the Noble ur'an Word for Word Volume 2 and Study the Noble ur'an Word for Word Volume 3 Mysteriously there is no Volume 1 ALLAH has three uotes of which the first is لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الل There is no god but ALLAH and Mohammad is his prophetNow that's class Okay Infidels let's see if you can change the author to something that's not yet another Anonymous I dare you I double dare youBoo A few days later and Anonymous is back Honestly it's enough to make you want to convert to IslamAllah has returned again but in a confusingly different form This time I found He was only the author of the ur'an and had two fans Nabila and Tarek I decided that it was prudent to become a fan as well I checked to see which authors were like Allah and was startled to see that the list included Alexandre Dumas and Italo Calvino I'm sure it's greatly to their creditThat didn't last long Notgettingenough whose opinions I greatly respect felt that it was inappropriate for me to be a fan of Allah On reconsideration I agree with her I have cancelled my brief fanship and hope that both parties will understand it was an honest mistakeThe Infidels only have one idea and here it is again SighThe Muslims are back and score another fine goal with الله That's Allah in Arabic script for all you people who can't be bothered to check it on Google Translate Contrary to what certain skeptics may say religious belief appears to give you imagination Go Islam الله أكبرWithout waiting for the Infidels to reply the Muslims score again with الله جلَّ جلاله The person responsible has even created a cool avatar for His homepage Nice workAdmit it Infidels you have been comprehensively outplayed here The classiest thing to do would be to have some suitable representative come forward and formally concede That might at least win you back some respectThe Infidels refuse to admit defeat and come back for the ninth time I counted with the single move they know how to make Though confusingly the title of the book is now given only in Arabic script If it's an attempt at a compromise solution I very much doubt that the Muslims will buy it Watch this spaceI presume that the Infidels' peace overture was scornfully rejected They have retaliated by changing the title to Roman script only even removing the apostrophe Cheeky This flagrantly provocative gesture will surely not go unpunishedAfter 40 days of inactivity significant or what? the Muslims strike back with another Allah I suspect that the move is deeper than it looks since His new homepage contains a long uote in Arabic referring to several passages in the ur'an Maybe someone better acuainted with these matters can explain it to the rest of us?A little than a day later it's Anonymous again I think the Infidels have a home side advantage here which makes me admire the brave and resourceful Muslim hackers all the Come on Islam You can beat those security measuresAllah has returned and this time after only 21 days away It looks like the Muslims have recovered from their unexpected loss of form Now the uestion is how long they can keep possession Both sides are demonstrating extraordinary tenacity in this long drawn out conflict uite inspiring to all us wishy washy agnostics sitting on the sidelinesThe pattern from last time repeats Allah lasts less than a day and is uickly set back to AnonymousIt's no good making excuses any The romantic in me wants the exciting creative Muslims to win but the facts are than obvious however they've managed it the grimly humorless Infidels have taken their game to a new level Over the last couple of months they've been in charge 95% of the timeMuslims you need to figure out what the Infidels are doing and stop them It's as simple as that I was about to despair but Allah is back Though I am surprised to see that He still only has two fans the ever faithful Nabila and Tarek Truly their reward will be greatI do wonder what thoughts have on this vital uestion Which way could the different options push sales in the Muslim world? I imagine they have top analysts crunching the numbers as I writeIncredible but true the Infidels have finally come up with a new idea The author of the ur'an is now given as AWho is A I hear you ask? I haven't the slightest notion The one slim lead we're given is that A has also co authored Jamba Juice Power with Kirk Perron possibly a minor prophet but to be honest I'm clutching at straws hereI don't dare predict what might happen next Stay tunedA lasted mere hours and now it's Allah again For people who haven't yet looked at His Homepage there is some interesting theological informationgender malegenre Religioninfluences Almighty Yahweh Jesus ChristOh and He has now acuired a third fan EsraaMJ claims to have tracked down the hackers Kyle Fil and Zain if you are indeed the people responsible please take a bowAn hour after the post above Abbey and Amritorupa swear that the author was briefly changed to A Nonny Mouse but it only lasted a few minutes before reverting to Allah I have never seen so much activity Has a fatwa been issued? Are hoping to boost sales of the new 'indle?And another hour later it's Anonymous Whatever is going on? Is it the end of the world? I have consulted the Book of Revelation but all I can find is 2210And he saith unto me Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book for the time is at handI suppose that may be a warning against blocking changes to authorship attributions on Goodreads but I'm not at all sureYesterday I started reading Richard Burton's translation of the Arabian Nights and this morning I see that Allah has returned I must uote Burton's wonderful opening linesPRAISE BE TO ALLAH THE BENEFICENT KING THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE LORD OF THE THREE WORLDS WHO SET UP THE FIRMAMENT WITHOUT PILLARS IN ITS STEAD AND WHO STRETCHED OUT THE EARTH EVEN AS A BED AND GRACE AND PRAYER BLESSING BE UPON OUR LORD MOHAMMED LORD OF APOSTOLIC MEN AND UPON HIS FAMILY AND COMPANION TRAIN PRAYER AND BLESSINGS ENDURING AND GRACE WHICH UNTO THE DAY OF DOOM SHALL REMAIN AMEN O THOU OF THE THREE WORLDS SOVEREIGNI was a bit puzzled by the bed but after a couple of chapters realized that it must be a carpet bed presumably some kind of Middle Eastern futon Just in case you were also wonderingThe Muslims are having a good week and Allah the most merciful the most magnificent is now in correct Arabic script again If you cut and paste into Google Translate and click on the loudspeaker icon you can even hear how it's pronouncedThere is no Majesty and there is no Might save in Allah the Glorious the Great I understand from Richard Burton that this is the polite Islamic euivalent of our own Jesus H Christ We're back to Anonymous Come on Infidels you're boring us all to death But I just know you can do better Raise your game and make your fellow atheists proud of their lack of beliefAllah has returned to Goodreads and has yet again reorganized His homepage The opening at any rate looks familiarBut a little further down I found thisI'm sorry it's responsibility than I can handle Someone else will have to take care of itAnd the new author is A a a nonymous Don't know why but I just can't stop yawning today Must have stayed up too late or somethingLooking at the Librarian Edits Page is almost scary While I was asleep the author was first changed to كلام الله جمعه عثمان بن عفان by Wafa and then to Allah الله by Anwaar All in all there are 87 pages of editsI hope someone is archiving this priceless cultural document which surely contains enough material for at least two doctoral dissertationsAn hour later it's briefly flipped back to Anonymous before changing yet again to 'الله aka Allah and we're now up to 89 pages of editsI see it's going to be Another Of Those Days I should have guessed as much when I saw on Yahoo News that a two headed calf had been born a rain of frogs had occurred and Lady Gaga had been photographed wearing a sensible outfit with flat shoesIt's all I can do to keep up Since it'll probably change even before I've finished posting here's a screenshot I saved from the current version of Allah's HomepageBack to Anonymous Though now I don't know who to root for since it appears that some Infidels have started ironically supporting Allah I wish theology was less confusingAllah has returned once I immediately click to His new Homepage and find a book ad with the title Earth Is In Dire TroubleJust a coincidence I supposeAlhamdulillah الحمد لله‎; one of the many useful expressions I have learned from Richard Burton The Infidels once again change the author to Anonymous but Islam's ever vigilant cyberwarriors immediately change it back even using Allah Almighty to show that they at least possess imagination and a sense of funI apologize to my atheist friends for my obvious partiality mais c'est plus fort ue moiafter taking a break from my reporting dutiesALLAH ALL CAPS IS BACK GABRIEL AND MUHAMMAD PBUH ARE ALSO CREDITED TAKE THAT INFIDELSAnonymous returns but with an interesting new twist he He? is now credited as Speaker In other words the ur'an was dictated not by Allah but by someone elseI do not pretend to understand these theological subtleties at any but the most superficial level All the same I feel I should remind the person who made the change that this seems uncomfortably close to the idea which got Mr Rushdie into so much trouble a few years agoI just stumbled across the Uncyclopedia entry for Anonymous At risk of repeating myself it is entirely inappropriate that this person should be credited with the authorship of the ur'an

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N Muslims believe the uran to be verbally revealed through the angel Jibrīl Gabriel from God to Muhammad gradually over a period of approximately 23 years beginning on 22 December 609 CE when Muhammad was 40 and concluding in 632 CE the year of his deathMuslims regard the uran as the main miracle of Muhammad the proof of his prophethood and the culmination of a series of divine messages that started with the messages revealed to Adam regarded in Islam as the first prophet and continued with Suhuf Ibrahim Scrolls of Abraham th who am I to say my opinion about this Miracle

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القرآن الكريمE Tawrat Torah or Pentateuch of Moses the Zabur Tehillim or Book of Psalms of David and the Injil Gospel of Jesus The uran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in Jewish and Christian scriptures summarizing some dwelling at length on others and in some cases presenting alternative accounts and interpretations of events The uran describes itself as a book of guidance sometimes offering detailed accounts of specific historical events and often emphasizing the moral significance of an event over its narrative seuen My Noble ur'an is Arabic with Meanings translated to PortugueseBrAmazing interesting and free of misteriesIslam goes straight to the point based on science and logicBiʾsm Allāh ar raḥmān ar raḥīm “in the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate”