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Kube-McDowell – In the wake of a shattered alliance the New Republic fights a relentlessnew enemy in an all new adventure in the bestselling Star Wars sagaFaceIn the wake of a shattered alliance the New Republic fights a relentlessnew enemy in an all new adventure in the bestselling Star Wars sagaFaced with an alarming image of Han as a battered hostage of the Yevetha Chewb What has this all been about?The crisis with the Koornacht cluster is on the brink of war Leia's position as president is in turmoil and Han has been captured Meanwhile Lando and team are on the cusp of discovery and Luke is growing closer to finding the FallanassiI LikedKube McDowell saves this series with the political machinations between the New Republic and the Yevetha Leia is forced to choose between her tenure as president and her husband This decision is tough and ugly but it is realistic and I appreciate an author who isn't afraid of putting an unhappy solution in a novelLando's mission reaches an interesting climax when Lobot interfaces with the Vagabond though I would be lying if I said I enjoyed the resolution of this plot lineIn the previous two reviews I have been exceedingly critical of MKM but I think he deserves credit for elevating Chewbacca above the sidekick role Here we get to see his family how he behaves with his son and his rescue of Han one of the best things Chewbacca has ever done in the seriesI Didn't LikeI can't help but echo Luke's thoughts What has this trilogy all been about? Why do we care about these missions these crisis these journeys? They bear no relevance on later books they have no lasting impact To illustrate let me take the major plot linesLando So Lando learns the secret of the ship but he and Luke who comes whizzing to the rescue at the end in the only plausible tie in to the rest of the trilogy won't see any results of this three book long uest because it takes 100 years for their efforts to bloom Wow and why again was this mission so important that we needed to shoe horn it in with the Yevetha crisis?Leia So Leia's presidency is challenged and she declares war on the Yevetha This could be the beginning of an amazing seriesbut it is promptly wrapped up with the appearance of Luke and the Omnipotent Amazing Peaceful Wonderful Godly Fallanassi Thanks MKM for destroying a good story You put us through one book that barely begins the conflict I guess that's why it was called Before the Storm yuk yuk another book that steadily rises the conflict to the next level then rapidly and hastily wraps it up in the last one Talk about a waste of effortLuke His whole reason for leaving Yavin 4 was supposed to be because he needed to be a hermit But that lasted all of one chapter for he spent the rest of the trilogy with Akanah the worst girlfriend he has ever had and proof positive that he is a diehard submissive The most distrusting untrustworthy dishonest deceitful manipulative oppressive and demanding woman that supposedly was a good guy Uh huh yeah you really bought me on that one not proves her integrity by lying with Luke to get him to tag along with her And I really don't know why She found all the clues ie big huge obvious arrow signs and refused to listen to any of Luke's advise resting solely on her vastly superior knowledge of this previously unknown force the White Current It is my personal belief that she is on drugs and what she sees during her psychedelic mind trips is the White Current So we and Luke trudge through this supposedly to learn about Luke's mom which those of us who have seen the preuels know won't happen only to come out with absolutely nothing Luke returns to Leia with the always insightful knowledge that he ought to spend time with family God and we had to read three books with the worst chemistry the worst female character ever to come out with this gem???All in all the only things we've come out through this tripe are the following1 Tie ins with the most derided SW EU media the Star Wars holiday special2 Luke learning the value of family cue sappy music3 Lumpawarrump becoming a man and killing his parents for giving him such a God awful nameWow I so couldn't live without thatI've lambasted the plot and the characters specifically Leia Luke and Akanah to no end but there is one thing I've forgot to mention in my reviews to the previous two books Nil Spaar and the Yevetha While there were some good aspects I felt on a whole they were just an excuse for an enemy one that had absolutely no redeeming value to human morality so they could be wholesale slaughtered and no one would bat an eye I never once sympathized with the villains or felt anything beyond disgust and revulsion Even the Yuuzhan Vong from the New Jedi Order were better done I could feel sympathy for Nen Yim and Mezhan Kwad even for Tsvong LahDialogueSexual SituationsViolenceLittle to noneAkanah and Luke share a roomThe violence in this one is pretty darn heavy Nil Spaar kills someone so violently his head is severed Han is brutally beat to a pulp and people think he is dead The entire Yevetha society considers murder only a crime if a lower caste member kills an upper class memberOverallPolitical intrigue aside there really is no reason to read this series Want a real threat to the New Republic that doesn't deal with the Empire? Go to the New Jedi Order Want political intrigue? Try Cloak of Deception or Specter of the Past Want to see Luke learn about his family? Er guess you will have to keep waiting Leia finds out about her dad though in Tatooine Ghost Follow Obi Wan's advice and just Move along Move along

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Acca takes on an urgent mission Meanwhile Leia calls upon the Senate totake a stand and eliminate the Yevetha threat even at the cost of Han's lifeAs a former Imperial governor takes his battle to the runaway ella spa Tyrant's Test is the third book of a Star Wars trilogy written by Michael P Kube McDowell According to the About the Author page this is actually the pen name of Michael Paul McDowell I understand why authors use different pen names to keep from being typecast with a certain genre but I'm not sure how they came up with the mouthfull for this one Oh well This trilogy take place about twelve years after the Return of the Jedi and was written in the still early days of the first group of Star Wars fiction Conseuently it suffers I believe with having to rely on plot development filling in the what happened next syndrome and just doesn't have to time to really expand on the characters Most of us know a lot about Luke Leia Han Chewbacca Lando etc but do we really? The plot of this one is fairly straight forward Each of the main characters I just mentioned plus some bad guys have their own sub plots and that's really too many to fully develop in a 350 page paperback book especially when all of the sub plots need to be wrapped up I thought Luke's plot was especially contrived because it turned out he was just being lied to the whole time and nothing came of it But somehow at the end that experience had substantially changed him and his outlook Hmmm Han didn't play a big role throughout the trilogy just uncharacteristically being captured and having to be rescued Didn't ring trueAll in all this trilogy has some of the worst reviews I've seen for SW books It wasn't that bad in my opinion but still I am glad to see it come to an end

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Tyrant's TestCeship Luke's continuing search for his mother brings him dangerously close to NilSpaar's deadly forces And as the Yevetha close in on the forces of the NewRepublic Luke takes a desperate gamble with an invisible weap Closing off the trilogy the third book was as riveting as the others That is to say for the Han and Leia parts I was riveted but the other parts not so much The Luke area never really got going for me not only because Akanah Pell his lady friend is annoying but their search for her people and his mother was a pretty boring one I've also made no effort to hide the fact that the only magic I enjoy in this series is the Force Akanah uses the 'Current' and they apparently have the ability to hide items as large as spaceships and create illusions that are just as big One good thing to come out of it though is that now Luke has that added ability invisibility which he was taught This storyline did eventually tie into the Han and Leia tangent So it had a point That's something that can't be said about the Lando plotlinePointless The story got worse as it went on And in the end it had nothing at all to do with the other story threadsBesides the interesting Han and Leia story I also enjoyed the Chewbacca tangent He caught wind of Han being captured by the enemy and he immediately dropped everything to go rescue him It was good enough to salvage a novel that Lando's 'adventures' almost ruined