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mobi å doc The Man From Scotland Yard Á David Frome Á [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Man From Scotland Yard ⚣ David Frome – To Scotland YardA certain person has done away with a mother and three little ones and buried them in the back garden of No 51 A Chalk Farm road JusticeInspector Bull of Of Mr Arthurington Mr Pinkerton is unofficially enlisted to assist the CID inspector to assist in the investigation Inspector Bull is baffled by the fact that several of the principles appear to have the means motive and opportunity As is the usual case it is Pinkerton the mild and timid Welshman who sees through the red herrings that provide the clues that help to identify the diabolical villain Title also published as Mr Simpson Finds a Bod I've never read a David Frome mystery or correctly a Zenith Jones Brown mystery before but having loved those by hisher contemporaries including Ellery ueen Agatha Christie Rex Stout and Erle Stanley Gardiner I thought I would give himher a try I was a little taken aback at Mr Pinkerton's unusual characterization but the story sure workedInspector Bull of Scotland Yard occasionally calls in timid little Mr Pinkerton who lives for such moments in the sun to assist with unusual cases Bull has a thorny murder case at hand the discovery of an unknown corpse in the house of police consultant and handwriting expert Arthurington upon the latter's return from vacation but when that case stalls Bull is asked to take a look at an anonymous tip about a certain person who had done away with a mother and three little ones Sounds dreadfully ominous but might be just neighborhood gossip Which it appears to be because it's a mother cat and three kittens not humans Still Pinkerton seems like the right sort to keep an eye on this odd thing which he does while Bull picks up the murder case againOr rather murders and other related crimes since soon a money lender is murdered lots of money goes missing someone has been assuming the murdered man's identity which we finally figure out all over the place we've misplaced an heiress and there's no end of undercurrents amongst various suspects And yet that anonymous tip doesn't go awayI was patting myself on the back for knowing early on who did it who the heiress was and what it was all about and thinking that my extensive mystery reading experience was clearly too much for author DavidZenith only to find out that I was totally wrong Doh I'm not sure how I feel about Mr Pinkerton it's a little hard to get over a shy retiring individual who nonetheless manages to propose massive upheaval to Scotland Yard and pinpoint murderers but the story was first rate

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Ns Is this a hoax? But Inspector Bull isn’t satisfied eturns to the original digging site only to discover the body of an elderly woman below where the cats were buried When the Commissioner sent him over to see Mr Arthurington who had returned to London that day to find a man sitting at his library table murdered Bull has no time to spareSo Bull enlists the aid of his former landlord after a body is discovered in the supposedly vacant house My full review can be found at

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The Man From Scotland YardTo Scotland YardA certain person has done away with a mother and three little ones and buried them in the back garden of No 51 A Chalk Farm road JusticeInspector Bull of Scotland Yard receives an anonymous note after reading it he sets out to investigate Upon digging up fresh earth the inspector finds a box with mother cat and three of her kittens entombed At 51 A he uncoveres a cardboard coffin in which lay the bodies of a cat and three kitte Enjoyed the complicated murders and all the suspicious elements that came with them Written in a frank and friendly manner and while there are many elements to the story you just keep getting pulled in to see and try and figure out what is what Between Inspector Bull and Mr Pinkerton they see enough when put together gives the answerDavid Frome is a pseudonym of Zenith Brown she also writes under the pseudonym of Leslie Ford This particular book is part of a series she wrote featuring Insp Bull and Pinkerton