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PDF Ñ Котлован Kotlovan Ä Andrei Platonov COVER DESIGNS THAT COME TO LIFE ANIMATE THE COVER WITH THE FREE INSERTED SHEETPlatonov's dystopian novel describes the lives of a group of Soviet We always believe that the bright future is just around the corner and we wait for it to comeon the face of each young Pioneer girl there remained a trace of the difficulty the feebleness of early life meagerness of body and beauty of expression But the happiness of childhood friendship the realization of the future world in the play of youth and in the worthiness of their own severe freedom signified on the childish faces important gladness replacing for them beauty and domestic plumpnessBut the future seems not to be eager to arrive and we live in the distressing present and continue to waitIn the church burned many candles; the light of the silent sad wax illuminated the entire interior of the building right up to the cupola above the hiding place of the sacred relics and the cleanwashed faces of the saints stared out into the dead air with an expression of euanimity like inhabitants of that other peaceful world—but the church was emptyAnd then everything seems to be left in the past But everyone keeps waiting and growing old and then it is time to die The Foundation Pit is an absolutely perspicacious allegoryBuilding of utopia always begins with an excavation of a pit but despite all the exertions and enthusiasm things never go any further

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PDF Ñ BOOK Котлован Kotlovan ✓ [KINDLE] ✽ Котлован Kotlovan Author Andrei Platonov – Danpashley.co.uk COVER DESIGNS THAT COME TO LIFE ANIMATE THE COVER WITH THE FREE INSERTED SHEETPlatonov's dystopian novel describes the lives of a group of Soviet workers who believe they are laying the foundations fo COVER DESIGN Workers who believe they are laying the foundations for a radiant future As they work harder and dig deeper their optimism turns to violence and I read great swathes of this book as absurdist black comedy and kept imagining the events portrayed as scenes in a marginally avant garde silent film Each character is a ghost or husk of itself and moves through the narrative as a reasoning automaton even if that reasoning is fatally flawed and is not even properly “reasoning” Each character is trapped inside its own type casting with this type casting being triple layered – by the author by the pervasive authority within the narrative and by the characters themselves There is very little breathing room in this book; an arid completely humanly defined atmosphere pervades the book All of nature is reduced to a human apprehension of its utility or lack thereof It is a portrayal of life on earth as a machine existence bloodless emotionless structured by simplistic reason Yet still I found it funny Absurdly funnyMy laughter puzzles me While I think the humor was intentional when I look at a photograph of the author I am not so sure Dour Russian; the weight of the world dragging down his jowls prematurely But humorists do not always laugh themselves Sometimes the humor reveals so much that is tragic and meaningless that there is no laughter upon return; the laughter so deep and meaningful so drenched in tragic fatalism that it can not vent itself from the depths of one’s soul There is just a subsonic barely perceptible uaking This is what I suspect happened in Platonov’s case He set out to write an allegorical satire of the horrors he witnessed and in the process found himself so bound up in those horrors horrors perpetuated by an ideology he once believed in and still did I suspect in his idealism that satire itself became far too constraining and even his own reasoning abilities could not handle the influx of emotions dredged up by his tackling of the subject through writing that his only option was to fall back into the arms of aesthetic intuition and write a book beyond all categorical limitationsSo my ultimate appraisal is that The Foundation Pit’s absurdism and its humor is nothing or less than intellectual realism; the product of a brain living through absurd situations encasing it like a prison ruled and structured by aberrant reason The tragic reality is so inherently and unself consciously absurd that conscious absurdism is the only way to deal with it but even then it can not be overcome directly and so must be confronted with a variety of tones and tactics bolstered by pure artistic instinct This is no anti Soviet tract as dry and obvious as the ideology it’s attacking but a work of art presented with all its inner conflicts intact Briefly it is the story of a man who is starting life over after being booted from his former job for thinking too much He has nothing – no family no home nothing but his need to survive and drifts into an enormous state project to build a tower capable of housing all the country’s workers The first order of business is to build the foundation pit – a Herculean undertaking – but that’s as far as the project progresses Involved in this project are a cast of misfits laborers engineers and union bosses each with his role to play and each decaying into varying psychoses uite rapid

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Котлован KotlovanIt becomes clear that what is being dug is not a foundation pit but an immense graveTRANSLATED BY ROBERT AND ELIZABETH CHANDLER AND OLGA MEERSON Andrew Platonov's The Foundation Pit is a brutal novel He shatters any illusions one might have about the virtues of Soviet communism Platonov's deadpan style makes the hunger and death he depicts that much empty And while appearing to favor class struggle and scientific socialism he subtly demolishes collectivism and any claim to nobility it might claim