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So That Happened eBook ó Hardcover È danpashley ê [Reading] ➸ So That Happened By Jon Cryer – If it can happen in show business it’s happened to Jon Cryer Now he’s opening up for the first time and sharing his behind the scenes stories in a warmly endearing sharply observed and frankly fuE Sheen John Hughes Robert Altman Molly Ringwald Demi Moore Judd Nelson and Christopher Reeve among many others He shares the intimate details of his friendships and relationships pays tribute to his mentors and explores the peculiar combination of heart talent and wisdom it takes to survive not just the bad times in a notoriously fickle industry but even the good times In this revealing humorous and introspective memoir Cryer offers readers a front row seat as he reminisces about his life and experiences in showbiz over the past thirty years I didn't know much about Jon until a few years ago when I watched a few episodes of 25 Men and despite the somewhat misogynist content got a little hooked And despite Alan being a little over the top annoying wise he still managed to convey an endearing and sweet uality The book was entertaining and Jon comes across as a fairly nice guy dedicated to being an actor in a cutthroat world His early childhood and show biz training and experiences turned out to be entertaining that I expected but the book fell apart a wee bit in the middle where he left out huge chunks of his life mainly relationships and marriage but it picked up when he got the TV series role of a lifetime He did shell out a few tidbits unknown to most of us mainly his mother was a successful Broadway show writer he finally figured out what Steve Miller's Pompatus of Love meant or at least where it originated and he is really a pretty good singer as is Stephen Colbert which I discovered when I found the YouTube video of him and Stephen crooning in CompanyI gave this 4 stars for his sense of humor and breezy style of narration and 3 stars for lack of content but I guess that's pretty much the norm for many show biz memoirs these daysRead or better yet listen to the audio format he narrates if you are a fan and watched 25 Men or if you liked him in Pretty in Pink and are curious about the rest of his life Don't bother if he's never crossed your radar

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If it can happen in show business it’s happened to Jon Cryer Now he’s opening up for the first time and sharing his behind the scenes stories in a warmly endearing sharply observed and frankly funny look at life in Hollywood In 1986 Jon Cryer won over America as Molly Ringwald’s loyal and lovable best friend Duckie in the cult classic Pretty in Pink in a role that set the tone for his three decade long career in Hollywood He went on to establish himself as one of the most talented comedic actors in the business ultimately culminating in Cryer comes off as self centered clueless insecure petty and as never having outgrown the high school persona of the dork who doesn't get invited to the cool kids' table decades after the John Hughes brat pack 80sThe stuff with Two and a Half Men I couldn't even go through because it felt so exploitative and unethical With a complete lack of irony Cryer basically betrays for what I assume was a large sum of money the co star and so called friend who helped him overcome his reputation as sitcom poison while at the same time whining about the paparazzi harassing him and his familyThis is exactly the kind of memoirs I don't need

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So That HappenedHis current turn as Alan Harper on the massively popular sitcom Two and a Half Men With the instincts of a natural storyteller Cryer charts his extraordinary journey in show business illuminating his many triumphs and some missteps along the way Filled with exclusive behind the scenes anecdotes Cryer offers his own endearing perspective on Hollywood the business at large and the art of acting Cryer has worked with some of the biggest and most provocative names in the business and here for the first time he details his experiences with Charli I didn't go into this book with any clear expectations of what I was hoping to read about Jon Cryer's life I wasn't a huge Jon Cryer fan in the 80's and now I know why he wasn't in much I never watched Pretty in Pink when it was first released Oddly enough I loved him in Hiding Out which according to him was not a well received movie I just thought it would be an interesting to see his take on what life was like in the 80's Brat Pack scene And he wasn't in the Brat Pack group Jon makes it clear in this book that he has disdain for the Brat Pack I'm not sure if that's because he was included in that group or because he tried desperately to not be labeled that way It was a bit uncomfortable He is a self proclaimed insecure socially awkward person but then he embraces it I think that sets a tone for the entire book though He gives us vignettes into aspects of his life and events that happened but never really dives deep or explores greatly any aspect For instance his first marriage he barely gives a page to it The only time it is mentioned is as he is as he is beginning to go through the divorce process For me it was whoa when did he get married and have a kid He explains a bit of that in the acknowledgements about wanting to keep his kids lives private and I completely respect that However I believe the emotions of falling in love getting married having a kid getting divorced would have given greater insight into his what was going on in his life professionally I always wondered why I never saw of Jon Cryer in the movies and he explains here how he tried to distance him self from being Duckie and reflects a little bit on this and whether it was good or bad career move Mostly I felt that Jon held himself to a higher standard of acting that he thought he was being offered As much as that might have been a detriment to his career good to him for sticking to his beliefs But this book makes him seem so pompous about it I really am torn Well he did have some flops it was because he cared to extend him self out there I do feel that some of his script choices might have been made on of wow i'm totally geeked about this as a kid i want to do it versus what was better for him as an actor Several reviews of this book talk about how they were excited for the Charlie Sheen bits some saying that they wanted its the only reason they picked up the book some feeling that too much time was devoted on it For me it was about Charlie than Jon and I didn't like that tone It didn't match the rest of the book where Jon offered on what he thought then the actions of others All in all I'm left with the wonderment of why Jon Cryer chose to write this book As I didn't feel like he gave us much to understand Jon Cryer as a person and of a story telling of this stuff that happened in his life