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Renegade Beauty doc  reader Solutions and Preparations á Join or create book clubs á ❮BOOKS❯ ✪ Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations Author Join or create book clubs – Rethink coAnswers as Artemis illuminates the energizing elements of sun fresh air water the earth and plants This book is a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to simplify their self care routine take their health into their own hands and discover their own radiant beau I love Nadine Artemis she is a wealth of knowledge This reads a bit like a textbook although with poetry involved It lets the reader come back to this book again and again and learn something new She gives some recipes for things in there too which is great but definitely nothing you haven’t seen before as far as diy products go One minor annoyance was the use of poetry and prose everywhereit was a little distracting from the information in my opinion however I have listened to Artemis speak and this is definitely her style so it comes with the territory What’s really great and the best part of this book is her detailed explanations on why natural products are the way to go and how synthetic beauty products can wreck your health I recommend this book for all you organic beauty lovers out there as well as anyone who might be interested in the switch but aren’t sure why it’s a good investment This book will teach you why

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Ce of doing less and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body skin and soul so our natural radiance can shine through Renegade Beauty ePUB #219 Anyone stuck in perpetual loops of new products facials and dermatologist appointments will find This book provides a lot of great info about foundational principles for health I love how detailed the author gets into WHY you should do something or WHY you should avoid something as opposed to having you just take her word for itI have 3 kids under 4 and I am implementing a lot of her prescriptions in our house I have thrown out garbage bags full of personal care products replaced by just a few all natural products insteadI especially appreciated her section on sunshineVitamin D as well as her section on skincare which includes an explanation of the different layers of the skin and their function and dental care We have thrown out the toxic toothpaste and my husband actually noticed no longer sensitive teeth when he switched out Sensodyne for Infowars brand all natural toothpasteI recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about how to take care of your body or your kids’ bodies in a safer and nourishing wayAnd FYI I ordered two different shampoo and conditioner sets from her line and i love them I notice my hair doesn’t look greasy after 2 days but rather can go 4 5 days between washes I didn’t expect that

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Renegade Beauty Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance Beauty Secrets Solutions and PreparationsRethink conventional notions of beauty and Reveal and Kindle #180 wellness abandon established regimes and commercial products and embrace your renegade beautyIn this essential full color guide Nadine Artemis introduces readers to the concept of renegade beautya practi Don’t let the pretty cover and all of the vibrant pictures fool you – Renegade Beauty is no fluff readArtemis addresses every discipline that touches beauty She starts with history and philosophy moves to science and ends with a mixture of botany and cosmetologyor maybe I should say cosmoetics When you read it you’ll understandThere is a lot of science in here She cites biology dermatology microbiology and botany research studies to back up the assertions she makes in the book why we need nature why we really should toss most of our drug store and department store cosmetics and why clean living and plant products are better alternatives You don’t need a biology degree to understand these chapters either – her sense of humor and light handed writing style are the spoon full of sugar that help the medicine go down the pretty pictures help tooAnd there is plenty of “how to” for the DIY types like me The last few chapters of the book are all about botanical recipes and tips for using plant oils – and boy is it comprehensive This goes way way beyond fixing sags bags and wrinkles From eye lashes to fingernails pregnancy to perfume and digestion to tooth brushing – it’s all in thereI bought the book because I am stepping back from commercialism and rethinking the ethics of the cosmetics industry and Renegade Beauty is going to be my guide to a saner natural and compassionate sense of beauty Call me a renegade I'm officially a fan