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Read Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory 109 ´ [Download] ➸ Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory By Gerard J.M. Van Den Aardweg – After a week of hearing ghostly noises a man is visited in his home by the spiMany others trustworthy Church verified accounts of earthly visitations from the dead in Purgatory Accompanying these accounts are images from the Museum of Purgatory in Rome which contains relics of encounters with the Holy Souls including numerous evidences of hand prints burned into clothing and books burn marks that cannot be explained by natural means or duplicated by artificial ones Rivetin. Inspired me to pray for souls of the deceased Worth the money and the read

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Burn mark and departs A Lutheran minister no believer in Purgatory is the puzzled recipient of repeated visitations from demons who come to him seeking prayer consolation and refuge in his little German church But pity for the poor spirits overcomes the mans skepticism and he marvels at what kind of departed souls could belong to Christ and yet suffer still Hungry Souls recounts these stories and. In becoming aware of the sufferings of purgatory and the real need for our prayers and sacrifices for their benefit It has also made me want to live a holy lifeserving God with all of my heart mind and soul Praise be to our holy Trinity and to Mary and Joseph all the angels and saints Please pray for those who have recourse to thee

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Hungry Souls Supernatural Visits Messages and Warnings from PurgatoryAfter a week of hearing ghostly noises a Supernatural Visits ePUB #185 man is Hungry Souls PDFEPUBvisited in his home by the spirit of his mother dead Souls Supernatural Visits Kindle #208 for three decades She reproaches him for his dissolute life and Souls Supernatural Visits Messages and MOBI #221 begs him to have Masses said in her name Then she lays her hand on his sleeve leaving an indelible. This book was not uite what I was expecting but it still turned out to be excellent and very well written I ordered this book because I've been extremely interested in near death experiences for many years and have read many books on the subject I would not say the book is mis described on but as it turns out the book contains only a little bit on near death experiences and visionsThe author is a Dutch psychotherapist born in 1936 who is both conservative and very traditionally old Catholic in his interests and life approach This book is a good read even for non Catholics and non religious people for reasons I will explain below and the reasons are nothing to do with converting people to Catholicism but with understanding certain behavior of some groups of people in this lifeThis book is about Purgatory and messages from Purgatory which have been received and documented by the Catholic church It's a really nice volume on extremely high uality paper with color photographs of official church relics which are preserved all having to do with Purgatory Many of these relics are from the 1800s They are currently housed in the 'Museo del Purgatorio' Museum of Purgatory at the Vatican in Rome The book concentrates on spiritual visitations which are all investigated accepted and documented by the Catholic church to Catholics The book is very well written with extensive notes on every chapter and a bibliography at the endI was born as a nominal Christian in a traditional Protestant denomination but was not schooled in Christianity growing up I feel I am a spiritual person but not really a practicing Christian I had heard of Purgatory but knew nothing about it before reading this book It seems to be a doctrine of the Catholic Church but rejected by most Protestant Churches except Methodist and Lutheran I supplemented my reading by looking up Purgatory and reading a few online articles about it For those who do not know what it is it is an intermediate place where saved souls go to purify themselves and cleanse themselves from all earthly sins before entering heaven According to what I read in this book it is not God who casts souls into Purgatory but the souls themselves who appearing before God feel ashamed and unclean with the sin in their souls; therefore they cast themselves into Purgatory for months or years to cleanse themselves before returning to the gates of Heaven The gates of Heaven are not locked but are wide open Yet they dare not enter while still in an unclean state Those who reject God according to what I read go neither to Heaven nor Purgatory but to Hell The method of cleansing in Purgatory is a burning fire like the fires of Hell and this is why the preserved relics are all things like burned hand hand prints or fingerprints on fabric on walls on prayer books etc The rust of sin has to be burned awayThe main message communicated from the souls in Purgatory according to this book is that LIVING PEOPLE need to PAY ATTENTION to HOW they are sinning and how they are living each and every day THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE in trying to stop sinning and to become a better person and to atone for the sins which they have committed To do so will greatly shorten their future time in Purgatory EVERYTHING THAT WE DO AND SAY AND THINK in our lives DOES MATTER Some of the souls suffering in Purgatory have communicated that examples of what they are there for are things like failing to practice temperance in food and drink smoking or drugs; for failures to behave charitably or kindly; a priest performing masses while motivated for getting extra money rather than for spiritual reasons; for ridiculing religion; for being self centered; the many hidden flaws stemming from the soul's 'lower self' in all of usBy reading this book I learned all about Purgatory as well as the mindset paradigm in which Catholic people were living up through the 1950s One of the author's points in writing this book he's now 83 is that young people are no longer being taught about Purgatory and that they SHOULD be; that the Church needs to start teaching people about it AGAIN To not do so is a grave disservice according to the author Also the doctrine of Purgatory was reaffirmed by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II; it has MOST DEFINITELY NOT BEEN DROPPED as many modern or young Catholics apparently seem to thinkOne of the useful things I learned in this book as a non Catholic and as a non practicing nominal Christian is about a cultural phenomenon many people are asking about today Lately every time there is some kind of terrorist massacre with guns or bombs you see so many people commenting online about offering their thoughts and prayers Lately at least in the United States there has been somewhat of a backlash against this with people being angry about those who offer thoughts and prayers as in how USELESS is THAT Through reading this book I learned all about the Catholic belief that ALL souls in Purgatory who are ALL the souls who believe in God and who will eventually go to Heaven; all of whom will need to be in Purgatory for months or years before getting into Heaven CAN ONLY BE HELPED BY THE LIVING WHO ARE WILLING TO PRAY FOR THEM According to what I read Catholic Doctrine says that because the souls in Purgatory no longer have a body they are not able to take any actions to undo their sin But because people on the Earth still have bodies THEIR ACTIONS CAN HAVE AN EFFECT Thus THIS IS THE REASON for the Reuiem Masses for the Dead in the Catholic Church Those in Purgatory our parents relatives and friends can be helped to get out sooner by our constant prayers for them by our own performing of good deeds on Earth etc I'm not an expert to give examples but examples are given in the book So my own personal conclusion is that I think what is happening when people offer thoughts and prayers is that this is part of an older tradition of offering prayers for the dead those killed in the shooting or bombing who are all assumed to be in Purgatory in order to HELP THEM THROUGH AND REDUCE THEIR SUFFERING TIME IN PURGATORY except that people today no longer know WHY that is the traditional thing to offer As far as having Masses said for dead relatives or people killed in disasters I presume the reason this is supposed to be helpful is because of the great NUMBERS of people in the Church praying for the souls of those people even if they are strangers that all of this praying helps them In one case offered in the book one dead soul appeared and asked that Masses be held for her After two Reuiem Masses were held the dead person appeared again to tell the living person that this had been enough to get them out of Purgatory and they were now moving on to Heaven Before reading this book I'd heard the term Reuiem Mass but had no idea what it meant or what it's significance was supposed to be So back to modern disasters people offer thoughts when they aren't religious and prayers if they are religious but as a way of trying to express condolences Apparently what they should also be doing is also OFFERING REAL PRAYERS for those people Here is an example given in the book of a few phrases from a Reuiem Prayer thus discharge in that life hereafter by mercy the conseuences of their trespasses and call them to the crown of the immortalityof the accomplished virtue in the heavenly kingdom and grant the souls of the defunct the eternal rest and eternal Light to enlighten themI also learned in my supplementary reading that Islam believes in a Purgatory like state called Barzakh although like in Catholicism it isn't tal