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PDF Î BOOK Comanche Eagle á DANPASHLEY É ❴Download❵ ➽ Comanche Eagle Author Sara Orwig – Danpashley.co.uk Holding Crystal Spencer's brother responsible for his wife's death during childbirth Travis Black Eagle demands that Crystal marry him to care for his newborn son and as society threatens to condemn t Mn them they must put their faith in the fierce and passionate love that burns between them Origin So many unnecessary twists and turns Should have just stuck to a simple story about a grieving widower who finds love againI found the Heroine's black and white rigid attitude to the truth very naive highly irritating and dangerous especially as she was a Judge Also found it disappointing that she supposedly studied the law and was so proud of being the first female Justice of the Peace in the area but was so ready to give it all up to be a housewife Im in no way criticising anyone who makes the choice to be a homemaker I just found the heroine inconsistent

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Holding Crystal Spencer's brother responsible for his wife's death during childbirth Travis Black Crystal Spencer is a female Justice of the Peace in Cheyenne Wyoming Territory in 1871 She was appointed by the governor and takes her job very seriously as she doesn't have much else in her life besides a drunken brother She moved to Cheyenne to be with her physician brother after the rest of her family in Balti passed away She doesn't really fit in with people in Cheyenne partly because she keeps to herself and partly because men resent a female judge Her brother is robbed and killed one night while on his way home from a delivery where a woman bleed to death after birth because he was too drunk to helpTravis Black Eagle blames Crystal Spencer's brother for his beloved wife's death He barges into Crystal's home a month after his wife's death demanding she marry him to help with his little son who is motherless thanks to her drunken brother There are no other suitable women to marry to be a mother to his son The eligible young ladies wouldn't be allowed to marry him because he is a half breed Comanche and he doesn't trust the soiled doves in town with his baby The only person left was Judge Spinster as the men called her He knows she is in dire straights after her brother's death due to his debts so he proposes a marriage of convenience she gets a place to live and his son gets a badly needed mother He makes it clear he does not want her in bed just as a mother to his sonCrystal is a practical woman so she realizes that this is her one chance to become a mother as she had resigned herself to being a spinster She marries Travis and moves to his ranch Crystal and Travis take a little while to get used to each other Travis is raw with grief for his deceased wife for months and barely notices Crystal beyond her treating his son Jacob well Crystal is attracted to Travis as he is good looking and strong man but she knows he is too caught up in grief to even notice her Plus she thinks she is very plain looking because no man ever seemed to want herAfter six months of living together and Travis sleeping in the barn Travis and Crystal have learned to co exist fairly well Travis suddenly sees her as a desireable woman when he accidently sees her in her bath From then on his eyes are opened to how attractive she is and he wants her Crystal has been steadily falling in love with Travis but tries to hide her attraction because she knows he doesn't see her that way Travis admires Crystal's strength of character and the wonderful mother she is to his son When she works up the nerve to ask him for a child of her own he is very tempted by her but is very scared to get another woman pregnant Plus he is afraid of Crystal's unbending opinions on right and wrong because there are events in his past that could tear them apart Can Travis take another chance on love and a baby? Can Crystal learn to bend on certain issues or will they allow these issues to tear them apart?I really enjoyed this western romance The story was good enough to take a theme I don't usually like a man grieving over another woman through part of the book and make it into an entralling story that I liked Travis is just raw with grief for the first part of the story but his recovery was not rushed He and Crystal don't get together for over six months afterward and he struggled with allowing himself to come back to life fully and take a chance on love again He was terrified of coming to care for Crystal then lose her too Crystal also overgoes a transformation in the story She starts out a rather uptight spinster judge and learns to relax enjoy motherhood and let her hair down sometimes She goes from feeling very plain to feeling like a desireable woman thanks to Travis's attentionsI really liked the western frontier sett

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Comanche EagleEagle demands that Crystal marry him to care for his newborn son and as society threatens to conde This is a well written book It was published in the 1990's so there are a lot of cliches of the historical romance Large handsome man check attractive virginal strong woman hiding her beauty and needing to be saved check cute child check This book will be one of my guilty pleasures because it could not be written todayWhat I Didn't Like 20th century speech names of hero and heroine were 20th century names all the other characters had 19th century names but the two main characters did not the book was too long The chapters were short it's just the sexual tension lasted too long And everything happened in the last six chapters some stories just wrapped up too easy others were extremely slow to wrap up but because I loved reading it I didn't care the hero's English was treated as his first language when it was believed to not have been and I couldn't hear an accent and neither did the heroineWhat I Liked the big handsome Native American hero the maybe plain maybe not heroine that he loved the secondary characters did not take away from the storySo what was the conflict? There were many too many to count and all came out at the end But was Jacob ever christened?? The last two chapters should have been the epilogueMy guilty pleasure novelBEST USE OF learning to read big secret involving wanted postersALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10 CUTE CHILD 10HEA Yes yes yes and great escape sceneSEX 10PROLOGUEEPILOGUE; Neither and last two chapters should have been called an epilogueRating 10 to read on winters days or hot summers on the deckHeat10 wait for it ahhhh there it isCOVER COVERS IT I have the book in first publication I like the cover on the book re published HOLLYWOOD CALLING NeverBOOK IN NEED OF AN EDITOR Lots of grammatical mistakes an editor should have read it