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Free Blood Secret kindle Ú eBook 9780060000660 ñ danpashley ↠ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Blood Secret By Kathryn Lasky ➫ – The minute she had opened the trunk she knew there wasn't anything like hope in it Just awful musty things but each one with a kind of terrible dark halo arIcal saga that brings the reader face to face with some of the worst atrocities ever committed against humankind in the name of God But above all it is an unforgettable coming of age story about a girl who in connecting with her own past and faith is at last able to face her own demons and liberate not only herself but also future generations of her family from the long chain of suffering and silence The historical information about the Spanish Inuisition and the Jews who practiced their religion in secret was very interesting It was the mechanism used to tell the story that I didn't really enjoy

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The minute she had opened the trunk she knew there wasn't anything like hope in it Just awful musty things but each one with a kind of terrible dark halo around it She picked up that piece of old lace She saw that stain pale brownish in color She knew it was blood Somebody's blood There was violence in that trunk and dark secrets and she did not want to know themCurious about the old homestead where At the age of five Jerry learned to swallow her words By the age of eight she stopped speaking totally when her hippie mother disappeared The Catholic Charities homes Jerry has been shuttled off to think she'll have closure if she believes her mother is dead She just has to pray for her mother's soul Jerry isn't so sure At 14 Jerry has not healed or found closure She is sent to live with her great great aunt Constanza a 94 year old New Mexico native who bakes the most delicious bread Aunt Constanza has some unusual superstitions and customs Jerry who has been Catholic her whole life like Aunt Costanza has never seen before When sent on an errand to the basement Jerry finds an old trunk with family artifacts including a bit of blood stained lace When she picks up the lace she finds herself in a strange dream like world learning long hidden family secrets The silence has been stretched out for generations and it's up to Jerry whether she will have the courage to speakThis book didn't uite meet my expectations I thought at first it would be a dual narrative with most of the story set during the Spanish Inuisition Most of the book is about Jerry with brief stories about people from the past over generations people who were affected by the Spanish Inuisition and the silence that came from that I found it incredibly hard to believe that in all Constanza's 94 years she never once met a Jew or learned anything about the Jewish religion and religious practices Certain things she did definitely would have been a dead giveaway for anyone familiar with Judaism Even without the blurb on the dust jacket I would have known there was some Jewish influence somewhere I also felt a little annoyed by Costanza's uncomfortableness with Jerry's revelations She's a very old woman who was raised a certain way but over 94 years you would think she would have alooked in the trunk before and bhave of an open mind Granted I am not sure I would want to know either I couldn't relate to Jerry or any of the other characters It was hard to get to know her ancestors because they didn't appear on page for very long probably because this is a YA novel so it's short The subject would probably work better as an adult novel giving readers time to spend with each of the characters learning about them and their families It's not hard to feel sorry for them or react to what happens I just didn't really relate to any of them The ancestor I liked best was Zayana Her strength and wisdom were amazing in the face of adversity She was brave daring and incredibly strong I could see her influence on later generations The one thing that kept me reading way longer than I should have is the subject of Jerry's mother What happened to her? Will Jerry ever see her mother again? When Jerry's secret is revealed it was a bit of a let down I was expecting about what happened I don't really get a sense of closure from the brief glimpse into Jerry's memory It seems Jerry's mother comes from a long line of crazy women but in at least one case crazy stemmed from post traumatic stress Why was Jeraldine crazy? What happened after 1910? Why was her daughter crazy and what really went on in Millie's mind? This book is written for teen readers and is pretty graphic The author doesn't spare words in her description of the Inuisition I knew a little bit about it but wasn't uite prepared for just how horrific it was Luis's story is the most disturbing of them all I just don't even understand how that much evil and hatred can exist in this world I think this book is probably geared towards school curriculum It certainly warrants discussion and comparisons with the Holocaust and even what is happening now I think adults who want to know about the Inuisition would be better off finding another book to read There isn't a romance in this story but there is a hint of a sex scene between adults in the first chapter It's shown through 5 year old Jerry's eyes and she doesn't understand what she's seeing or why her mother jokingly refers to her as a peeping Tom It was obvious to me as an adult what was going on and especially later when Jerry remembers her mom had a thing about men

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Blood SecretShe now lives Jerry finds an ancient trunk in the basement that contains among other things an old piece of bloodstained lace some letters and a battered doll The objects in the trunk have stories to tell stories about the Spanish Inuisition spanning nearly five hundred years and stories of secrets locked deep in the bloodlines of Jerry's ancestorsKathryn Lasky's powerhouse novel is a dramatic histor Title Blood SecretAuthor Kathryn LaskySummary Jerry's mom has disappeared and left her at the mercy of the church Jerry can't speak any She goes to live with a relative of hers Constanza and discovers an old trunk in the root cellar When she touches each object she has a hallucination of sorts and is transported back into her ancestors' times during the Spanish Inuisition She has lots of these visions and is able to piece together the story of what happened during the Spanish Inuisition Stars 5Violence 4 because the book discussed people being burnt at the stake One woman's neck was broken and it was seen as merciful Romance 4 because of when in the first chapter Jerry sees her mother's bare rear end Language 5 for though some bad words were sprinkled around there were not as many as in Avatar Appropriate for Young adults Other There were no really gross grammar or spelling errors as in The Last Girls of Pompeii which was also by Lasky I liked the way that Lasky brought Jerry back in time and had her meet her ancestors It was hard to understand who was who There were so many generations and you had to kind of sort things out With so many names you couldn't know who was who without much riffling through names There were so many generations to sort out Also when a Jew named Miriam was baptized she became Maria Then in old age she wanted to be called Miriam So it was uite confusing Fortunately the author provides a family tree of sorts at the end of the book I wish I'd discovered it before I'd finished the book If you liked this book I'd recommend King of Shadows and Victory both by Susan Cooper They involve hallucinations into the past But King of Shadows has the main character Nat actually influence the past instead of just seeing it