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Mobi ✓ Diary of an On True Stories from the Front Line Download Á [Reading] ➿ Diary of an On-call Girl: True Stories from the Front Line By EE Bloggs – PC Bloggs is a serving British police office and Diary of an On call Girl is a true account of her working lifeThe tapes are on theUWell I wasnt listeningThis may surprise you I say but you can be arrested even if you arent listeningNo you cant Not if youre inside a house I know the lawIf there is one thing I likethan a gobby teenager it is a gobby teenager who knows the lawShimona you are going to have to take my word for the fact that you were brought here under arrest and you are still under arrest now Lets move onWhateverDiary of an On Call Girl was serialised on BBC Radio 4 and is currently in TV development with scripts being written by the writer of the hit TV comedy R I have read this as I have read many of the new lift the lid on the police lit genre booksand I have to say it is not as good a read as some others I did enjoy it and I did relate to many of the situations being described I would recommend this book but for anybody new to the genre I would have to say go straight to the book Wasting Police Time and start from there it's just a better bookand having read it you can see how it has led to a raft of others cashing in The different angle here is that it is written by a female supposedly about being a female in the police In truth the book bangs home the reality that officer sex is irrelevant male or female the jobs are just as crap the feeling of Groundhog Day is just the same and the things that modern day police officers have to do in a regular day at work are just as eye opening I particularly like the way it demonstrates that the police are called to the same few problem people over and over again as this is something that most people don't see or really understand I don't think the fact that the author is female has any bearing on the reading of the book I uite like the diarysoap opera style of writing

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PC Bloggs is a serving British police office and Diary of an On call Girl is a true account of her working lifeThe tapes are on the interview begins and I ask my standard opening uestion Do you understand why you have been arrested?Believe it or not sometimes these words alone can prompt a confused confessionI ain't been arrested says ShimonaNot exactly a confessionWell you have because youre hereI was never arrested though No one never put no handcuffs on meI put down my pen Somehow I dont think this is going to be the level of interview for whic A well written account of modern policing where rank and file officers leave their discretion at home and pick up a big bag of political correctness Home Office Targets and Force Priorities from the Parade Room Thankfully Policing by “drop down menus “ was in its infancy when I retired in 2006 after 30 years serviceHumour in the face of adversity runs through the book A very good read

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Diary of an On call Girl True Stories from the Front LineH I need to make notes You actually dont need to be handcuffed to be under arrest I sayYeah I do Right Sonia?Sonia nods emphatically You do need it me Ma said soIn an attempt to steer the interview back on track I look down at PC Cansats statement Look it says here I then said to Shimona OMilligan I am arresting you on suspicion of assault and criminal damage I cautioned her to which she replied Whatever Does that ring any bells?Shimona titters Then she gets serious again Does he say he handcuffed me though? Cos hes a liarNo he says he arrested yo If you're wondering why the police don't have time to deal with your stolen car or stolen wallet then read this book By demanding targets and accountability and a paper trail we tie the police up in knots so that they spend too much time covering their backs and filling in forms rather than catching criminalsWhich is better having the odd thing go wrong without being able to attribute it to an individual and having a higher detection rate and uick response times; or being able to work out what happened when and who was responsible and fewer crimes detected and having to wait a week for the police to respond to your call? I know which I prefer and I would say stop having so many people checking what's going on and people doing the job they're trained to doWhen you've read the book you will start wondering how we got from the only record being the beat bobby's pocket book to forms in triplicate and about twenty people checking on what one person is doing There are laugh out loud funny episodes in this book but there are also episodes which will make you tear your hair out in frustration There are shades of almost any big organisation in this book and I know I found myself nodding my head in recognition over some of the proceduresI recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what being a police officer in twenty first century Britain is all about