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FREE PDF õ BOOK Modern Control Systems ¶ DANPASHLEY ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Modern Control Systems (9th Edition) ✪ Richard C Dorf – The topic of design of real world complex control system is a major theme throughout the book The text is organized around the concept of control system theorObust PID controllers and computer aided design and analysis Includes the use of SIMULINK a valuable tool for control system simulation To be used as an introduction to control systems for engineer It contains the basics and advanced concepts of Control It has theory examples and computer implementation in order to show how is made any exercise presented in the book

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The topic of design of real world complex control system is a major theme throughout the book The text is organized around the concept of control system theory as they have been developed in the fr I am a practicing systems engineer in industry My company Transpower Corporation writes custom and commercial engineering and accounting software Over the years I've purchased many many control engineering books including the fourth and seventh editions of Prof Dorf's Modern Control Systems At my reuest Dr Dorf sent me the solutions manual Unlike the other reviewers here I find the book to be easy reading particularly because of the many fine illustrations which add immensely to the clarity of presentation The 800 problems contained in the book cover a very wide range of modern real life control systems; they are vastly better than the problems contained in any other control book I've purchasedThe book is very strong on classical methods but rather weak on the so called modern methods I happen to prefer the Internal Model Principle and even wrote a software package Optimal Control Designer to make that method easy to apply Unfortunately Dorf treats the Internal Model Principle only briefly The same goes for LR and other optimization methods On the other hand ITAE and deadbeat systems are treated rather wellThe use of MATLAB in the book and problems is very welcome However Simulink is not used Those of us in industry are likely to use Simulink to simulate a proposed system to death before production Hopefully the forthcoming 10th edition will include example applications using SimulinkOne other deficiency is the lack of treatment of real time computer control for example using Real Time Workshop and Real Time Windows Target I haven't yet found any text on control which goes into any detail on this subject those of us in industry would very much like such a textIn summary I highly recommend this book It's worth the price just for the spectacular set of end of chapter problems

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Modern Control Systems 9th EditionEuency and time domains Covers several topics robust control systems and system sensitivity state variable models controllability and observability computer control systems internal model control r Very valuable publication mostly from the point of view of the engineering practical design The text is euipped with many modern interesting design examples My critical remark is that some important theoretical results are not stepwise derived just applied On the other hand it is true that a reader can find it in the rich references That separating line is a point of uestion and choice of the author