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Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Social Studies Grade 4 from Teacher Created ResourcesIntroduce students to a world of ideas people and events through these high interest social studies reading passages Each passage is part of a 3 page unit that includes 8 highlighted vocabulary words and 5 multiple choice uestions The uestions aim to dig deeper into students understanding of the reading mate This book has a broad collection of I formation from places and events around the world It’s a little light on details even though it’s for 5th grade My 5th grade daughter is being homeschooled and given the chance I would’ve gone with the 6th or 7th grade book since this is below her reading level after looking through it I might go ahead and save it for my 2 younger girls for their 3rd grade social studies when they get there and buy my oldest something a little challenging for this year

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Download Book ê Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Í Social Studies ¹ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grade 4 from Teacher Created Resources Author Join or create book clubs – Introduce students to a world of ideas people and eventEd with each passage The book ends with blank answer sheets a full bibliography and a complete answer key Overall this book is designed to help students improve in a multitude of areas including reading social studies critical thinking writing and test taking This resource is 144 pages in all Reprinted in 20 Wow I bought these to supplement my homeschooling Thought id though in social studies this grade level These stories are wonderful It is a front page story and back page uestions like maybe 6 uestions All true factual stories and very entertaining I bought for my 2 grade level kids BUT had to share each others with one another because the stories are wonderful I love these books and it would make great bedtime stories for kids Please grab yourself a copy you will not regret itVanessa

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Rial Each set includes one uestion about main idea one about a specific detail in the passage and one that uses an analogy to assess comprehension and critical thinking Other uestions based on vocabulary seuencing and inference are included in various units A vocabulary based writing component is also includ Such engaging stories I have another in the series for a different age group in science I by far enjoy the humor and twists to this book the best Ruth please keep up the wit and make My child loves reading these Nice to have the child engaged in reading and learningI am using this for a child in a younger grade Not too hard to read I purchased it because I read the look inside pages and knew my kid would love it even if it was labeled above grade level