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read なまいきざかり 1 doc Æ Paperback ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ なまいきざかり 1 Author Miyuki Mitsubachi – バスケ部マネージャーの由希は、キャプテンにひそかな片想い中。ところが、生意気な後輩男子・成瀬に弱みを握られて大ピンチ強バスケ部マネージャーの由希は、キャプテンにひそかな片想い中。ところ? Well Namakizakari is not just ordinary shojo manga There isn't much attention payed on love between Naruse and Machida it's about basketball but at the end it is a lovely romantic love story Naruse is just so sweet and he loves Machida very much And that moment on the Christmas party when she ran after him was so romantic and beautiful that I wanted them to be like that forever but then again it would be somehow exhausting to read if everything would be just perfect So I really recommend this manga to everyone who likes romantic and shojo manga and I personally can't wait to read the next chapter^^ 3

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??、生意気な後輩男子・成瀬に弱みを握られて大ピンチ強引な成瀬に振り? I loooooooveeeee this manga so much There were no updates after a long time I guess they just discontinued it?

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なまいきざかり 1?されるうちに、由希はいつの間にか? ド直球★バスケ部青春ラブコメ第1巻 There is a girl who doesn't smile much and has a resting face all the time she concentrates on her studies and is a manager of the basketball team of her school she is a mix of tsundere and kuudere type of girltell me if I'm wrong There is a boy one grade lower than the girl so he is a junior and she is a senior senpai he falls in love with her and starts to trouble her till she says she loves him back In between all that senpai please notice me the basketball tournaments happen and in one of the rival teams is a childhood frenemy of the boy who starts liking the girl But the guy knows that she is out of reach because they both are a couple So yeah this series is around sports and love of a junior boy and a senior girl how they go through their relationship how they balance sports studies and love whether they can take relationship smoothly and everything that follows with them This is an ongoing series it seems like slow to some and fast to some so it depends if you like it in the first few chapters I loved it so I read all the volumes which were out instantly If you want to take a break from heavy plots in other mangas read this and be relaxed but I'm sure you will get irritated by the protagonist