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Dreamweaver CS5 5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5 CSS3 and jQueryStyles that control HTML5 layouts Create sites that use the styling and content tools in Dreamweaver to their full potential Implement multiscreen previews and media ueries to create sites for desktops mobiles and tablets Apply new CSS3 effects with Dreamweaver code hints and enhanced CSS Styles panel Add multimedia to web pages with HTML5 elements Create juery Mobile based web pages from scratch Build and emulate mobile apps with Dreamweaver Approach This book combines accessible clear engaging and candid reference material advice and shortcuts with substantial step by step instructions for creating a wide range of HTML5 and CSS3 d

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DOC ✓ READER Dreamweaver CS5 ✓ 5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5 FREE Ù DAVID KARLINS Æ [KINDLE] ✿ Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery ❃ David Karlins – With this book and your knoWith this book and your knowledge of Dreamweaver you'll be able to confidently enter the brave new world of HTML5 CSS3 and juery Learning is easy thanks to a hands on step by step approach Overview Create web pages in Dreamweaver using the latest technology and approach Add multimedia and interactivity to your websites Optimize your websites for a wide range of platforms and build mobile apps with Dreamweaver A practical guide filled with many examples for making the best use of Dreamweaver's latest features What you will learn from this book Use and customize the content of Dreamweaver's HTML5 layouts Dissect and customize the CSS

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Esigns and page content in Dreamweaver Who this book is written for This book is geared towards experienced Dreamweaver web designers migrating to HTML5 and juery It also targets web designers new to Dreamweaver who want to jump with two feet into the most current Web design tools and features While focused primarily on Dreamweaver CS55 the book includes content of value to readers using older versions of Dreamweaver with directions on installing a version of Adobe's HTML5 Pack that updates those packages In Detail Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway UAG is the latest in a line of Application Publishing Reverse Proxy and Remo