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Majestic Traditional Gold-Edged Tabs Read & Download Ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ê [PDF / Epub] ☆ Majestic Traditional Gold-Edged Tabs By Join or create book clubs – Traditional Gold Edged Set 84 gold foil edged tabs for Bibles from 7 inches up to 12 inches Set includes taEd on both sides come with a uick and easy placement guide and are conveniently packaged in a compact x package that can hang on a peg or stand on a counter. OK but a bit heavy for the flimsy paper used in my bible

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And Catholic books Also includes a selection of special tabs for marking your concordance note sections and even your own special Life Verse Tabs are print. I will give it two stars Maybe some people will like these the picture on the front DOES NOT SHOW WHAT IS ACTUALLY INSIDE THE PACKAGE Up on the top right had corner it reads Mini Tabs' and that is what they are They may be 38 inch wide the books of the BIBLE are abbreviated due to their small size IOW you have trouble seeing these would most likely not work for you Get the bigger ones I was planning on getting to give to young people until I saw them in person This is not for them either I don't think Much difficult to put on

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Majestic Traditional Gold Edged TabsTraditional Gold Edged Set gold foil edged tabs for Bibles Majestic Traditional PDFEPUBfrom inches up to inches Set includes tabs for Old and New Testaments. I really love these I picked them up for a new Didache Bible One of the biggest selling points for me was that they also had tabs for the extra OT books The other biggest was the amount of good reviewsWhat I loved about these tabsThey look great I chose the gold edging because I thought it would compliment the writing on the cover of my Bible My Didache doesn't have a thumb index or gilded pages so the tabs add something a little extra special It's so much easier now to find what I want in a snap The directions were simple and though it was time consuming they were easy to apply I didn't have a problem with fingerprints And although some reviews say that they are permanent I was able to lift and fix a few VERY carefully when I applied them crooked One time I also accidentally tabbed two pages together and was able to remedy that without any damage to my BibleWhat I didn't loveThere was no introduction tab and there was no glossary tab It's a small complaint really but there were so many other tabs that I didn't need to use I wish they'd add a couple Also there was one tab that got stuck to my fingers while I was applying It stuck so well that when I peeled my finger away from the sticky part it took a little of the tab labeling with it I was able to fix this when I finished applying the tab on the page and it's no worse for the wear overall You can barely tellThe finished product looks beautiful and professional and I am very happy with it Would definitely both recommend and buy again in the future