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READ The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled 107 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled ✈ Join or create book clubs – New York Times andUSA Today Best SellerDiscover the amazing secret of the agesand the mystery of your lifeThe Oracle will reveal the mystery behind everythingthNew York Times The Jubilean PDFEPUB #196 andUSA Today Best SellerDiscover the amazing secret of the agesand the mystery of your lifeThe Oracle will reveal the mystery behind everythingthe past the present current events even what is The Oracle ePUB #219 yet to come Open the seven doors of revelationand prepare to be blown awayJonathan Cahn author of theNew York Timesbest sellersThe Harbinger The Mystery of the Shemitah The Book of MysteriesandThe Paradigm now unveilsThe Oracle The Jubilean Kindle #214 Oraclein which he opens up the Jubilean mysteries and a revelation so big that it lies behind everything from the rise and fall of nations and empires even America to the current events of our day to the future to end time prophecy and muchCould an ancient prophecy and a mysterious ordinance given in a Middle Eastern desert over three thousand years ago be determining the events of our dayCould some of the most famous people of modern history and current events be secretly linked to this mystery even a modern president of the United States. Stating upfront that I was provided an Advance Reader Copy inpdf format from the publisher in exchange for reviewTime for some honesty here this was my first book of Rabbi Cahn's When I received the invite to participate in the book release prior to publication I was a bit surprised because I was wondering what was God up to in my life He and I have been repairing our relationship in 2019Well now I know that hidden or not so hidden within the pages or The Oracle was a message I really needed to see as I continue to heal from a very dark time in my lifeThanking Our Heavenly Father for having bought The Oracle in to my life

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Could this ancient revelation pinpoint the events of our times down to the year month and day of their occurringCould a mysterious phenomenon be manifesting on the world stage on an exact timetable determined from ancient timesCould these manifestations have altered and now be altering the course of world events Jonathan Cahn takes the reader on a journey to find the man called the Oracle One by one each of the Jubilean mysteries will be revealed through the giving of a vision The Oracle will uncover the mysteries of The Stranger The Lost City The Man With the Measuring Line The Land of Seven Wells The Birds The Number of the End The Man in the Black Robe The Prophets Song The Matrix of Years The Day of the Lions The Awakening of the Dragon and muchThe reader will discover the ancient scrolls that contain the appointed words that have determined the course of world history from the onset of modern times up to our day The revelation is so big that it will involve and open up the mysteries of everything and everyone from Mark Twain to Mos. What a clever way to give readers a wealth of information Cahn has crafted a novel so to speak yet in such a way that it conveys facts about Israel's history both ancient and recent The Oracle interprets visions the unnamed narrator has Each vision reveals new information about Scriptures and prophecies regarding the re establishing of Israel as nationThe precision with which prophecies were fulfilled is amazing We readers must rely on Cahn's knowledge of Hebrew to reveal specific people their names and their representation We must also rely on his understanding of Hebrew dates and their significance Cahn has included lots of footnotes so his work can be checked out The amount of research he must have done to discover the specifics seems overwhelmingA few corresponding dates names and events could be described at coincidences Cahn presents so many of these relationships the evidence demands we recognize God's hand in the re establishment of Israel as a nation The US even had a part in the plan by recently recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel on the exact day Cahn says it was to happenCahn's book includes a few relationships some readers might consider a bit forced One example is joining together President Trump and Cyrus because Trump spoke an apocryphal saying attributed to Cyrus Cahn does note that some Christian leaders told Trump he was representative of Cyrus well before he made his statement 205 Another relationship Cahn relates was Cyrus' declaration after 70 years of captivity and that Trump was 70 years old when he made his declaration 206 That seems a forced relationship to meNonetheless the number of relationships Cahn shares that I consider truly amazing are overwhelming And Cahn does not leave us only in the past He takes us into the future of the world according to prophecy As the Oracle says it is a double edged sword 257 Unlike his investigation of the past Cahn provides no dates for future eventsI recommend this book to those interested in prophecies concerning Israel and their fulfillment I think you'll be amazed You will certainly have much to think aboutI received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher My comments are an independent and honest review

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The Oracle The Jubilean Mysteries UnveiledEs from King Nebuchadnezzar to Donald Trump from the fall of empires to the rise of America from a mystery hidden in a desert cave to another in an ancient scroll from the palace of the Persian Empire to the US Senate from the Summer of Love to the Code of Babylon and much muchUltimately the Oracle will reveal the secret that lies behind end time prophecy and the mystery of the end of the age As withThe HarbingerandThe Book of Mysteries Cahn reveals the mysteries through a narrative A traveler is given seven keys each will open up one of seven doors Behind each door lies a stream of mysteries The reader will be taken on a journey of angels and prophetic revelations waiting to be discovered behind each of the seven doors the ancient secrets that lie behind the world changing events of modern times and revelations of what is yet to come Hailed as a mind blowing masterpieceThe Oraclewill reveal mysteries that are absolutely real amazing stunning mind blowing and life changingPrepare to be blown awayAlso Available in SpanishISBN E Book ISBN. I was asked to buy this book for a family member for Christmas I initially thought it was religious fiction as this is how it appears from the beginning of the book Indeed it is classed on as 'religious fiction' However from reading interviews with the author I do not believe he is intending it to be fictional I was going to uote some of the nonsense that is in this book but I have added two pages so you can read it for yourself The author appears to uote from a man who has had a divine revelation from the 'Oracle' and part of this revelation is about how Donald Trump's presidency and even his birth are foretold in the BibleInstead of going into the many reasons why this is utter nonsense I will instead recommend the book 'How to read the bible for all its worth' by Gordon D Fee which is a great book about how to interpret what the Bible says rather than getting swayed by false teachersBut please do not read this book