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El juego del ángelWriting sensationalist novels under a pseudonym The survivor of a troubled childhood he has taken refuge in the world of books and spends his nights spinning baroue tales about the city’s underworld But perhaps his dark imaginings are not as strange as they seem for in a locked room deep within the house lie photographs and letters hinting at the mysterious death of the previous owner Like a slow poison the history of the place seeps into his bones as he struggles with an impossible love Close to despair David receives a letter from a reclusive French editor Andreas Corelli who makes him the David Martin is a pulp fiction writer struggling in life He went to Barcelona in hope of a better future and the mysterious man with an unbelievable offer seemed to fulfill his wish The events after he accepted the offer changed his life foreverThe first book The Shadow of the Wind managed to exceed my expectations I was a bit reluctant with this second one but clearly Zafón is one hell of a writer He once again managed to exceed my expectations I consider him as one of the best Historical Fiction writer ever He knows how to write He knows how to keep the reader interested and captivated all throughout the novelThe plot was only a bit different than the first one but still captivating While reading the novel I once again felt like I was living the life of the main character It felt like I was living in Barcelona the whole time Zafón can really make the setting seem so believable The writing was superb and I could say that his writing is my favorite alongside Stephen King's I really like it when the writer can make the character so likable and believable at the same time Nothing changed from the first book because both characters were unforgettable David was just a fun guy to read about He didn't seem pretentious and the supporting characters were just as good Isabella and Christina were both perfect for David but obviously he only loved one as the author tried to convey view spoiler For me though David had slight feelings toward Isabella and she obviously reciprocated Such a shame that they didn't end up together though hide spoiler

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From master storyteller Carlos Ruiz Zafon author of the international phenomenon The Shadow of the Wind comes The Angel’s Game a dazzling new page turner about the perilous nature of obsession in literature and in loveThe whole of Barcelona stretched out at my feet and I wanted to believe that when I opened those windows my new windows each evening its streets would whisper stories to me El juego eBook #10003 secrets in my ear that I could catch on paper and narrate to whomever cared to listenIn an abandoned mansion at the heart of Barcelona a young man David Martin makes his living by David Martín is a writer of penny dreadfuls who is offered a huge sum of money to write a book for a French publisher He can't find any evidence that the publisher actually exists though and violent things start happening to David's friends and colleaguesI was rocking through the first half of the book loving Ruiz Zafón's writing and then I just stopped caring a little over halfway through I'm not entirely sure what happened I think I got sick of having absolutely no freaking idea what was going on Yeah I knew who the publisher was but I didn't know how that was going to tie into everything else I read this using this really cool post it flag bookmark my husband gave me because I knew that I would probably have tons of uotes I loved in here The last one is at page 324 out of 531 pages There's no big event that I can find there I think that's just where I ran out of patienceI loved Ruiz Zafón's previous book The Shadow of the Wind and I have a feeling that a re read would bump that one up to five stars I missed having a Fermín There wasn't really anyone to give any lightness or grace to the story It was all darkness and despair The relationship between David and Isabella gave a few lighter moments but he ended up hurting her feelings often than not so those were pretty limited This is sort of a companion to Shadow and I had a hard time figuring out how and when they fit together I was confused about how this Sempere was consistently described as being shy and sort of boring when that wasn't the guy I knew from Shadow This young Sempere is the father in ShadowI have to say my hat is off to the translator Lucia Graves She did one heckuva job translating this The story might have lost me a little but the writing is still lyrical and that has to be as much to her credit as to the author'sMaybe I should have put this aside and tried it again later when I realized that I had started to lose interest I don't think that would have made a difference though It's still a dark Gothic novel that fans of that genre will still probably love I just preferred The Shadow of the Wind much much

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EPUB ´ MOBI El juego del ángel ó 9780385528702 FREE ↠ CARLOS RUIZ ZAFóN ë ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ El juego del ángel Author Carlos Ruiz Zafón – Danpashley.co.uk From master storyteller Carlos Ruiz Zafon author of the international phenomenon The Shadow of the WiOffer of a lifetime He is to write a book unlike anything that has ever existed a book with the power to change hearts and minds In return he will receive a fortune and perhaps But as David begins the work he realizes that there is a connection between his haunting book and the shadows that surround his homeOnce again Zafon takes us into a dark gothic universe first seen in The Shadow of the Wind and creates a breathtaking adventure of intrigue romance and tragedy Through a dizzyingly constructed labyrinth of secrets the magic of books passion and friendship blend into a masterful storyjacket Last night I listened to the end of this audiobook with tears in my eyes I won't easily forget those last scenes My favorite parts of this story were the visits to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books I love the idea of a place where Every book every volume you see here has a soul The first time someone visits this place he must choose a book and adopt it making sure that it will never disappear that it will always stay alive Just reading those sentences makes my soul sigh with contentment I didn't enjoy this book uite as much as I enjoyed Shadow of the Wind This tale was slightly darker and mysterious but I thought the mystery became a little convoluted This was still a wonderful beautifully written story that had me in tears than once What an amazing feeling that is Highly recommended