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Lucky Thirteen Frontlines #21Ship commandA short story in the Learned of this story from friend Trish The book version of my favorite episode from Netflix's animated series Love Death Robots My first Marko Kloos read ImpressiveOne of the most important things in any story is voice Do the words on the page allow the reader to imagine the characters in all their nuance? Absent proper voice the smart edgy femme fatale can translate as whiny witch the manly hero as arrogant oaf Kloos gets voice and in Lucky Thirteen voices Lt Comet Hally perfectly She doesn't feel like a character She is the soldier you have beers with at the bar Matter of fact about exploits you marvel at Wry sense of humor Tough Smart Reliable A person you know will always have your back no uestions asked no thanks reuired Lucky Thirteen is a great story and masterclass in voicing a character Bravo I'll be reading of Mr Kloos PS Having just watched the film again I am perplexed why scriptwriters feel they must edit even inconseuential things in source material I can understand narrowing a plot or removing a side story to focus the film But names? In the film the pilot is named Lt Cutter Colby vs Comet Hally in the book Comet is a much better call sign for a space pilot than Cutter The ship models also have different names in the film Finally a funny thing about voice Even good voice doesn't prompt the same visual in every reader The film depiction of CutterComet a young slightly built black woman is not who I envisioned when reading the book For some reason I pictured a Latina woman someone like Rosario Dawson from Netflix's Daredevil and Luke Cage series

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Rookie pilot Halley's first drop One of my favourite episodes of Love Death Robots was this one about a ship that is said to be the unluckiest but actually proves to be great in the right handsLucky Number Thirteen is so named for her serial number and after a few fateful incidents she's almost feared for the bad luck she supposedly attracts But then she gets a new pilot who neither believes in ships having characters nor in any sort of luck She'll find out that at least one of those assumptions is wrongWe thus get to fall in love with the ship as much as her pilot did and I feel no shame when admitting that I shed a tear at the end of the episode and again when finishing this short storyI had no idea the episode was based on a short story but apparently most of them actually are which is very cool Then I also found out that this and another one which I also read today and will be reviewing shortly was penned by a German author so of course I had to read the source material It's totally worth it just like the Netflix series

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MOBI ↠ DOC Lucky Thirteen Frontlines #21 FREE µ DANPASHLEY à [Reading] ➷ Lucky Thirteen Frontlines #21 By Marko Kloos – Rookie pilot Halley's first drop ship commandA short story in the Terms of Enlistment universe170 KB Rookie pilot Halley's first drop ship commandA short stoTerms of Enlistment universe170 K Nice vignette to the larger story sure