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Intuitive Editing eBook ð A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing ß danpashley ✓ [Epub] ➞ Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing By Join or create book clubs – I trust Tiffany Yates Martin witDitor brain” and how to solicit and process feedback Intuitive Editing doesn’t offer one size fits all advice or rigid writing “rules”; instead it helps authors discover what works for their story and their style to find the best version of their visionWhether you’re writing fiction narrative nonfiction or memoir; whether this your first story or your fiftieth Intuitive Editing will give you the tools you need to edit and revise your own writing with inspiration motivation and confidence Inthan 25 years in the publishing industry developmental book editor Tiffany Yates Martin has worked both with major publishing houses and directly with authors through her company FoxPrint Editorial on books by New York Times USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors and award winners as well as newer writers She presents objective editing and writing craft workshops for writers’ groups organizations and conferences to help authors learn to edit their own writing and revise their stories She also offers editing tips and advice on creative story revision for numerous writers’ sites and publicatio I first had this book on Kindle but there were so many passages I wanted to highlight that I purchased the paper version also This book is jam packed with practical advice and a handy ten point guide to approaching a self edit I love Tiffany's down to earth style and her ability to get to the core message so uickly And don't be fooled by the title It will accompany you through the writing process and have you thinking about your characters plot lines and pacing too even before you are ready for an editWhat a great and worthy addition to my books on writing

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I trust Tiffany Yates Martin with the editing process eventhan I trust myself Read this book and steal her secrets Kelly Harms Washington Post bestseller of The Overdue Life of Amy Byler“Tiffany Yates Martin is an exceptional editor so of course her advice and counsel in Intuitive Editing is exceptional as well Whether you’re a seasoned author looking to fine tune your craft pacing or tension or just starting out and looking for guidance on building overall structure and engaging characters this book is a must read that will take you from idea to finished manuscript” New York Times–bestselling author Allison Winn Scotch“This book is a must have tool every author needs in their toolkit When you are ready to go deeper to dig into the revision process using Tiffany’s Intuitive Editing strategies will help you take your writing to the next level” New York Times– and USA Today–bestselling author Steena Holmes“Authors if you can’t be lucky enough to have Tiffany as your editor then Intuitive Editing is the next best thing Her advice is sound thoughtful no nonsense and given with the comp Tiffany Yates Martin is a super successful development editor so I knew that if she could get a hundredth of what she teaches writers one on one into this book it would be an absolute winner which it isWhat bothers me the most with some craft books is how they are filled with rules and things not to do But in focusing there they avoid the true hard work of explaining how you create a compelling novel eg how do you take a protagonist your beta readers are saying is unlikeable and make them relatable? Or take a set of scenes that is moving along but just ho hum in terms of the reader being immersed and make them truly live and feel your characters’ emotions?What Tiffany teaches is how to critically look at your own work and ask how to let it flower into the beautiful story it can become using your own intuition Yes you can still take a methodological approach to analyzing and revising your story but most importantly it starts with a sense of compassion for your own workThe book walks through how to look at your work one layer at a time starting with character stakes and plot before diving deeper into micro level edits involving point of view and pacing and structureThe appeal is that Tiffany’s paradigm is different Her message is to stop being so hard on yourself and thinking about your book or your early work as broken but instead hone your intuition by looking at other great storytelling and approach your work one layer at a time with the love and care it deservesI can categorically say that every writer needs this book and what it teaches

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Intuitive Editing A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your WritingAssion that every author and their book deserves” Elisabeth Weed literary agent the Book GroupA creative and specific guide for writers fiction and nonfiction alike fun easy to read covers all the topics we need to think about and it’s not boring That’s a gift A fabulous guide USA Today bestselling author Kaira RoudaEditing your own writing can feel like doing your own brain surgery After you’ve completed your manuscript and you’re standing at the foot of Revision Mountain climbing to the summit can feel impossible It’s hard to look at your own writing with the objective eye needed to shape it into a tight polished publishable story but just like writing self editing is a skill you can learnDevelopmental editor Tiffany Yates Martin has spent her career in the publishing industry honing practical actionable techniues to help authors evaluate how well their story is working where it might not be and how to fix it With a clear accessible user friendly approach she leads writers through every step of deepening and elevating their own work as well as how to approach the edit and develop their “e I have bought many writing craft books over the years Creation has never been a problem for me but I do find editing a real drag and have left many manuscripts gathering dust because I can't face it Intuitive editing is by far the most thorough and useful book on the subject that I have read if you're sick of hearing the phrase 'show don't tell' without fully appreciating its meaning although I swear I believed I did understand before this book will provide you with vivid examples and suggestions The section on characters alone is worth the price of the book I am due to publish my second novel this year and am forever learning Highly recommend to any writer who is trying to do better and be better