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How to Win Friends and Influence People epub Ê Paperback read · [Read] ➲ How to Win Friends and Influence People Author Dale Carnegie – ISBN 9780671723651 moved to this editionYou can go after the job you wantand get it You can take the job you haveand improve it You can take any situatioThan 15 million copies Dale Carnegie's first book is a timeless bestseller packed with rock solid advice that has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal livesAs relevant as ever before Dale Carnegie's prin Utter dreck Anyone who thinks this book offers important wise advice on friendship is an idiotDale Carnegie was nothing but a huckstering sophist and a very repulsive one at that For those of you who may not know Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People is a handbook on how to exploit friendship for the sake of financial and political gain Now fans of this book why such people are allowed to read much less vote I do not know will say this book helped them overcome their shyness and make real friendships But Dale Carnegie is not interested in real friendship His only concern is to exploit friendship for financial and political gain One need not be Einstein to know this One need only read all the garish claims on the back of the book I have an earlier edition than the one usually found in bookstores today such as say Increase your earning power Carnegie's book will make you a better salesman a better executive If the book were really about true friendship as its many lobotomized fans insist then one would expect the blurbs to claim that the book will make the reader a better friend not a better salesman A true friend cares about his friends but a salesman cares about his profit and if friendship come between him and his profit then so much for friendship Dale Carnegie's groupies are utterly oblivious to his promotion of such shameless exploitation which is as obvious as a communal bedpan And they are also utterly oblivious to historical facts Had they some historical knowledge then these sycophants in training surely would have read Dale Carnegie's pilpul with slightly less pollyannish gullibility For instance if they knew anything about the Age of the Robber Barons they might have found Dale Carnegie's depiction of Andrew Carnegie as a man truly concerned for the lot of his fellow man a bit hard to stomach Sure Andrew Carnegie smiled a lot and presented a friendly appearance to the press and public and that was enough for Dale Dale like all other sophists politicians and prostitutes cared only for appearances but underneath the accommodating demeanor of Andrew Carnegie was a heart as hard as the steel his factories forged Andrew Carnegie would publicly declare his support for rights of the worker and yet let his Manager Frick hire Pinkerton Guards to massacre the union workers Andrew Carnegie would snatch good PR with his various philanthropies but also poured much of his money into the American Eugenics Movement which managed to get laws passed all over this country that mandated the sterilization of cripples like me American Eugenics also had a profound influence upon German Eugenics an influence which one can see documented in the minutes of The Nuremberg Trials I hope even Carnegie groupies are not that ignorant not to know that influence however nice pleasant and smiling it may be is bad when it leads to genocide Yet I suspect those who swear by this book will continue to have nothing but admiration for Dale Carnegie whose sycophantic adulation for the ruthless rich who killed off unionized workers and funded the genocide of the weak should offend repel and disgust anyone with even a modicum of human thought and decency Carnegie fans are idiots

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ISBN 9780671723651 moved to this editionYou can go after the job you wantand get it You can take the job you haveand improve it You can take any situation you're inand make it work for youSince its release in 1936 How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold Dale saying people's names often when you're talking to them Dale doesn't make you popular Dale it makes you sound like a patronizing creepThis book is probably really handy when you're trying to befriend kindergarteners not as much adults It's also aimed at salespeople and not regular humans

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How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleCiples endure and will help you achieve your maximum potential in the complex and competitive modern ageLearn the six ways to make people like you the twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking and the nine ways to change people without arousing resentmen When dealing with people let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic We are dealing with creatures of emotion creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity Dale Carnegie is a uintessentially American type He is like George F Babbitt come to life—except considerably smarter And here he presents us with the Bible for the American secular religion capitalism with a smile In a series of short chapters Carnegie lays out a philosophy of human interaction The tenets of this philosophy are very simple People are selfish prideful and sensitive creatures To get along with people you need to direct your actions towards their egos To make people like you compliment them talk in terms of their wants make them feel important smile big and remember their name If you want to persuade somebody don’t argue and never contradict them; instead be friendly emphasize the things you agree on get them to do most of the talking and let them take credit for every bright idea The most common criticism lodged at this book is that it teaches manipulation not genuine friendship Well I agree that this book doesn’t teach how to achieve genuine intimacy with people A real friendship reuires some self expression and self expression is not part of Carnegie’s system As another reviewer points out if you use this mindset to try to get real friends you’ll end up in highly unsatisfying relationships Good friends aren't like difficult customers; they are people you can argue with and vent to people who you don't have to impress Nevertheless I think it’s not accurate to say that Carnegie is teaching manipulation Manipulation is when you get somebody to do something against their own interests; but Carnegie’s whole system is directed towards getting others to see that their self interest is aligned with yours This is what I meant by calling him the prophet of “capitalism with a smile” since his philosophy is built on the notion that most of the time people can do business with each other that is mutually beneficial He never advocates being duplicitous “Let me repeat The principles taught in this book will work only when they come from the heart I am not advocating a bag of tricks I am talking about a new way of life” Maybe what puts people off is his somewhat cynical view of human nature He sees people as inherently selfish creatures who are obsessed with their own wants; egotists with a fragile sense of self esteem “People are not interested in you They are not interested in me They are interested in themselves—morning noon and after dinner” Well maybe it's just because I am an American but this conception of human nature feels uite accurate to me Even the nicest people are absorbed with their own desires troubles and opinions Indeed the only reason that it’s easy to forget that other people are preoccupied with their own priorities is because we are so preoccupied with our own that it’s hard to imagine anyone thinks otherwise The other day for example I ran into my neighbor a wonderfully nice woman who immediately proceeded to unload all her recent troubles on me while scarcely asking me a single uestion This isn’t because she is bad or selfish but because she’s human and wanted a listening ear I don’t see anything wrong with it In any case I think this book is worth reading just for its historical value As one of the first and most successful examples of the self help genre it is an illuminating document Already in this book we have what I call “Self Help Miracle Stories”—you know the stories about somebody applying the lessons from this book and achieving a complete life turnaround Although the author always insists the stories are real the effect is often comical “Jim applied this lesson and his customer