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St influential thinkers A remarkably honest and revealing spiritual autobiography the Confessions also address fundamental issues of Christian doctrine and many of the prayers and meditations it includes are still an integral part of the practice of Christianity todayForthan seventy years Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the E. To think this work was written 1600 years ago The fact that this masterpiece is still in existence is amazing and also as you will see a rare giftWhat we find here is a very honest account of one man and his uest to find himself through all of the obstacles that life throws at you on a daily basis The first thing that struck me is how sincere and honest St Augustine is He literally pours out his heart on every single page Speaking directly with God he discusses almost every facet of his life from birth parents philosophy education mankind loneliness despair gossip sin doing right doing wrong the joy of doing wrong and eventually salvation and serviceAfter years of adversity we see St Augustine at long last turns his heart toward God and he accepts the faith of Christianity as his own This is a volume that should be read by all not just by Christians We can all learn a thing or two from St Augustine like `no one is perfect' Only God knows how many times we falter and how many times we drift even further from doing the right thing But the important note is that after St Augustine realized he couldn't fight it any and that something was missing in his life he realized that he could never be complete without God in his life He turned away so many times because he was lost in the lust of all his worldly pleasures one of them being women However when he finally joined with God he stated that he no longer needed anything but His words There are many touching experiences found in this book Without uestion I received from this paperback than originally anticipatedThere is something in this book for all mankind to heed These are the books that should never be lost for they possess the little secrets that we as human beings can learn from and apply in our own lives so that we can touch others as well I think I could write a review that is 3 pages long on this detailed material Within this book one finds many treasured lessons to apply in everyday life I wish I could list them all but you will just have to read and discover them for yourself

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Confessions Penguin ClassicsNglish speaking world Withthan titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust theseries to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to datetranslations by award winning translator. Saint Augustine is hailed as the most important theologian after Apostle Paul More than a millennium after him Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk and John Calvin cited Augustine most in his work In other words there may be greater theologians after him but they enjoyed the advantage of having Augustine before them an advantage that clearly Augustine could not have hadHe was born in 354 and died in 430 Therefore this book was written about 1600 years ago This is a translation for Augustine did not write in English There are many versions of translation of this work I do not know why or the general shortcomings of the translations but this version reads nicely and I believe authentically Saint Augustine was a professor in Rhetoric before he was a monk He was a highly learned person That is to say when you pick up this book be mindful that you are reading one of the greatest minds of his time and writing was his strength What I would say about this translation is that it does not pose a barrier between us and the great mind Further its prose is sophisticated and poetic I believe therefore this is a faithful reflection of the original work It is a great piece of literature in its own right This is my first pointAs a subject matter how many of us would be as candid as he in writing up our deepest confessions for posterity In today's narcissistic culture greatly enhanced and enabled by the social media we see human nature is to show off our best to the public Confessions are something we do behind closed doors and in our private prayer to God And yet Augustine is demonstrating the right approach to God No one can come to God like a saint in our own merits Heart wrenching confessions that cry out to God and His mercy are the only path that all genuine believers must tread In other words every genuine believer must have made the journey through like Augustine and have his own personal confessions to make to God We are put down in order that we can be lifted up We can't be lifted up if we are not down on our knees first Melodrama they are not Augustine's confessions are the results of deep soul searching If we think we don't have confessions of our own to make Augustine shows us how as he lays out the kind of uestions to ask ourselves and how God's Word search and examine our souls Augustine tells us how he argues at each turn the critical moments he knew it was the Truth and the struggle to break away from the bondage of his carnality His is what every Christian should have experienced although the details differ in each individual case If we never know the work of the Holy Spirit in using God's Word to examine our heart and soul with power and conviction Augustine's Confessions is a fine example As such his autobiography is not just his spiritual journey but also a spiritual journey that he takes us to go on ourselvesThe book starts with a narrative of his life showcasing his sense of humour and playfulness as well as the brilliance of his mind and his command of words That part of the book stops at the death of his pious and prayerful mother Monica who played a significant role in Augustine’s spiritual life from young Thereafter Augustine takes us to soar high and lofty probing into the things of God He covers concepts that when you first read you will be puzzled But then you realise they are far from trivial but pivotal in our understanding of God For example he talks about memory I believe the whole discourse is hinting at the peculiar feeling of homecoming when we come to God even though we do not seem to know Him beforehand in our life Where does this sense of homecoming come from if we have no memory of “home” in God at all This reminds me of C S Lewis’s concept of JOY Augustine also takes time to define what eternity is The discourse does seem a little trivial at first Not so When I was reading Confessions I was reading Dolezal’s All that is in God concurrently I realise Augustine’s exploration of eternity has helped me understand the latter It is an essential concept about God that implies many of His other attributes in His essence Moving on he describes what God’s Word is God’s Word is not speech Wow How wrong I have been in understanding “In the Beginning was the Word” The Word God’s only begotten Son is catapulted on to a completely different plane for our understanding What is strange is that I have never come across this view relayed in contemporary works or sermonsI have read a reviewer on his other work who mocks Augustine’s scientific knowledge Far from it Augustine knew and even critiued the latest scientific developments of his time From what I see there is timelessness in his writing The uestions he asked the uery he framed and the method he used to probe are masterclass His writing is transcendent because he is bringing us a knowledge of God who is transcendent I hope people would see the relevance even to this day One may ask how the latter part of the book relates to Confessions I would answer that genuine confessions are brought about by our high view of God The we see God the we see our sins Put it differently we can only see our sins when they are set against God

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review Confessions (Penguin Classics) 103 Æ [KINDLE] ❁ Confessions (Penguin Classics) By Join or create book clubs – The son of a pagan father and a Christian mother Saint Augustine spent his early years torn between conflicting faiths and world views His Confessions written when he was in his forties recount how sl TheThe son of a pagan father and a Christian mother Saint Augustine spent his early years torn between conflicting faiths and world views His Confessions written when he was in his forties recount how slowly and painfully he came to turn away from his youthful ideas and licentious lifestyle to become instead a staunch advocate of Christianity and one of its mo. This book is powerful I love how this book keeps it's focus upward I can see why it has impacted Christians through since it was written A few sections that I skimmed that were Augustine trying to figure out some topics I wasn't really interested in but most of the book was just fantasticThis is a great readable edition Penguin Classics