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Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses seriesFeyre has returned to the Spring Court determined to gather information on Tamlin's manoeuvrings and the invading king threa I need a black silk robe and a balcony to wear it on because if I’m gonna drag myself around my house still being disappointed I at least wanna look good❗ full disclosure❗ there will be so many bad vibes around this review it's like in the prisoner of azkaban you’ll need to charge all the negativity away with a stag bc there's just so much salt and bitterness seeping through my follicles I'm literally just a bottomless pit of negativity right nowraises my arms to sensually embrace the metaphorical shower of said salt and bitterness⚠ also before y'all come for me please consider I've been through some stufffor example I've had to get out of bed for several hours every day this week⚠ UNMARKED SPOILERS because I am a lazy shit I guess Aaah When you remain stubbornly indifferent towards a book that everyone else loves and you feel like the unlikely hero in high school movies being pelted with dodgeballs feels bad pal Especially when I can remember an exact moment in time where I thought with all my heart i could never hate this series and well I proved her wrongI had so many expectations man now I really wish I could get a refund for all the love and money that I’ve wasted like please repay my emotional and financial labour Anyway I’ve been putting off this review for so long and you know when you bottle it all up and then it inevitably explodes that's me today sorry about the mess literally bc this review is a mess y'all I mean I'll get over all of this eventually but let me be salty first● alright let's start with the plot shall we● the first 60% was just a filler tbh you just kinda have to endure it until the storyline gets some plot relevance back ● and when it does you'll find out that your will to read anything has been leeched out drop by drop● like you know when you suddenly become aware that you really don't like what you’re reading but you can't stop and it's like this loud noise in your head drowning out any attempt your brain makes to not be annoying?? uhuh● everything was just so meh and terrible and i'm not even talking about the artful suffering you can write poems about I was just really fucking bored ● I skimmed entire pages and tbh I wasn't even trying my hardest lol but like I said I was very very bored which I think should be taken into consideration● I mean?? there's just so much fucking NOTHING one can take before they decide they'd be happy to be available for hire if anyone wants to watch grass grow or something● the only time i expressed any kind of emotions is when THAT GODDAMN SURIEL died and that emotion was called Being A Very Spiteful Angry Bitch like i'm not really that angry of a person but THERE WAS LITERALLY NO REASON FOR THAT?? ● also can someone explain how this goddamn magic system works??● the whole thing is so badly constructed and so inconsistent like give me a damn coherent plot● so each high lord has their own specific power?? and then the power manifests in their heir?? then why is rhysand the most powerful high lord if his power is inherited?? are the night court high lords always the most powerful or??● also why did feyre steal the powers when she was resurrected but rhysand didn't?? ● and if nesta stole death from that damn cauldron thing then logically would no one be able to die lol??● anyway I don't even give a shit any lmao ●● ok so as I was saying I have not had fun once reading this book ever ● wait ok that's not entirely true● it was great at the very beginning with feyre and her “i'm happy to see tamtool suffer and also i'm actively being petty” vibes ● man I was sitting at the edge of my chair alert and ready like who doesn't love being petty and childish to people whom have wronged them?? notme● how she seemed to embrace her inner meryl streep that performance in lucien's bedroom deserves 10 nominations● too bad she's such a mary sue with her unlimited powers bullshitbla bla booooooriiiiiiiiiiiing ● and I’m not gonna lie this book nearly scored some points when they unleashed those underworld gods yeah the bone carverhis twin sisterand that scary shadowy thing were really fucking cool● but then sjm just killed them off great● another funny thing Elain managed so easily to stab the king of hybern and finish him off but those ancient creatures went down faster than you can say mmmkay● lmao give me a fucking break● speaking of the king● at what point did the mighty king of hybern embrace the role of a fucking Disney villain ● lbr king of hybern sounds a lot like a fucking joke if you pronounce it ‘ a fucking joke’ ● like are you really gonna tell me that is what a villain looks like?? are you really gonna lie to my face like that?? lame ● I am so done honestly I just wish that at the end of everything the cauldron would have just taken pity on all off them and vore Prythian or something● it's not like I want all of them to die I’m not that morbid but I have standardswinning a war in the cheesiest and fucking lamest way you could possibly imagine is not something I am ok with● the writing● you know when you try and sueeze a blackhead but get waaay over enthusiastic and end up making a huge scab in the middle of your face and it's all your own fault you've destroyed everything?? that’s how sjm writes● my skills literally include reading entire pages without absorbing a single thing ● and getting super annoyed with the lack of uestion marks and inexplicable amountsof ellipses● which leads us to another favorite topic of mine● THE SMUTROMANCE WHATEVER● hoo boY HOOO BOY● velvet softness is the new velvet wrapped steel lads ● SO MUCH CRINGY SMUT and it's a little like when cats bring you back a dead mouse as a present beacuse they think it's a nice gesture● uuhh it sure as fuck was not● in fact reading that was literally like being run over very slowly by a steam roller so you can feel every inch of you being pulped personally into the ground● thanks for turning me off herero sex forever I guess ● I'm not even being dramatic this time it was legit so bad that with every passing page I've become and convinced that I have died and was atoning for my sins in hell● I mean I'm sure sex is nice but you know what's even nicer?? ● that lowkey intimacy where you just lie in silence and stroke each others hair and be near ● like br0S you're not defined by your genitals you paint your future with your actions starting with THAT GODDAMN WAR YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO STRATEGISE FOR????● at least don'T DO IT IN THAT GODDAMN LIBRARY??????● that's when I lost all my respect for feysand I’m literally inconsolable what have you Done● and just please no feasting● I would rather someone spit on me than say they'd like to devourfeast on me or make my toes curl like?? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST??? ● who has a car??? I will pay you 50 to run me over● remember when sex in YA used to be like something along the lines of “ i didn't know where he ended and i begun”?? I want to go back tbh this has nothing to offer other than the indelible desire to wash my goddamn brain out with bleach● seriously thoughi was literally so scared i would turn the page and find cringy sex i just couldn't go through that again i'm not strong enough● anyway● moving on● another one of my favorite topics● The Mte Word● let me repay you for last night mate ● I DIDNT KNOW RHYSAND WAS AUSTRALIAN????● no listen● if I ever hear the word “ mte” shoved into a romantic context ever again just know that I’m half of a uarter of a fourth of an inch from a serious breakdown and if you hear me whispering “ pleasestopno” take a few steps back because t

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A Court of Wings and RuinTening to bring Prythian to its knees But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre but for her world as wellAs war bears down upon them all Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and letha I wish so much that I could tell you I loved this book but I just didn't After thinking A Court of Mist and Fury was such a huge improvement from A Court of Thorns and Roses I was really excited for this third installment I even preordered it But I really struggled to get into the book from the very start From pacing issues to awkward sex scenes that did nothing for me it was one disappointment after anotherI've said this before but I really dislike Maas's sex scenes At her best she writes them strangely with words like branding and claiming but here they were just plain icky With all the talk of mates growling and purring and the climaxing from stroking one another's wings I felt like I'd walked in on two animals rutting in the mud UghAnd another thing Feyre and Rhysand are already mated and loved up to their eyeballs so there was no sexual tension no will theywon't they which made the sex scenes so boring What's strange about these sex scenes is how they manage to somehow be both graphic and coy at the same time Maas never actually uses explicit words If a young kid picked up this book they might assume Rhysand and Feyre were dancing or playing an instrument His touch turned different Exploring Broad strokes and feather light ones arches and swirls and direct searing lines And her vagina is usually described as there or where I want him Then at the same time these scenes are weirdly overwritten with her orgasm obviously not called that leaving her “skin glowing like a newborn star in its wake” It's just really not my thingI was disappointed with the writing in general to be honest Maas seemed to write a lot tell and a lot less show than usual I was especially disappointed at the wasted opportunity for some underhanded manipulation in the first part After how the last book ended Feyre was kind of undercover at the start and in a position for lies and sneakiness Except it was mostly her swanning around and uietly seething to herself about how much she hated Ianthe and how much of a douche Tamlin is I thought this whole part was boring when it should have been extremely tense and excitingBut I think the worst thing was the overall pacing It's a long book but I can normally sprint through Maas's works in a day yet here it was such a slog Especially the first half It's taken up with a lot of character conversations and strategizing for the upcoming war with Hybern It lacked a pull a sense of urgency some kind of tension to make me need to know what happens next I cannot believe they've announced another four books for this series Why??? I can only hope they are some kind of spin off series because otherwise either a we will have to suffer through who the fuck knows how many awkward unsexy FeyreRhysand sex scenes or b Maas will destroy Rhys's character and hook Feyre up with yet another hot fae dude I'm not sure which is likelyThe later chapters of this book picked up in pacing but I think it was too little too late This is a whopping 700 page monster and it obviously didn't need to be I will say that I liked how things were left with Tamlin but seeing as that part was only a few sentences long it doesn't make up for everything elseI'm thinking this is where I drop out of this seriesBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Book å A Court of Wings and Ruin 699 pages õ Sarah j. maas õ ➸ [Reading] ➺ A Court of Wings and Ruin By Sarah J. Maas ➭ – Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses seriesFeyre has reL High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J Maas the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them a I’m wrecked Because a Court of Wings and Ruin was the BEST CONCLUSION I could ever hope for I want to shout THANK YOU SJM for this incredible adventure Thank you for letting us dream and travel across the stars if only for a short time I have been a massive fan of the ACOTAR series since the first book so I was highly anticipating ACOWAR I was afraid I wouldn’t like the third book as much as I loved the second one but hell I was so wrong I swear I don't know how many nerve cells this book cost me Not only is the book thrilling and well written But it added a lot complexity than I'd expected Both in the characters and the plot The progression brings about so many new faces Have five to Helion my second favourite High Lord each of them uniue in their own way When Feyre was in the Spring Court she was so over powered like she is a goodness and no one can stop her I was getting some unwanted Aelin’s vibe here – but the plot was pretty well driven after that allowing each character to have its share of glory in Hybern Battle And thank god for incredible plot twists or else I would have died a thousand times The other thing that I really enjoyed is the fact that the book was unpredictable I got all emotional because the story has a way of being built up and simply torn down piece by piece by a certain event and you are like “What the hell just happened?” and then being rebuilt once againI literally went mental in one of the last scene – YES THIS SCENE – my parents were actually concerned because of my change of emotions I cried during the emotional moments I got stressed during the battle scenes I laughed so hard in others I blushed during the bold sexy scenes but most of all I had – and still have believe me embarrassing fangirling moments over the characters I have a lot of favourite scenes Like a lot especially those where a potential couple interact – You should have seen me during NESSIAN SCENES I was a FANGIRL MONSTER – but one scene particular brought me to tear and that was RHYS’s SPEECH BEFORE the FINAL BATTLE Overall it was an EPIC BOOK closing an AMAZING trilogy with immensely ENTERTAINING STORYLINE characters TO LOVE and a DETAILED fantasy WORLD Very much worth your timeWhat are you waiting for?