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Where the Wilderness Lives Free download µ 104 õ ✤ Where the Wilderness Lives Download ➸ Author Jess Butterworth – Danpashley.co.uk An epic race for survival that follows four children and their dog through treacherous waterways dense forests and the deep dark wilderness of Wales From author Jess Butterworth comes LOne day as Cara and her siblings are trying Where the PDF or to clean up the canal where they live they pull out a mysterious locked safe Though none of them can open it they're sure it's something specialThat night a thief comes after the safe The children flee traveling with their boat a. My 11 year old enjoyed this book Interesting plot and well written

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S far as they can before continuing into the forest on foot But soon they're lost in the mountains with a snowstorm about to land and food supplies running low Will Cara and her siblings be able to survive the wilderness with nothing but their wits their bravery and one very large dog to he. I absolutely loved reading this It's a story about a family who live on a narrowboat moored in the English countryside Cara a twelve year old girl narrates the story She has a nine year old brother named Enzo who is deaf but who is very good at lip reading and is fortunate in that all of his family can communicate with him using sign language Cara's other siblings are the six year old twins Bryn and Aria Cara's mother is originally from Spain so will often use Spanish terms to her children The father is separated from the mother he lives in a remote cabin in Wales for a living he studies rare plants Into the mix we also have their pet dog Willow an Irish Wolfhound who is an assistance dog for EnzoI thought the author did a super job of bringing this very likeable family to life and within just a few pages I was starting to care about them They all support each other and they've learned to do all the chores necessary in order to live in harmony aboard a boat cleaning feeding the wood burner watering the plants helping prepare meals etc The children also have an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and they love every opportunity they get to enjoy the surrounding countryside either on foot or on their bikes One day they take part in the monthly canal clean up when people who live along the canal gather to pick up litter scattered on the towpath This month's clean up coincides with the waterways workers draining part of the canal Anyway the children against their mum's advice climb down into the mud and retrieve a number of objects one of them being a small rusty safe They keep the safe but can't open it because they don't know the combination What's in the safe And why is someone else after it To find out you'll have to read the book As the plot thickens one thing leads to another and eventually Cara and her siblings run away to experience an exhilaterating sometimes dangerous adventure in the wilds of WalesTo make the novel even interesting alongside the start of each chapter there's a separate page dedicated to a short related story written in the style of a fairytale I thought this book was an excellent antidote to the boredom I was experiencing during the Coronavirus lockdown If you feel in the mood for a bit of escapism then do yourself a favour and sit down relax and lose yourself in this delightful novel by Jess Butterworth It's a terrific novel and it's one I thoroughly recommend

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Where the Wilderness LivesAn epic race for survival that follows four children and their dog through treacherous waterways dense forests and the deep dark wilderness of Wales From author Jess Butterworth comes a beautifully written adventure story in a vibrantly described setting perfect for fans of Katherine Rundel. A compelling race for survival in a land of myths and adventure This wonderful contemporary story woven around legends has added realism for me as I’ve also been lost on the mystical Angel Mountain and hobbled miles to safety step by painful step