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PDF ´ BOOK The Carnivore Code ì JOIN OR CREATE BOOK CLUBS ì ❰PDF❯ ✐ The Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet Author Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.co.uk In the tradition of best sellers like The Plant Paradox and The Keto ReseIn the tradition of best sellers like The Plant Paradox and The Keto Reset Diet The Carnivore Code reveals the shocking truth about so called healthy foods and presents a complete program to reclaim your health with the true ancestral diet  We are living longer than ever before but we aren’t living better millions of people suffer from diseases like diabetes depression joint pain heart disease and autoimmune illnesses Millionshave tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off If this sounds familiar you’re not alone And you know how frustrating and dishear The carnivore diet is a highly controversial approach to optimizing health that has offended many plant based proponents at the most fundamental levels The Carnivore Code is unuestionably the finest resource to help you address many of the myths and distortions that run rampant on the internet about avoiding all plant foodsDr Saladino is the rare physician who is completely committed to finding the truth and challenging traditional diet paradigms He has used his science training to scour the medial literature to support this approach and dispel the many myths and concernsLike many who wind up promoting a specific eating style eating carnivore resolved all his health problems and his extensive regular blood testing on himself and his clients show that the values are in the optimal or exceptional rangesThe book provides compelling historical anthropology data that confirms that it is likely our early ancestors ability to hunt that caused them to evolve from earlier primates It’s thought that the hominid lineage diverged from primates about 6 million years ago when our distant ancestors came out of the trees and into the open grasslands of North Eastern Africa The oldest fossils form our lineage are dated to 35 million years ago and were discovered in what is now EthiopiaAbout 25 million years ago our brains to rapidly grow and our ancestors became intelligent No one knows for sure but there are a couple of key clues in the archaeological records A significant change in the rate of growth of our ancestors’ brains coincided with stone tools and hunting We are the humans of today because we began eating animalsWe didn’t evolve to be the best gatherers or the best farmers We evolved to be the best hunters and it was this hunting which provided us with the best food available animal foods The advent of agriculture only happened about 12000 years ago which is a relatively recent eventWellif you have your thinking cap on your are probably concerned about all the phytonutrients” fibers and polyphenols that are widely promoted as being healthy The alternative view is that these molecules are in fact “phytoweapons” meticulously designed by plants to discourage insects animals and fungi from having them for breakfastThere are literally hundreds of thousands of chemicals produced in the plant kingdom that can harm us Broadly speaking we can divide the toxic compounds into a few categories Plant molecules like phytoalexins polyphenols oxalates and lectins are like computer programs from a different operating system than ours They are Android and we are iOS and the programs aren’t very compatibleWhen we try and use plant programs in our human operating system they generally just mess things up sometimes causing massive problems akin to the “blue screen of death” on your computer Plants have evolved these molecules for their biochemistry and metabolism not for oursIntriguingly but not surprisingly humans and animals do not make molecules which are polyphenolic in structure within their biochemistry Remember the concept of disparate operating systems? This is another illustration of the differences in the way that plants and humans work at a biochemical level Polyphenols are like Honda parts which don’t work in our human Tesla bodies and the Tesla factory surely doesn’t make Honda partsThe good news is that there have been some interventional trials done with polyphenol rich fruits and vegetables and invariably these have failed to show benefits in terms of inflammation DNA damage or immunologic markers with inclusion of lots of fruits and vegetables and in one case the study showed that this intervention was harmful green tea extractSo which foods damage the gut and cause “leaky gut” with its potential for downstream kindling of the immune system? Which foods are full of toxins chemical weapons and anti nutrients that are designed to do exactly this? You guessed it plant foods Do animal foods have similar sorts of toxins and weapons in them?Nope animals don’t need these they can run away and bite Sure there are few very rare exceptions like poisonous frogs and puffer fish but no one is eating those as a major portion of their diet In the animal foods that comprise our diets there are no chemical toxins intrinsically present Additionally there are many nutrients that simply don’t occur in plants or fungi at all like vitamin B12 choline taurine carnitine carnosine vitamin K2 and others it is only animal foodsIt is Saladino's experience personally and clinically that plants are triggering most of the autoimmune illness we see today including everything from SIBO to psychiatric disease and even skin issues like eczema and psoriasis From this perspective the fundamental way to treat SIBO is to remove the foods that are damaging the gut in order for it to heal and to allow the immune system to gradually calm downIn fact if you are suffering with an autoimmune condition like thyroiditis and secondary hypothyroidism MS rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory bowl disease like Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis it would be my highest recommendations do give this approach a tryOne of the most common other misconception about plant based diets is the need for fiber for its supposed lowering the risk of colon cancer Sadly this has been repeatedly proven to not be the case and some studies have even suggested an increased risk of pre cancerous growths known as adenomas with fiber supplementsAdditionally there’s no scientific evidence that we need plant fiber in order to achieve a diverse microbiome There are studies that show a western diet is associated with a lower diversity also known as alpha diversity western diet diversity but claims that this is causally related to the low fiber aspect of a western diet are premature As we know there are myriad inflammatory components of a standard American diet that could be damaging the gut and negatively altering gastrointestinal populationsStudy after study has clearly demonstrated that plant fiber is not beneficial for constipation diverticulosis diabetes weight loss appetite or colon cancer nor is it necessary for a healthy gastrointestinal tract or a diverse microbiome Elimination of plant fiber from our diet will improve our health as demonstrated by research with a carnivore diet that has demonstrated unprecedented efficacy in reversing autoimmune and inflammatory conditions

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Truth about foods we’re told are essential for good health like whole grains plants and leafy greens He dismantles those myths one by one and reveals the healing potential of an all meat diet the diet our bodies were designed to eat With step by step guidance complete with sample meal plans and freuently asked uestions The Carnivore Code is the only plan you need to experience the incredible benefits of the carnivore diet for yourself   PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audi I received this book today and I’m already halfway through it It is such an informative and easy read a must for anyone who wants to improve their health Thank you Dr Saladino for searching out all of this vital information I have a friend who eats the carnivore diet and after many health challenges she looks and feels amazing I am now following in her footsteps using the book for guidance

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The Carnivore Code Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral DietTening it is to cycle through diets treatment plans and prescriptions that provide little relief and may actually add to your suffering There is a better way and it starts with the food you eat The carnivore diet is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation improve sleep reduce joint pain improve mental clarity and help you lose weight Dr Paul Saladino has experienced the incredible benefits of a meat based diet firsthand and has helped hundreds of patients transform their health using his diet plan In this groundbreaking book Dr Saladino reveals the shocking I pre ordered this book directly from the publisher I've been following Dr Paul Saladino for years Even before he became the leading authority on The Carnivore Diet he was always an incredible thinker in the root causing health space His podcast Fundamental Health showcases his approach to always learning and not closing down to what is optimal for humansThe Carnivore Diet he teaches has changed my life Eliminated anxiety depression and given me back my health Unlike other authorities in the space he really takes an explorer's approach and dives into the nuances and details that so many others are not willing to dig intoThis text is an incredible manifesto into some of our current fallacies and really helps us understand the impact this diet can really make on serious health issues so many of us face todayBuy it Read it Study it And learn from this great wisdom and knowledge We have to change the way we treat the symptoms and root health of our society and this is a great step in that direction