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Veryday experience with the Holy Spirit showing how normal it can be to hear His voice know His love and walk in His power • Learn how to hear God speak in personal ways and how to discern His voice • Understand and experience what it means to be filled with the Spirit • Be inspired and euipped to pray for the sick without feeling awkward or demanding • Relax about topics like prophecy and speak. This is a decent but light introduction to the topics of prophecy divine healing tongues and the Spirit In general I appreciated the author's balanced approach towards such experiences neither wanting to elevate the maturity of those who have experienced the Spirit in such ways nor wanting to write off such experiences Anecdotes aren't my typical cup of tea but I thought the author used them well This is a very pastoral book and I appreciated how deftly he handled that aspect of itPerhaps unfairly but I wanted tough thinking from this book For instance in the section on listening prayer or prophecy the author references Jesus' metaphor in John 10 of the sheep and the voice This strikes me as the sort of approach to Scripture that the author later warns against of searching for hands and warm in this case hear and voice and concluding that something is biblical The Good Shepherd discourse revolves around a debate as to who are the true leaders of God's people and who are the real children of God It is not an argument with the Pharisees about how we can experience Jesus fully in our prayer lifeSimilarly there were a number of exegetical leaps where I was wanting For instance the fulfillment of Joel in Acts 2 the author seems to takes for granted that from now on things will be like so Or in the section on healing the author takes Jesus' commissioning of the seventy two and sees in it a granting of authority to heal to all believers It's not that I don't agree with these conclusions but I wanted to see the full logic from premise to conclusionI realize that the book is not intended to be an exhaustive study on its topics And as a light introduction it is a good book with some important correctives But I was hoping for careful arguments on what is as the author acknowledges a contentious set of topics

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More AUTHOR Alan KraIng in tongues rather than feeling defensive or afraid Alan Kraft serves as lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Greeley Colorado wwwcccgreeleyorg and is author of Good News for Those Trying Harder Alan holds an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is passionate about helping people experience God in greater ways He and his wife Raylene have four children Visit his blog at wwwalankraft. A good introductory read for those who are thirsty for a deeper richer relationship with the Holy Spirit

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More AUTHOR Alan Kraft Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ ❰EPUB❯ ✶ More Author Alan Kraft – The church is filled with people asking “Is this it Is this all the Christian life is supposed to be” They long to experience of God’s presence—they just don’t know how to get thereThe church is filled with people asking “Is this it Is this all the Christian life is supposed to be” They long to experience of God’s presence they just don’t know how to get there Some have been burned by “charismania” Others are fearful of it Is there a way to experience the Spirit without the weirdness Author and pastor Alan Kraft provides a biblical pathway into the exhilaration of an e. An excellent book Part apologetic part encouragement part manual in allowing the Holy Spirit to work in with and through usAlan makes some aspects of ministering with the Holy Spirit very simple removing some of the weirdness and excesses and providing a biblical frameworks for facilitating discerning and encouraging the Holy Spirit in our lives and churchesThe sections I found particularly helpful were the chapters on prophecy listening prayer healing and the final chapter on welcoming the SpiritThe book is very accessible for charismatics and evangelicals alike and seeks to bridge the artificial gap created by pride tradition and stubbornness