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FREE PDF Ó BOOK Jazz By Toni Morrison Ì TONI MORRISON ´ [EPUB] ✸ Jazz By Toni Morrison – In the winter of 1926 when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead Joe Trace middle aged door to door salesman of Cleopatra beauty products shoots his teenage lover to death At the funY products shoots his teenage lover to death At the funeral Joe’s wife Violet attacks the girl’s corpse This passionate profound story of lov “I’m crazy about this City Daylight slants like a razor cutting the buildings in half In the top half I see looking faces and it’s not easy to tell which are people which the work of stonemasons Below is shadow were any blasé thing takes place clarinets and lovemaking fists and the voices of sorrowful women A city like this one makes me dream tall and feel in on things Hep It’s the bright steel rocking above the shade below that does it” Toni Morrison JazzWynston Marsalis said “Jazz is a conversation but a nuanced swift and complicated one” and over time I’ve come to learn and understand this too What’s even interesting to me is how the improvisation in jazz can be applied to lifeThe story starts with Violet a woman in her 50s mutilating the corpse of teenager Dorcas the former lover and murder victim of her husband Joe Trace From this passionate scene at Dorcas’ funeral we get a very emotional story which seems to be an improv with the story lines reacting both with the city’s surroundings but also with history and personal storiesTo me the city backdrop and how Morrison works that into her story is the best part of the book in particular when the city is contrasted with the rural areas the main characters grew up in The city carries with it its own energy and I felt it held a lot of hope and promise for people who had survived slavery and life in the countryside Moving to the city and encountering a whole new lifestyle was a huge turning point in these people’s lives and I like how Morrison shows that a change in scene can change everything similar to her approach in Tar Baby; love is different in the city and in the countryside “Little of that makes for love but it does pump desire The woman who churned a man’s blood as she leaned all alone on a fence by a country road might not expect even to catch his eye in the City But if she is clipping uickly down the big city street in heels swinging her purse or sitting on a stoop with a cool beer in her hand dangling her shoe from the toes of her foot the man reacting to her posture to soft skin on stone the weight of the building stressing the delicate dangling shoe is captured And he’d think it was the woman he wanted and not some combination of curved stone and a swinging high heeled shoe moving in and out of sunlight He would know right away the deception the trick of shapes and light and movement but it wouldn’t matter at all because the deception was part of it too”The first time I read this I was uite frustrated by the character of Joe Trace; male violence is always difficult to read about and it’s even difficult when you know the perpetrator doesn’t get the necessary punishment Yet and I’ve seen again and again with Morrison and this is one of the things I admire about her the most she is able to relay the facts in a non judgemental way and somehow she allows us to feel some sort of compassionApart from Dorcas the murdered teenager the character who I felt for most in this story is Violet This is a lady who was clearly depressed and searching for something in life At the age of 56 she said ”I want some fat in this life” This is a lady who experienced childhood tragedy worked hard was misunderstood betrayed by her husband and became the subject of gossip by her neighbours “This notion of rest it’s attractive to her but I don’t think she would like it They are all like that these women Waiting for the ease the space that need not be filled with anything other than the drift of their own thoughts But they wouldn’t like it They are busy thinking of ways to be busier because such a space of nothing pressing to do would knock them down No fields of cowslips will rush into that opening nor mornings free of flies and heat when the light is shy No Not at all They fill their minds and hands with soap and repair and dicey confrontations because what is waiting for them in a suddenly idle moment is the seep of rage

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E and obsession brings us back and forth in time as a narrative is assembled from the emotions hopes fears and deep realities of black urban life A Scandalous TrioJazz music is rarely the immediate subject matter of this exceptional novel However jazz influences much of the novel's structure and atmosphere The narrator describes a party in terms of “Red dresses Yellow shoes And of course race music to urge them on” The three main protagonists – Dorcas an 18 year old girl Joe a handsome 50 year old cosmetics salesman and Violet Joe's pretty 50 year old wife – form an ensemble a trio “a scandalising threesome if not exactly a menage a trois The three characters are introduced and the essence of the novel's plot is set out in the first paragraph In each of the following chapters Toni Morrison delves into some of the past of each character as well as their shared past It's as if each chapter is a solo that enables the character or the narrator on their behalf to improvise and elaborate on the main riff of the novelCrazy About This City of JazzJazz became a slang term for sexual intercourse soon after its creation as a musical form It's possible that this is the main connotation of the word used in the title The novel seems to be primarily interested in sex lust desire touch seduction passion romance loneliness longing craving and loveThe novel is set in Harlem in 1926 Earlier in 1906 Joe and Violet the descendents of black slaves left rural Vesper County Virginia and moved to New York attracted by the music and romance of the city and the potential for better paid jobs “Like a million running from want and violence they could hardly wait to get there and love it backThere in a city they are not so much new as themselves their stronger riskier selvesI'm crazy about this CityIt was a City seeping music that begged and challenged each and every day ‘Come’ it said ‘Come and do wrong’It was the music The dirty get on down music the women sang and the men played and both danced to close and shameless or apart and wildWhere you can find danger or be it; where you can fight till you drop and smile at the knife when it misses and when it doesn't” Private CracksThe narrator says Violet has “private cracks She suffers from a fragmented self “I call them cracks because that is what they were Not openings or breaks but dark fissures in the globe light of the daySometimes when Violet isn't paying attention she stumbles into these cracks like the time when instead of putting her left heel forward she stepped back and folded her legs in order to sit in the street” Joe and Violet disagree over whether to have children and presumably are now beyond the age when it is possible or convenient Violet stares at children in the street and goes to bed cuddling a toy doll each night although she and Joe aren’t obviously estranged “He's what I got He's what I got” Violet explains her plight in simple terms “I messed up my own life Before I came north I made sense and so did the world We didn't have nothing but we didn't miss itWhat's the world for if you can't make it up the way you want it?” To Freeze or FlyWhich brings us back to the first paragraph on the first page “Sth I know that woman She used to live with a flock of birds on Lenox Avenue Know her husband too He fell for an eighteen year old girl with one of those deep down spooky loves that made him so sad and happy he shot her just to keep the feeling going When the woman her name is Violet went to the funeral to see the girl and to cut her dead face they threw her to the floor and out of the church She ran then through all that snow and when she got back to her apartment she took the birds from their cages and set them out the windows to freeze or fly including the parrot that said ‘I love you’ This language is typical of the novel It's casual almost conversational yet somehow dense with information and detail At the same time it's both imaginative and lyricalReckless Reciprocal LoveAt the end of the novel the narrator reveals her ? own views on the uest for love “I havelonged to

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Jazz By Toni MorrisIn the winter of 1926 when everybody everywhere sees nothing but good things ahead Joe Trace middle aged door to door salesman of Cleopatra beaut 155 Jazz Toni MorrisonJazz is a 1992 historical novel by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning American author Toni Morrison The majority of the narrative takes place in Harlem during the 1920s; however as the pasts of the various characters are explored the narrative extends back to the mid 19th century American South The novel forms the second part of Morrison's Dantesue trilogy on African American history beginning with Beloved 1987 and ending with Paradise 1997 عنوانها جاز ؛ نویسنده تونی موریسون؛ نشر آفرینه ادبیات آمریکا؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز پنجم ماه آگوست سال 2002 میلادیعنوان جاز؛ نویسنده تونی موریسون؛ مترجم سهیل سمی؛ تهران، آفرینه، 1379؛ در 240 ص؛ شابک 9646191444؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20 مسبک پسامدرن، با زبانی استعاری، توصیفی از جامعه رنگین پوستان امریكایی، در دهه های بیست و سی، از سده ی نوزدهم میلادی، روایتی از نسلی که با پشت سر نهادن جنگ، و درگیرشدن با پیامدهاییش، در جستجوی فضایی آرام برای زیستن هستند ا شربیانی