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What to Expect the First Year What to Expect Workman PublishingFormat that allows parents to take the potentially overwhelming first year one step at a time First Year is easier to read faster to flip through and new family friendlier than everpacked with evenpractical tips realistic advice and relatable accessible information than before Illustrations are new too Among the changes Baby care fundamentalscrib and sleep safety feeding vitamin supplementsare revised to reflect the most recent guidelines Breastfeeding getscoverage too from getting started to keeping it going Hot button topics and trends are tackled attachment parentin This might as well be called the Baby Bible It is awesome It takes you step by step through every month of your babies life Every uestion I could possibly have has been answered within this book I enjoy reading it while my baby is napping sometimes I skip ahead a month or two to find out what new milestones to expect Being able to know which milestones are ahead is great because then I can prepare the next activities and necessities for my babies growth I was able to lower my crib just in time for my baby to learn how to roll over This book has been 100% accurate in every detail This is the same author as the previous book I purchased what to expect when you're expecting which was also an amazing book to have while pregnant and nervous of what is yet to come If you want to learn all about babies needs within the first year definitely purchase this book Also makes for a great gift Love it & Highly recommend

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Some things about babies happily will never change They still arrive warm cuddly soft and smelling impossibly sweet But how moms and dads care for their brand new bundles of baby joy has changedand now so has the new baby bible Announcing the completely revised third edition of What to Expect the First Year With over 105 million copies in print First Year is the worlds best selling best loved guide to the instructions that babies dont come with but should And now its better than ever Every parents must havego to is completely updated Keeping the trademark month by month This book can be half the length if the author focused on uality over uantity A lot of the writing is fluff and pointless wordiness just to fill the pages and increase page count You need to wade through the pointless lists one sided uestions and the fluff to get to the actual point Some of the advice is just plain ridiculous such as listing going to the store to pick up diapers as a con when compared to cloth diapers A lot of the advice is also contradictory which points to lack of research For instance the author mentions that few studies have been done looking at the safety of taking herbs but then a few paragraphs later rattles of a list of herbal teas to drink She also mentions to avoid added chemicals in your diet but a few paragraphs later rattles of another wordy list of artificial sweeteners which themselves are man made chemicals All that is just in the first three chaptersYou are much better off buying a book written by an actual MD which will most likely be to the point and not full of contradictions

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ePub õ mobi What to Expect the First Year í What to Expect Free Ø Join or create book clubs ☆ ⚦ [PDF] ✎ What to Expect the First Year (What to Expect (Workman Publishing)) By Join or create book clubs ✶ – Danpashley.co.uk Some things aboutG sleep training early potty learning elimination communication baby led weaning and green parenting from cloth diapers to non toxic furniture An all new chapter on buying for baby helps parents navigate through todays dizzying gamut of baby products nursery items and gear Also new tips on preparing homemade baby food the latest recommendations on starting solids research on the impact of screen time TVs tablets apps computers and For Parents boxes that focus on moms and dads needs Throughout topics are organizedintuitively than ever for the best user experience possibl A good book but very American and the writing style jars a bit However it covers most things in detail I do sometimes look something up in the index and it isn't there and I think that's odd but I suppose a book can't cover every eventualityI have two books this one and The Babycare Bible between them and the web I think everything is covered and an authoritative book is better than a lot of the gossip misinformed chat rubbish that I come across on the web Worth buying this book from at a reduced price rather than the full price in a book shop