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Ing. I got this book to help me learn German and because it's one of my favorite books of all time It's fun to notice the differences in the English and German versions although I think the German version is beautiful

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Die unendliche GeschichteSh. This is a nice book Hardback embossed red cloth cover pristine dust cover The text is green and red differentiating the two Worlds just as I remember from the English version I had years ago I'm learning German and this book is my next big project I'm giving myself homework See you on the other side

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Die unendliche Geschichte Characters ð 102 ↠ [Ebook] ➩ Die unendliche Geschichte By danpashley.co.uk – Danpashley.co.uk 1034 shipping shipping.Ipp. I purchased this for my 8 year daughter for Christmas who goes to a German immersion school She was so excited to get this she knows and has seen the movie She started reading it right away and understands a good portion of it The book is the original hardcovered published book from 1979 I was pleasantly surprised it was it such excellent condition It came from Germany so it took about 3 4 weeks to arrive That was expected so I am very happy with my purchase