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read reader ô Curly Girl The Handbook ê ❰Download❯ ➻ Curly Girl: The Handbook Author Join or create book clubs – The Curly Girl manifesto is back now completely revised updated and expanded bythan a third with all new material Created by curly hair evangelist Lorraine Masseythe go to curl expert featG your own hair remember its not what you take off; its what you leave on; a section on the particular needs of wavy hair; Lorraines Down and Dirty Curly Boy Routine;fabulous dos for weddings and other special occasions; a chapter on multi curltural hair written by an African American specialist Plus updated information on green and chemical free products From now on theres no such thing as a bad hair day This book is AMAZING Even as a stylist it's so informative A must have for everyone both stylists and clients alike It was so good I read it in a day Lorraine Massey you did an amazing job I can't wait for your book next year to uk curlies devacurl brand can be exchanged for trepadora just use less styling product than devacurl it's concentrated

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The Curly Girl manifesto is back now completely revised updated and expanded bythan a third with all new material Created by curly hair evangelist Lorraine Masseythe go to curl expert featured in Allure InStyle Lucky Seventeen and The New York Times; and founder of several curly salons and curly products in New York City Curly Girl is the surprising bible for the 65 percent of women with naturally curly o It is not possible to give advice about care for every type of curly hair since individuals' hair varies widely However this book attempts to classify several different types of curls and gives some general principles that the reader can apply through trial and error to find out what works best for her or his own curly headIf not properly cared for much curly hair does not appear curly but just frizzy poufy flyaway and out of control If this describes your hair it's possible that you have curls and don't know it Much of the hair care advice that we get for straight hair is actually the opposite of what should be done for curly hair so if you start the Curly Girl regimen you might be surprised to find that you actually do have natural curlsBut that's only half the book The other half is a sort of manifesto Apparently very many people with curly hair have had traumatic experiences where they did not know how to care for their hair nor did anyone else such as their mothers and hairdressers Some were told their hair was unruly wrong I can't do anything with it or unprofessional Curly hair is treated as a problem to be solved There is a strong ideological component to this book to help naturally curly folks get over the mental block caused by this societal attitude Sprinkled throughout the book are testimonies by men and women about how they came to accept their curls There is even a tongue in cheek 12 Steps at the back some of them somewhat contrived to lead the reader accept his or her curly hair and commit to care for it as suchThere are also numerous curl puns sprinkled throughout The tone is light like a woman's magazine article extended to book lengthI thought the curly as identity stuff was a little heavy handed One of the women in her testimony even refers to it as the curly girl religion unless that was a typo for regimen and that's not too far off the mark I am naturally curly but I don't think of myself as belonging to a victim class Still the book has good information about hair care and I can imagine that some people might have a very hard time giving up straightening their hair and would need all the identity stuff as an encouragement The strong ideological tone grew out of the author's own experience of starting out hating and then learning to love her hairAccording to the book an estimated 65% of women have hair that has some amount of natural curl to it varying from waves to fractal curls I can only imagine that very many of them must be straightening theirs Although I don't by any means think of straight haired folks as oppressors nor do I want anyone with straight hair to feel inferior either I do hope that an increasing number of curly haired women decide to go natural so that curly hair can become as normal professional and serious a look as straight

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Curly Girl The HandbookR wavy hair and a desire to celebrate it Curly Girl is packed with uniue and fail proof hair care methods inspiration and an empowering pro curl attitude Its all here daily routines for Botticelli fractal and wavy curls; Lorraines noshampoo epiphany handle your hair as gently as you do your best cashmere sweater; homemade lotions and potions New to this edition an illustrated step by step guide to trimmin Not keen It's full of misinformation impossibly stupid tips and advice and contradictions Tells you never to blow fry your hair again and on the VERY NEXT PAGE tells you to blow dry your hair with a diffuser Also apparently we're meant to clean our scalps with conditioner and sometimes mix gel with conditioner to clean our scalpUmm no Don't think I'll be doing that I love puns as well as the next person too but in this book they are endless and it just gets tiresome Wish I hadn't bothered if I'm honest