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Download Clay's Ark Mobi Ò 213 pages Æ Octavia e. butler Ø [PDF] ✐ Clay's Ark By Octavia E. Butler – An innocent familiy carjacked on a desolate highway is abducted to a bizarre new world A world being born in the Californian desertThey discover Earth has been invaded by an alien micEn microorganism The deadly entity attacks like a virus but survivors of the disease genetically bond with it developing amazing powers near immortality unnatural desires and a “He had started what could become an epidemic Now if he were going to be able to live with himself at all he had to contain it”That sounds like a good tagline for an ad poster for this book However as it was published in 1984 I doubt such a poster existsOctavia Butler is one of my all time favorite authors my reviews of her books tend to be somewhat fanboyish short on objectivity and of course completely unprofessional this not being my profession Still I find it uite pleasant to enthuse about her to anyone who would listen and also those who would not Clay’s Ark is ostensibly part of Ms Butler’s Patternmaster Series However it reads entirely like a standalone I have read the two previous volumes Wild Seed and Mind of My Mind and I cannot find any connection to this book I have heard that there is a connection somewhere on one page but it must have slipped under my radar Perhaps it is better this way so that anyone can just pick up and read this book without worrying about transpires in previous volumes Clay’s Ark is set in a near future dystopia where people live walled up communities called “enclaves” to protect themselves from marauding outlaws Eli Doyle is a former astronaut the lone surviving crew member of the “Clay's Ark” spaceship which crash landed in a Mojave desert The entire crew of this ship has been infected by an alien “virus sized microbe” that give them enhanced strength and agility in exchange for considerable loss of humanity and agency The microbe creates a compulsion for the host to spread its disease Doyle does not remember why he is the only surviving crew member he does not want to spread the disease he knows it will spell the end of the human race as we know it but he has to the microbe will not be deniedThe theme of parasitic symbiosis is one which Butler has returned to a few times in her body of work particularly Bloodchild and Lilith's Brood In all these works she explores the human condition that we take for granted and the effect of the loss or involuntary modification of humanity Clay’s Ark presents the reader with the moral dilemma of the people who have contracted the “Clay’s Ark disease” They do their best to isolate themselves from the human population in order to avoid creating an unstoppable global epidemic and mutations yet the microbe compels them to find new carriers for the disease two conflicting goals with a foreseeable outcome In this novel the good guys are bad guys who want to be good Clay’s Ark like all Octavia Butler books that I have read is very well written with complex characters cool SFnal concepts and ideas worth pondering all wrapped up in a fast paced and compelling narrative

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Need to spread the contagion and create a secret colony of the transformed Now the meaning of survival changes For the babies born in the colony are clearly undeniably not human This could easily be read as a brief standalone novel Rather than fly a wealthy family from a rich area takes a drive on the violent dangerous roads between enclaves and gets kidnapped Butler's series theme of genetics this time concerns an alien microbe that mutates human hosts Fascinating storyas always

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Clay's ArkAn innocent familiy carjacked on a desolate highway is abducted to a bizarre new world A world being born in the Californian desertThey discover Earth has been invaded by an ali I enjoyed the purity of this science fiction tale on the theme of alien possession In this short novel of less than 200 pages we are subjected to an intense story of survival of a single family with the fate of the human race at stake The terrible choices they must make put it over the line into the territory of psychological horror What makes this book stand out is its use of the story as a doorway to larger themes of what it means to be human and to be part of a communityWritten in 1984 the tale is set in the California Mojave Desert in 2021 close to our present but 40 years from then The projection is of a dystopic future in which civilization is on the bleeding edge The haves live in gated compounds and the have nots live in “sewers” vast regions dominated by lawless gangs A doctor and his two 16 year old daughters end up being kidnapped by a community of people infected by microscopic organisms brought back by an astronaut returning from Alpha Centauri For the subset of humans who survive the infection the alien invaders act symbiotically to change the host in certain ways to enhance their survival and the hosts I can’t spoil the story with any details but I can share that it puts the family in the position of having to choose whether to resign themselves to living with the altered human enclave or to escape and risk creating an uncontrollable epidemic The book is the last in the set of four books and second in chronology termed the Patternist series which started with The Patternmaster in 1976 The others of which I have read one deal in various ways with alien modified humans trying to take over Earth Whereas these others deal with the threat of beings with telepathic powers here the threat is closer to home in that the organisms seem in a sense to be bringing the conflict down to an individual’s limbic system versus higher brain systems The book seems to uestion whether our humanity lies with our emotional or out rational selves I was impressed with this icing on the cake of a thriller yarn