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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide: CLF-C01 Exam Free read  E-book, or Kindle E-pub à ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide: CLF-C01 Exam By Piper ✍ – Set yourself apart by becoming an AWS Certified Cloud PractitIon in a widely used platform Hone your skills and gain new insights on AWS whether you work in a technical managerial sales purchasing or financial field Fully prepare for this new exam using expert content and real world knowledge key exam essentials chapter review uestions and other textual resources Benefit from access to the Sybex online interactive learning environment and test bank including chapter tests practice exams key term glossary and electronic flashcards The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide is essential reading for any professional in IT or other fields that work directly with AWS soon to be graduates studying in those areas or anyone hoping to prove themselves as an AWS Certified Cloud Practition. The book is great and the level of content and description is good but why or why do the links to additional online resources never work on books such as these As a technical IT book why do the publishers never actually get their networks to work correctly and provide the additional services provided in the book It's ironic that the book is about IT and yet the publishers IT is a joke

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Set Cloud Practitioner Study Guide PDF yourself apart by becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Kindle #212 Cloud Practitioner Take the next step in your career by expanding and validating AWS Certified PDF or your skills on theWeb Services AWS Cloud The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide Exam CLF C provides a solid introduction to Certified Cloud Practitioner eBook #9734 this industry leading technology relied upon by thousands of businesses across the globe as well as the resources you need to prove Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide PDFEPUB or your knowledge in the AWS Certification Exam This guide offers complete and thorough treatment of all topics included in the exam beginning with a discussion o. This book is comprehensive up until a pointI read this book from cover to cover in the weeks leading up to the exam and I flew through the exam within 30 minutes and got a passThe uestions within the book based on my own experience are difficult that those thrown at you in the exam The uestions at the end of each chapter are in particular difficult and demand you know the specific technical details listed in the chapter than once I felt I may never pass the exam if that the caliber of uestions thrown at me As a result I threw 100 hours into the revision when probably half of that was neededI did feel that some topics such as elastic load balancers was not covered in enough detail with little snippets in different chapters One of the later chapters has an exercise where it talks of application load balancers but nowhere in the book is the fact there are three types of load balancers application network and classic Half a page on this important service at least is neededThere is also an appendix at the end of the book listing services you'd need to know for the exam that weren't covered elsewhere but I felt someone could easily miss this It would be better if this were an actual chapter in the book rather than an appendix and I got asked at least 2 uestions in the exam related to services listed thereI found some mistakes in the answers given to the end of chapter uestions in Appendix A;Chapter 4 uestion 4 answers are totally wrongChapter 4 uestion 14 talks of Lamdba functions yet Lambda wasn't one of the options in the uestionAlso one of the answers to the Assessment test is just plain wrong uestion 6 says that all support plans except Basic come with full TA access yet chapter 3 and the AWS website say otherwiseOverall a good book and it helped me pass but it could do with some tweaking to make it a great book

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide CLF C01 ExamF what the AWS cloud is and its basic global infrastructure and architectural principles Other chapters dive into the technical exploring core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud Platform as well as basic security and compliance aspects and the shared security model In addition the text identifies sources of documentation or technical assistance such as white papers or support tickets To complete their coverage the authors discuss the AWS Cloud value proposition and define billing account management and pricing models This includes describing the key services AWS can provide and their common use cases eg compute analytics etc Distinguish yourself as an expert by obtaining a highly desirable certificat. I love books even though im a tech nerd im not a fan of the e book trend and cant beat learning from a traditonal text book This combines the best parts of e books with the traditions of paper though you get the feel of reading and taking notes from a text book while it includes a link for test material onlineThe syllabus is well laid out and all the topics are well covered im an it novice and passed my AWS in less than a month using this i am a bit above average in my learning capability though if you spend about an hour a day on this you'll be certified in no time