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La tradición y el destino se dan la mano en el conmovedor relato de una niña en el Bangladesh rural de los años cincuenta Dilruba Z Ara una autora bengalí de enorme talento procede de una familia de gran tradición literaria La magia del destino en una apasionante saga familiar Novela contemporáneaEn el Bangladesh de mediados del si A List of Offences which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is a poignant story about a young girl's struggle against the superstitions and constraints of a rural society that smothers any kind of freedom outside of the staid customs of the village The story begins with Daria's birth in Gulab Ganga a small rural village in South Pakistan Whispers about her strangeness her unnatural behaviour follow Daria from birth through her childhood even after her silvery white hair turns colour and drastic steps are taken by her mother to stifle her natural curiosity As a young woman Daria rebels against tradition when she falls in love and marries Ali Baba a handsome young secular attorney from Firingi Para What she doesn't realize is that the cost of her defiance might be higher than she ever imaginedDilruba Z Ari's narrative is lyrical in its emotional intensity It fills the senses with all the exotic colour sights and sounds of Gulab Ganga and Firingi Para Well written the plot flows smoothly as the characters interact and events unfold in this complex look at a class distinction abuse superstition and cultural restraintsThe personalities of the characters are multi faceted especially Daria As she develops into a woman she must face her own natural fears without a mother's unconditional love and guidance As a child she resists the whispers and criticisms of the village gossips clinging to the freedoms that a happy childhood brings in her close friendship with Mizan a flood survivor who's fostered by the Chaudhury family As she grows to maturity her loving happy nature her eagerness to learn is suppressed by the arrogance intolerance and abuse of the Baba family but in the passivity that cloaks her pain and anger she finds the courage and determination to break the chains that bind her All well as Daria the other characters arouse an emotional response in the reader like Jharna Begum Daria's narrow minded emotionally detached mother; a woman who's just as superstitious as her neighbours and insists on conformity Persistent in teaching Daria the long established views and skills of a traditional woman of her class she fails to nurture her as a loving mother would Azad Chaudhury is a strong and loving father who believes in the freedom that education brings a woman Although he loves his wife he recognizes her weaknesses and is the strength and support Daria will desperately cling to Mizan the Chaudhury's foster son is warm and caring deeply in love with Daria A man of intelligence and sensitivity he suffers from a lack of self esteem Ali Baba Daria's husband is the antithesis of Mizan; cold hearted arrogant and cowardly Alia Baba and her daughter Rani are self indulgent proud and morally deficient while her husband Kasim is spineless because he fears rejection because of his declining healthInterspersed in Daria's heart wrenching struggle are elements of friendship love patience perseverance and salvation This is a story that transcends time and place because even today many women do not have the freedoms many of us take for granted It's an inspired and uplifting work and well worth reading

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the list of offensesGlo XX el matrimonio formado por Jharn Begum y Azad Chaudhury ve finalmente cumplirse su deseo más anhelado tener una hija después de haber sido padres de cuatro hijos varones La bella Daría nace sin embargo con el pelo plateado una señal de mal augurio según la gente de la aldea A los ocho años Daría vivirá el primer gran drama Welcome to Bangladesh In 'A List of Offenses' you'll see what it feels like to be one woman in the Muslim culture here and how she survives a life where all of her choices are made by the people around her and and how she struggles against this Author Dilruba Z Ara uses colorful evocative language in writing this piece of one woman's life from the ill omens of her birth to the frustrating circumstances of her young adulthood and marriage The way she has of describing things is like tasting an exotic dish and you will be captivated until the very last page I was lucky enough to receive this book from Goodreads and would highly recommend it to both women and men

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PDF ½ BOOK the list of offenses º ❮Reading❯ ➼ the list of offenses Author Dilruba Z. Ara – Danpashley.co.uk La tradición y el destino se dan la mano en el conmovedor relato de una niña en el Bangladesh rural de los años cincuenta Dilruba Z Ara una autora bengalí de enorme talento procede de una familia La tradición yDe su vida Una inundación asola su pueblo Su casa ueda destrozada y su abuela muere durante la terrible desgracia natural Pero la tragedia vendrá también acompañada de alegría En efecto el río desbordado traerá hasta la familia a Mizan un niño ue desempeñará un papel capital en el futuro de la familia y en el corazón de Daría I received this wonderful book through Goodreads Giveaway It was a wonderful book about a poor girl who lives in a rural village I don't want to spoil the book The main character Daria is born with pure white hair Because of her white hair she is treated differently This book will be of interest to readers who have an interest in women's studies mythology anthropology sociology poverty studies cultural studies Excellent writing plot and characters I have recommended this book to all of my friends