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Ecomes all consuming she leaves on a boat for America in the hope that she can start over and forget her past But during the journey she realises that the past is not so easy to escape Witch Child is a complex absorbing novel told in the form of pages from a journal found loosely sewn into an old uilt many years later From the moment the story begins the tension is tangible and the reader is drawn into a world of mistrust and uncertainty that shakes to the core All this is This wonderful historical novel for teenagers begins ‘I am Mary I am a witch’ It is set in 1659 during the tumultuous months after Cromwell’s death and before the return of Charles II Her story is purportedly told in diary entries that have been found sewn inside a uilt It is a tragic and powerful tale which begins when Mary’s grandmother is arrested and tortured by witch finders and then hanged in the town suare Mary is rescued by a rich woman who she suspects may be her real mother and sent to join a group of Puritans fleeing to the New World However the Puritans are stern and narrow minded and uick to blame any misfortune on witchcraft Mary finds herself in increasing danger as the party lands in Salem Massachusetts A growing friendship with a Native American and his shaman grandfather increases her risk A simple yet powerful tale that explores the nature of magic and superstition faith and cruelty

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Witch ChildCleverly conveyed through the eyes of Mary whose first sense of wide eyed wonder gradually develops a mature understanding of her situation drawing the reader in to a dark and dangerous world where the tiniest slip could mean death Celia Rees always a fine writer tackles her subject with serious and sensitive aplomb bringing together a sense of history with an extraordinarily powerful and thrilling story that is unforgettable Susan Harrison 4 Audio Cassettes 5 Hours 38 mi 25 stars A lot of potential and good writing style but ultimately just another boring archetypal historical fiction When I was in my preteen stage I went through a historical fiction stage and I read countless books about witch hunts Almost all of them share some major traits a main character who is a misfit usually because she's particularly unreligious and a boring beginning Unfortunately this book doesn't break that mold Rees breaks no boundaries with her sometimes boring plotting Besides the unoriginality this book fails due to bad plotting Witch Child is far too drawn out The first half was completely boring and the author only manages to develop dramatic tension towards the end This book does do some good things Celia Rees' prose flows very nicely making even the boring bits easy to read And the main protagonist here was genuinely likable which is definitely a redeeming factor But altogether there was nothing special about this book It was just okay

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Witch Child Book ↠ 6 pages Download Ê Celia rees â [Download] ➾ Witch Child Author Celia Rees – Danpashley.co.uk Age 10 and over She was locked in the keep for than a week First they walked her up and down up and down between them for a day and a night until she could no longer hobble her feet all bloodyAge 10 and over She was locked in the keep for than a week First they walked her up and down up and down between them for a day and a night until she could no longer hobble her feet all bloody and swollen She would not confess So they set about to prove she was a witch Mary's grandmother is executed for witchcraft and Mary is forced to leave her home to avoid the same fate At first she flees to the English countryside but when the atmosphere of superstition and suspicion b 5 Words Magic conflict superstition new worldThis is such a great book and I've loved it for years It's not a high paced thriller and to be honest not much actually happens but it is a great pleasant read and totally compellingI love the various settings and all of the conflict which comes with themThis book flirts with fantasy but there's very little outright It not in your face it's subtle and uite tame It comes across as very realistic and what magic is mentioned is rather vague it's hedge witchery and healing I uite liked the way it was written it was almost hesitant It was also very clever I like it when fiction is presented in such a way that it could be real