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Became legends of the Rebellion and the Second Galactic Civil War before breaking up and going their separate ways Now their singular skills are back in vital demand for a tailor made Wraith Suadron mission A powerful general in the Galactic Alliance Army once renowned for his valor is suspected of participating in the infamous Lecersen Conspiracy Thank the Force Wraith Suadron is backAaron Allston is one of my favorite Star Wars writers and Wraith Suadron one of my favorite properties in the expanded universe While noble Jedi and daredevil Corellian pilots abound in the Star Wars galaxy Allston’s espionage suad is distinguishably sneaky – apt to plot a trap hoax or ruse to snare the bad guys than to use the Force More importantly Allston has always been able to develop good characters from former child star Garik Loran to the cyborg medic Ton Phanon and since none of his creations are tied to the Lucas canon the author has always been able to keep readers guessing whether their favorite Wraith would survive the team’s latest mission Here’s a spoiler – they often don’tSo when Allston got the green light to bring back the Wraiths in a new book after than ten years there was much rejoicing Mercy Kill is very much a “getting the band back together” book and if you were a fan of the old series everything that was good about past books is here again – from complex plots elaborate tricks heists humor to the occasional X Wing battle Where the book slips slightly and feels a bit like the original Wraith Suadron book with its focus on Kell Tainer is that this tale is really Voort “Piggy” SaBinring’s story the talking Gamorrean and fan favorite from the original series That’s not to say that other characters don’t get the chance to shine but the spotlight is clearly on Voort It’s actually a clever move on the part of Allston because with much of the original Wraiths in retirement or dead it’s time for new blood leading to sometimes bewildering number of new faces taking the stage Voort like the reader has to cope with the new team – and to Allston’s credit by the novel’s end these new faces do indeed feel like the Wraiths of oldPerhaps my only other uibble is that while I’m a sucker for clever continuity and Allston uses and wraps up a number of loose ends from other books the gap between the original series and this book has left a lot of fog in my head about Wraith Suadron history While the list of dramatis persona always helps I found myself wishing there was a glossary of past Wraiths in the back of the book to help jog my memory on some of these characters For example neither Bhindi Drayson nor Sharr Latt rang any bells with me – and a line or two somewhere about their history might have helped a lotRegardless this is good stuff With the Disney backed Star Wars seuels in the offing I’m not sure if this is the last hurrah for the Wraiths But it’d be a shame if it was since this corner of the Star Wars universe has been one of the most consistently entertaining

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Mercy KillWhich nearly toppled the Alliance back into the merciless hands of the Empire With orders to expose and apprehend the traitor and license to do so by any and all means the Wraiths will become thieves pirates impostors forgers and targets as they put their guts their guns and their riskiest game plan to the test against the most lethal of adversarie My review is based as a reader who hasn't kept up with the Star Wars EU since the NJO time period It was a bit confusing coming back into the Star Wars world in this book not knowing a lot of the political changes that had happened since the Vong Wars and it does make it a bit hard to follow what is going in the first parts of the book with the focus on bringing down a possible traitor in the governmentBeyond that I loved the book It was great to see a new generation of Wraiths starting up in a completely different fashion from the original Wraiths with just enough influence from the original set as well as the characters that were introduced in Allston's NJO duet of books Three generations of Wraiths in one book three times the chaosI was expecting a bit from some of the characters that had once been essential to the series aka Face Loran but the roles that were played are perfect to fit with the reveal that comes at the end There are plenty of moments where you have to stop because of the plot whiplash that the Wraith novels are famous for with the best one coming at page 257 There is also a wonderful guest star moment that will have any original RogueWraith suadron fan sueal with joyIf you are coming in expecting the typical Wraith craziness you may feel that the beginning is slow I know I did However this isn't the same world that the original stories were placed in and the setting of the universe brings in influences that change how the group needs to work to be successful This book makes me want to go back to read the years of novels that I have not had time to get at if only to understand these characters and come back and read again to see what I may have missed You will need to at least know the summaries of the NJO on to the Fate of the Jedi series to understand the world it's set in so do your research before you start this one to be able to get the full flavor of the world and the characters in it

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PDF ß BOOK Mercy Kill FREE ã [Download] ➹ Mercy Kill By Aaron Allston – Danpashley.co.uk The intrepid spies pilots and sharpshooters of Wraith Suadron are back in an all new Star Wars adventure which transpires just after the events of the Fate of the Jedi series Three decades have passed The intrepid spies pilots and sharpshooters of WraitThe intrepid spies pilots and sharpshooters of Wraith Suadron are back in an all new Star Wars adventure which transpires just after the events of the Fate of the Jedi series Three decades have passed since Wraith Suadron carried out its last mission Taking on the most dangerous and daring operations the rogues and misfits of the elite X Wing unit Star Wars and I parted ways after New Jedi Order but I came back for X Wing The original books by Michael Stackpole were some of my favorites though I did stick around when Aaron Allston took over the series It's been thirteen years since the last book Starfighters of Adumar and with all the history I wanted to like Mercy Kill I really did Instead I get a book that's almost unrecognizable WTF is this?Whatever it is it's like a horrible parody of the first nine books than a X Wing seuel I think the only thing Allston does right is writing this as a standalone skipping over the background laid out by the most recent books I haven't read Legacy of the Force or Fate of the Jedi nor do I ever intend to but I found Mercy Kill still extremely easy to get into Unfortunately that's about all the praise I can muster Honestly I miss the Rogue Suadron crew and beyond a blink and you miss it cameo by Wedge and Tycho forget the fact that it doesn't even make much sense it's all Wraith Suadron's next generation Oh and Piggy who gets the only semi decent character development in the entire book thanks to a couple of flashback scenes Yeah of course Corran's probably not gonna be available for this book but the crew Face of all people assembles seems rather unmemorable in comparison to any of the casts of the previous booksOr maybe it's because the new Wraith Suadron gets one of the lamest most inane Star Wars villains ever This is the series that spawned Ysanne Isard Madame Director of Imperial Intelligence someone who I'd say is on Grand Admiral Thrawn's level of awesomeness in the Star Wars expanded universe Crooked General Thaal by comparison is almost laughable How this weirdly written serial womanizer has been getting away with what he's been doing apparently for years now shows incompetence on the part of the Galactic Alliance than skill on the part of the Wraiths And honestly I don't even have any idea what the intention of this book even is it is supposed to have some sort of impact on the bigger expanded universe like every single X Wing book before it? Or is it supposed to be some sort of forgettable behind the scenes filler maybe set up another X Wing down the road like the story suggests?Speaking of story I really didn't expect Allston to lose sight of what X Wing is all about a bunch of fighter pilots with special skills doing covert missions for well it was the New Republic then but this is like a horrible Ocean's Eleven ripoff down to the carefully laid scams that lead to an overly complex convoluted nearly nonsensical trap that brings General Thaal down A parody of Rogue Suadron using black market resources against the Empire of earlier books I have almost no words for how awful it is it even involves the General's ex wife except that imaginative does not automatically eual better story the first flashback mission with Admiral Teradoc was miles better by comparison Oh and X Wings are flown for maybe three pages a new record lowI can't believe I ended my decade long break from Star Wars for this horrible book I give up Seriously