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Download The Copyeditor's Handbook and Workbook Doc Ì The Complete Set ✓ Join or create book clubs ¼ [Reading] ➺ The Copyeditor's Handbook and Workbook: The Complete Set By Join or create book clubs – This set includes two essential resouThis set includes two essential resources for writers and editors The Copyeditors Handbook now in its fourth edition and The Copyeditors Workbook the new companion to the bestselling Handbook Unstuffy hip and often funny The Copyeditors HandbookA Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communicationshas become an indispensable resource both for new editors and for experienced hands who want to refresh their skills and broaden their understanding of the craft of copyediting This fourth edition incorporates the latest advice from language authorities usage guides and new editions of major style manuals including The Chicago Manual of Style It registers the tectonic shifts in t I am an author and blogger who has a passion for words This book has inspired me to get into copyediting and down a new career path It's such a great read and it's inviting I'm surprised at how much content there is It's a must for anyone with a copyediting interest

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Wenty first century copyediting preparing text for digital formats using new technologies addressing global audiences complying with plain language mandates ensuring accessibility and serving self publishing authors and authors writing in English as a second language The new edition also adds an extensive annotated list of editorial tools and references and includes a bit of light entertainment for language lovers such as a brief history of punctuation marks that didnt make the grade the strange case of razbliuto and a few Easter eggs awaiting discovery by keen eyed readersThe Copyeditors WorkbookExercises and Tips for Honing Your Editorial Judgmenta new companion to the Han A very comprehensive and easy to read handbook I would give it 10 stars if I could 😊

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The Copyeditor's Handbook and Workbook The Complete SetDbookoffers comprehensive and practical training in the art of copyediting for both aspiring and experienced editors More than forty exercises of increasing difficulty and length covering a range of subject matter enable you to advance in skill and confidence Detailed answer keys and explanations offer a grounding in editorial basics appropriate usage choices for different contexts and audiences and advice on communicating effectively and professionally with authors and clients Whether the exercises are undertaken alone or alongside the new edition of The Copyeditors Handbook they provide a thorough workout in the essential knowledge and skills reuired of contemporary editor I’ve done a lot of reading and searching to learn about copyediting—this book especially this edition is what I was looking for Brilliant content and excellent presentation