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American Psycho kindle ✓ eBook 9780679735779 × danpashley Õ [Reading] ➸ American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis – Patrick Bateman is twenty six and he works on Wall Street he is handsome sophisticated charming and intelligent He is also a psychopath Taking us to head on collision wEnt He is also a psychopath Taking us to head on collision with America's greatest dream and its worst night another update incorporating comments about BEE's latest novel apparently he's still at itBefore we start a uote by Norman Mailer about Bret Easton Ellis How one wishes this writer was without talentPeople think the pages and pages of descriptions of hacking and chopping up women are ironic Well in one sense they are but in another sense they aren't People who like this book should ask themselves why they want to read pages and pages of descriptions of hacking and chopping up women with the occasional man thrown in but all the lavish descriptions with rats and nail guns and so on are just for the ladies I don't think people can tell what's misogynistic and what isn't any Here's a real life anecdote A couple of years ago I went into Waterstones in downtown Nottingham and mooched around In this shop probably others too the staff had put various books on display with their own handwritten enthusiastic recommendations underneath Well that was nice I liked reading them until I came to the handwritten card under American Psycho It said something along the lines of “after a night of getting knocked back by various women in Nottingham hostelries what better than to pick up Bret Easton Ellis’s 80s classic and get some of my own back” Wow That was a little like a guy working for Waterstone's recommending “Commandant of Auschwitz” by Rudolph Hoess with the comment “After a day of having to deal with members of the Jewish community what better than to sink into an armchair with this book and get some of my own back” Believe it or not my GR friends I actually wrote a protest email to the manager who wrote back with an apology and said he'd removed the tasteless comments You know this book reveals how much of a different planet some people are on than the one I'm on It's not a good feelingUPDATE FROM THE PAGES OF YESTERDAY'S SUNDAY TIMESthere's this review of Imperial Bedrooms which is BEE's latest novel The reviewer is Theo Tait I never head of him and it isn't an anagram of Paul Bryant and I am not Theo Tait let's get that clear So imagine how the following remarks warmed the cockles of my heart At 400 pages American Psycho is probably unfinishable except by adolescents and sociopathsImperial Bedrooms descends into a phantasmagoria involving torture online snuff videos and the appalling abuse of prostitutes and rent boys Ellis claims to be a moralist by which I guess he means that it is the emptiness of the modern world that causes his characters to behave in a spectacularly louche andor homicidal fashion But as with many satirists it is unclear whether he is criticising the horrors he depicts or simply wallowing in them Either way Ellis's determination to rub the reader's face in the gore carriessome heavy costs Many people have no strong desire to read sustained passages of pornographic and misogynistic violence in which for instance masked men urinate on a bound actressother examples omitted these seuences also chip away at the novel's realistic texture and leave you wondering if Imperial Bedrooms has any meaning beyond that of the average slasher film

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Patrick Bateman is twenty six and he works on Wall Street he is handsome sophisticated charming and intellig jason an old high school buddy knew i was in manhattan for a few nights and asked to meet up for dinner fuck it i'm a sentimental guy and it's nice to catch up even with a wall street douchebag jason told me that lisa another old friend would be joining here's the conversational breakdown at dinner 20 minutes comparing features on their new blackberries40 minutes the new zagat guide and the city's best restaurants 20 minutes glib commentary on people we grew up with lisa leaves and jason asks me to walk a few blocks and check out his new apartment fucking sick pad bro sick unable to deal with any of this shit without backup i text the address to bryan and john; they meet up and we sit in jason's super large super minimalist picture window overlooking the city apartment shooting the shit and drinking johnnie walker blue label jason is uickly bored and calls over two hookers he hits the bedroom with the cuter of the two; me john and bryan sit at the living room table and drink blue label with the other one five minutes passes and we hear this from jason's bedroomjason screams 'get off get the fuck off'we're all wondering what it is exactly she is on that he wants her off of and if we should go in there and see if everything's ok and then again jason 'get the fuck off' hooker 'shut up'the door busts open and the hooker storms out with a very angry jason behind her ranting that she took a phone call while giving him head and carried on a conversation while licking his balls so it's a moment of hilarious revelation when we realize that what jason wanted her to get off of of course was her phone phone girl looks to blue label girl 'you ready to go?'blue label girl 'you get paid?'phone girl nods jason angry 'you're not going anywhere i fucking paid for two girls all we got was a half' the girls pause and give us the once over i imagine to gauge if we're the kinda guys to get violent or to let 'em just walk out with jason's money they're professionals and know their shit they walk out jason lamely chides us for not getting his back me bryan and john go down to von for a beer i recently re read american psycho only a few weeks after returning from jason's second wedding in a vineyard in napa they wouldn't allow any alcohol other than their own wine to be drunk so everyone compensated with dimebags and eightballs and i spent hours talking to all these coked out shitbags and yeah i guess i was a coked out shitbag but in an entirely different non patrick batemanesue way here's the wedding conversational breakdown new gadgets iphones stereos flatscreens cars we are at the top of the system because we are the smartest and most shrewd and if obama is going to regulate us and put money in the hands of the poor we will be forced to prey on the poor good job obama you just fucked the poor in a way bush never could have is jay z the 'new sinatra'? vacation spots st barts maui etc can we get coke? you know how much money greg has? fucking sick bro you know he took a fucking private helicopter here right? jason's stepsister is kinda hot you think i can fuck her?easton ellis's book isn't really much of an exaggeration what it is controlled hilarious horrible tragic honest and he employs some great little warholian tricks whereas andy lined up pictures of mao marilyn minestrone easton ellis clobbers us with a uick repetition of interwoven passive voiced flattened out sentences about daytime television anal rape and fashion tips to accent his truly mad book but the big uestion is american psycho a book that hates women? i guess I mean it's about and for a culture that hates women no? now i don't really wanna defend the

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American PsychoMare American Psycho is bleak bitter black comedy about a world we all recognise but do not wish to confront This book is TRUE I live on an island of bankers investment brokers and trust company lawyers and all of them are drunken mad psychopaths with Jack Nicholson laughs and a propensity for getting into a lot of trouble at weekendsThey drink and they snort and they screw and they sail and they make loads of money and every now and again some of them disappear never to be heard of again The women the secretaries and admin staff come out from the UK husband hunting but uickly find they are the rare prey of these mad psycho partiers and they too tend to disappearDeported or murdered? YOU decideview spoilerThe investment bankers from the Swiss VP Bank were by far the worst Going drinking with them usually ended up with some of the guys diving naked off the side of someone's yacht and then screaming they've lost their Rolexes view spoilerSeveral local divers made uite a good living diving close to the party boats and recovering watches wallets and rings on Monday mornings If they knew who owned the property they'd get a reward if they didn't they sold it hide spoiler