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The Proud Tower A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914During the Tower A eBook #180 fateful uarter century leading up to World War I the climax of a century of rapid unprecedented change a privileged few enjoyed Olympian luxury as the underclass was “heaving in its pain its power and its hate” In Th While from a proud tower in the townDeath looks gigantically down The City in the Sea – Poe This book is really a collection of essays published separately in various journals Any book tackling the social political and artistic situation of the world in the couple of decades before it entered its first global war could only offer a partial view These essays offer a series of selected aspects of this bellicose universe seen through shifting points of viewThere are considerable absences For example Russia and the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman empires are not tackled Instead we get a focus on Britain France the German Empire and the United States There are additional chapters on Syndicalism Anarchism the institution of the Hague Conferences and on a German MusicianI have two favorite chapters I learned a great deal from the one devoted to the US in which Tuchman shows how after the annexation of the Territory of Hawaii the country turned into something different from the days when it was founded Fascinating was also the account of The Hague Conventions which tackled how if they fundamentally failed they also succeeded in starting a protocol that after some developments alleviated some aspects of brutality when humans decide to engage in war The least relevant of the chapters was the one dedicated to a German composer Entertaining in itself it seemed to grant disproportionate attention to Richard Strauss no matter how beautiful his music is And yet in spite of the merged nature of this collation of essays an overall picture emerges From the Proud Tower we can see that it was the social structure of society with its internal and extreme poles that pulled a greater and greater tension and finally made the inner strings snap But the view also offers the realization that if these social tensions were felt in parallel in the countries Tuchman has selected their logical international relevancy was poisoned by distorting nationalisms What could have been a series of revolutionary and coetaneous changes in domestic social pacts marched instead into a political war against other nations The book starts with the idiosyncrasies and uirks of the British Lords and finishes with the assassination of Jean Jaurès one of the founders of the French Socialist Party for being a pacifist A nationalist shot him fatally a couple of days after the war against Serbia had been declared and four days before the war became generalTuchman writes in a very engaging manner but to me it was at times too engaging I prefer a analytical and less journalistic approach The facts and arguments stay better in my mind

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Sky’s music the Dreyfus Affair the Peace Conferences in The Hague and the enthusiasm and tragedy of Socialism epitomized by the assassination Proud Tower A Portrait of PDF of Jean Jaurès on the night the Great War began and an epoch came to a clos It is a thankless job to write a book about the origins of a widespread conflagration such as the First World War Where is one to draw the line Where author Barbara Tuchman apparently drew it was the countries of Western Europe Britain France and Germany plus the United States But what about the view from St Petersburg or Vienna or even Istanbul It is all well and good to talk about the rise of international socialism but what about all the energies released by the decay of the Ottoman Empire and the frustrated desires of the long suppressed peoples on the wrong side of the Adriatic The Proud Tower A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914 does not even bother to mention the First and Second Balkan Wars that took place in 1912 13 and radically altered the map of Europe She does not mention why Austria wanted to punish Serbia even though the assassinated Archduke Ferdinand was as fiercely unpopular in Vienna as he was in Belgrade and Sarajevo And what about Russia Why was Nicholas II so eager to go to bat for Serbia Still and all The Proud Tower is not only an essential book but verges on being a great one I can continue to cavil about what Tuchman does not cover but on the subjects she does cover she is fair to middling great Her chapters on the Dreyfus affair in France the anarchists of Europe on the rise and fall of the patrician politicians of England and the strangeness of Kaiser Wilhelm II's Germany are classicsThe title of the book comes from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe called The City in the SeaWhile from a proud tower in the townDeath looks gigantically downThis is the second time I've read The Proud Tower which remains the classical study of the long slow march to the War To End All Wars

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Download The Proud Tower A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914 Book à 588 pages ë Barbara w. tuchman æ ❰Download❯ ➼ The Proud Tower A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914 Author Barbara W. Tuchman – Danpashley.cE Proud Tower Barbara W Tuchman brings the era to vivid life the decline of the Edwardian aristocracy the Anarchists of Europe and America Germany and its self The Proud MOBI #221 depicted hero Richard Strauss Diaghilev’s Russian ballet and Stravin Engaging history of white people from late 19th century to WWI Written by American journalist living in UK and published in 1966 book purports to be A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890 1914 which it ain't by a damn sight and works as a pretty good oil painting of the UK France Germany and the US with smatterings of Russia Spain and Italy thrown in for spice before they all started killing each other with gas and machine guns Author shows us the political social and artistic zeitgeisten of what we on this side of the pond call the Gilded Age giving them all eual emphasis she must have done hella research and doing a slow reveal on a time when ideas held such cultural currency that it was hard to tell the difference between what was actually political social and artistic What author sees in them days was boundless anticipation a sense of progress thousands of folks intoxicated by theory and oratory right before The Great War slapped a moratorium on that kinda Euro centric idealism for the foreseeable future All that social ferment yields a heady brew but pouring it down the drain of history ain't all bad In addition to exegeses on social progression book also gives us the image of Western Civilization as a trans Atlantic European boys club wrestling with humanist governance vs nationalist self preservation in the face of great change The line between crusading progressive and mustachioed blowhard gets a little blurry after awhile and it's hard to tell who the good guys are Still needing a slide rule to work out who the heroes were in the Dreyfus Affair France's multi tentacled meta nationalist trial of the century The impression I get is that this European generation was actually pretty jazzed about the war in which they would wind up exterminating themselves because a it had been a long time since the last war and b they had piles of cool new war things gas air machines rules see the Hague Conventions of 1899 1907 they wanted to try out Kaiser Wilhelm II just knew this war was gonna be awesomeClever trick author pulls by saving her socialism section for the end unwinding the tale of irascibly brilliant cadre men and women dedicating their significant mental resources to the liberation of the international worker; taking Marx's admonishment against nationhood to heart French German British and American intellectuals brainstorm for decades about the best way to improve the plight of the bottom strata of society Their rhetoric gets a little heavy even silly at times but when WWI cuts it short it's a drag When Kaiser Wilhelm declares war barking I know no groups only Germans the inverse of Marx's maxim the worker knows no fatherland we get ready to watch the Socialists march off to kill each other back on earth Author gives us the full brunt of nationalism's tragic victory over humanism We also get ready for serious men in ridiculous helmets blood muddy trenches evil looking gas masks the tropes of a new century's killing fields; an ugly absurd death for a shining absurd era Author knows how remote this period will seem to her readers in the 60s and it's from fucking Mars in 2008 by the way so she writes it all down with the kind of loving and amused distance we reserve at Christmas for kids who don't know about Santa Claus yet Author loves this time but I think she's glad she knows the truth