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The Longevity Diet Slow Aging Fight Disease Optimize WeightIon most of us experience while fasting allowing you to reap all the beneficial health effects of a restrictive diet while avoiding negative stressors like low energy and sleeplessness Valter Longo director of the Longevity Institute at USC and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan designed the FMD after making a series of remarkable discoveries in mice then in humans indicating that specific diets can activate stem cells and promote regeneration and rejuvenation in multiple organs to significantly reduce risk for diabetes cancer Alzheimers and heart disease Longos simple pescatarian daily eating plan and the periodic fasting mimicking techniues can both yiel I have been absolutely fascinated for the past 3 weeks since the night I discovered Valter Longo and his research by watching the documentary free on prime for The Science of Fasting I am not sure when they added that title but I am so incredibly grateful to have discovered this very important research and all the implications that I have learned over the past weeks I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 in the early Spring and my life has taken that difficult path of trying to get a cure from the typical standard of care type of treatment Before I learned about the concept of starving around your chemo sessions I had already endured 4 rounds of AdriamycinCytoxin and 1 round of Taxol I was in the depressing situation of being numb in my feet starting to get numb in my hands and totally freaked out about it Also that first round of Taxol had almost crippled me for 3 days making all my joints unstable to the point that I had to use a walker I am only 47 so I started to think that I'll be left so numb in my feet that it wouldn't be safe for me to ride my bicycle any which would truly be sad to me So about 3 weeks ago I was depressed about those thoughts and desperate to find something to watch other than The Walking Dead terrible show now and I found a documentary that I could watch for free on Prime The Science of Fasting and I decided to watch it I was kind of skeptical until I saw the interview with Valter Longo who was showing the lab mice who had been starved versus the lab mice who had been allowed to free feed prior to and during a massive overdose of a chemotherapy drug Then I knew that I had to consult google to see if this was really true I expected to only see alternative medicine people talking about it but I realized it was all TRUE while also having a sickening realization many of my loved ones have died of cancer in the past 4 years and there was actually a lot of talk occurring on the internet about this topic about research and promising results for a variety of illnesses including cancer I consider the man behind the book to be exactly the type of person we all needed to be doing this because he can't be discouraged from taking a better and insightful look at these incredibly important issues There is nothing important than living in a way that sustains and protects life since life is beautiful but delicate and should be held with respect I truly appreciate that the perspective of this book is that people should live longer and healthier lives combined with what science says on the topic By the way I can't resist adding that I think Lord Byron must have jumped for joy in his grave when this book was published If only he had known that his habits of starving himself and then bingeing on fish and vegetables was actually a huge boon to his health and not just to his fashion sense Byron also spoke greatly about the mental clarity he enjoyed when he was in starvation mode which is fascinating when you learn that brain neurons are created new brain neurons when you fast and then re feed Imagine this Byron's worst problem his hated tendency to get fat drove him to a cycle of fasting and re feeding that literally galvanized his poet skill? Not sure about that But I like to think so because I honestly would not have even dreamed of thinking about that unless I learned of Valter Longo's research I'd also like to add that this book is wonderfully written and intelligent I did feel a slight twinge of uncertainty about the diet but I realized that I can follow the eating plan by measuring ingredients on a scale and believe me after you finish a fast you literally have tons of energy and fascination with preparing healthy and small portions of highly nutritious food This diet will sound like hell to you if you are already stuffed on a rich diet but if you actually fast you will find that this is exactly the kind of food that you crave I am so grateful for your kindness and fortitude of spirit that you brought this book out now BlessEdit I forgot to mention the most important thing which is that I was able to do a 4 day water fast around my 2nd infusion of taxol I faster for only 2 days prior to chemo day I was afraid of getting too run down and I didn't know what to expect plus I fasted the day of the infusion and the day after The first thing that I noticed was that my neuropathy almost totally went away after only 24 hours on the fast So that neurapathy eased even before I got in the chemo chair I felt fine after chemo and pretty ok the day after and then the day after that so on my 4th day of fasting I knew that this method of starving yourself to protect from the toxic effects of chemo actually works Because I was walking with good balance in a normal gait without any limping or feeling like I must walk with the aid of a walker That is what happened to me when I had my first taxol infusion without any fasting So to me this was totally proven and I realized this book was coming out within a couple of days so I ordered multiple copies to share with EVERYONE Because all proceeds go to charity and people are being damaged by chemo drugs every day around the world Patients have the right to know about this I am so happy and active right now that nobody can believe I just had chemo

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read kindle ¶ The Longevity Diet Ö Slow Aging ñ join or create book clubs õ ✿ [EPUB] ✷ The Longevity Diet: Slow Aging, Fight Disease, Optimize Weight By Join or create book clubs ❥ – The internationally renowned clinically tested revolutionaryD impressive results Low in proteins and sugars and rich in healthy fats and plant based foods The Longevity Diet is proven to help you Lose weight and reduce abdominal fat Extend yourhealthylifespan with simple everyday changes Prevent age related muscle and bone loss Build your resistance to diabetes cardiovascular disease Alzheimer's and cancer Longos healthy life span extending program is based on an easy to adopt pescatarian plan along with the fasting mimicking diet nothan 4 times a year just 5 days at a time Including 30 easy recipes for an everyday diet based on Longo's five pillars of longevity The Longevity Dietis the key to living a longer healthierfulfilled life È tutto concentrato sull'assunzione del suo prodotto Prolon È vero che i ricavi sono devoluti alla ricerca ma visto che ProLon costa circa 300 euro chi può permetterseli alla settimana? Ben pochi direi Non da alcuna indicazione sul vero digiuno intermittente né se IF è euivalente alla sua FMD Io faccio IF da oltre un anno e nessun problema di fame etc etc Non mi serve fare una FMD se gli effetti sonon gli stessi uesto non è affattospecificato nel libro che ripeto è tutto centrato su ProPlon e le ricette monotone e molto tradizionali italiane a fine libro I casi di guarigione citati sono gli stessi che si possono leggere in Dr Greger How Not To Die e The Starch Solution etc Insomma mi sono pentita dell'acuisto

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The internationally renowned clinically tested revolutionary diet program to lose weight fight disease and live a longer healthier life Can what you eat determine how long and how well you live? The clinically proven answer is yes and The Longevity Dietis easier to follow than you'd think The culmination of 25 years of research on aging nutrition and disease across the globe this uniue program lays out a simple solution to livingto a healthy old age through nutrition The key is combining the healthy everyday eating plan the book outlines with the scientifically engineered fasting mimicking diet or FMD; the FMD done just 3 4 times a year does away with the misery and starvat This hurts I've admired Dr Longo's ingenuity creativity and genius for a while now Loved one of his documentaries on FireStickwatched podcasts and interviews Loved each and every single one of themThen I bought this book It all fell appart for me I'd have returned it if it wasn't because I had earmarked a few pagesFirst few parts of the book are mostly autobiographical Call me crazy but I was not that interested in that portion of the book I mean he's lead a very rich life I just don't want to pay to hear about it Tell me all about it over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for freeThe rest of the book is a huge sale on his Prolon FMD product Which is fine I'd would have loved to know what I was getting myself into before actually paying to buy advertisingIF and that is a big IF you are not familiar at all with fasting and its benefits it will serve you better to watch his documentary Also there is another great documentary about fasting etc called The Science of Fasting Both are greatIF you are unable to fast for health or weight loss due to health issues or social issues or whatever then sure you can pay to get the FMD Prolon info from his book oryou could get it for free on his websiteHope this helps someone not waste their hard earned pesos