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Two regimes their ideologies personnel even symbols and uniformThe Herero and Nama genocide was deliberately concealed for almost a century Today as the graves of the victims are uncovered its re emergence challenges the belief that Nazism was an aberration in European history The Kaiser's Holocaust passionately narrates this harrowing story and explores one of the defining episodes of the twentieth century from a new angle Moving powerful and unforgettable it is a story that needs to be tol. Why has there been such massive silence for than a century about this holocaust Germany oh Germany Of what else in terms of savagery are you capable This is so shockingly unbelievable; so sinister evil and uncivilised And we still dwell in a world with such monstrous devils masuerading as humanity and with the effrontery to be dictating to others standards of conduct and behaviourAlthough I have read the book twice I am still phased I am really struggling to believe this No wonder there is such connivance at silenceGermany of a later generation we may be but we now know to look at you in a different light and to pass this knowledge on to our progenyIt may have happened a long time ago but you repeated it A rather revealing reflection of your mindset

Characters The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism

The Kaiser's Holocaust Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of NazismThe unknown Holocaust Germany's PDFEPUB #196 story of the genocide of the Herero and Nama peoples in Germany's forgotten African Empire an atrocity that foreshadowed the Nazi genocides forty years later The Kaiser's PDFEPUB or On May the German flag was raised on the coast of South West Africa modern Namibia the beginnings of Germany's African Empire As colonial forces moved Kaiser's Holocaust Germany's Epub #223 in their ruthless punitive raids became an open war of extermination Thousands o. An extremely well written account of an event of which I certainly was unaware namely the appalling treatment of the native peoples of German S W Africa now Namibia in the early years of the 20th century Based on the Kaiser's desire to create 'lebensraum' space for the Aryan race to flourish separate from the 'natives' the German colonists created horrific concentration camps notably that of Shark Island near LuderitzBut the author's don't confine themselves to relating African history; after explaining the German situation from WW1 to the disintegration of the country in its wake and the rise of the Third Reich they go on to draw parallels between the racial discrimination that was used to justify the treatment of natives in Africa and that later used against Slavs and JewsSo much of what took place in German SW Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century horribly prefigures the events of the 1940s concentration camps the bureaucratisation of killing meticulous record keeping of death tolls and death rates the use of work as a means of extermination civilians transported in cattle trucks then worked to death their remains experimented upon by race scientists and the identification of ethnic groups who had a future of slaves and those who had no future of any sortA shocking book yet written in a very readable style and I learned so much both about African and European history

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Read & download Ð The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism 106 ½ ❮BOOKS❯ ⚡ The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism Author Casper Erichsen – TF the indigenous people were killed or driven out into the desert to die By Kaiser's Holocaust Germany's Forgotten Genocide ePUB #10003 the survivors were interned in concentration camps and systematically starved and worked to deathYears later the people and ideas that drove the ethnic cleansing of German South West Africa would Kaiser's Holocaust Germany's Forgotten Genocide ePUB #10003 influence the formation of the Nazi party The Kaiser's Holocaust uncovers extraordinary links between the. The Kaiser's Holocaust is brilliantly researched and well written Its subject matter is gruesome to the extreme and left me feeling numb to the core The author was particularly skillful in bringing the tribesmen of the Nama and the Herero to life with personal stories He portrayed them as skillful warriors of high intelligence and evoked the reader's empathy Their resulting demise at the hands of the German settlers was almost too painful to read Congratulations on a magnificent bookUnfortunately the book lost its way after the liberation of South West Africa in 1915 and seemed to drift into a separate topic of the rise of Nazis as if the topic of the African Holocaust was unworthy of its own book Yes there is a connection but no it doesn't merit hijacking such a large chunk of the book's real estate By this stage I had become emotionally invested in the fate of the Nama and the Herero and I found the change of subject matter irritatingThere were no illustrations in my Kindle version of the book despite the author going into great detail about the photographic evidence left by the German colonists Further there were dozens of formatting errors which need fixingBut despite my minor criticism Casper Erichsen has written a magnificent history that has put the events in Namibia into world consciousness and I will never view the people of Africa in the same light again If there is any justice in the world modern Germany should pour significant resources into the education and welfare of the people of Namibia they so badly wronged over 100 years ago