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PDF ✓ BOOK Kade Resisting Love #2 ½ [Read] ➲ Kade Resisting Love #2 ➮ Chantal Fernando – Danpashley.co.uk You met Kade and Nikki in Chase Now it’s time for their storyNikki works hard and plays even harder A fan of no attachment type relationships Nikki is nowhere near ready to settle down or commit to You met Kade and Kade A one night stand she can’t uite shake Kade is a ladies’ man and the brother in law of her best friend Will she be able to resist him? Or will Nikki take a chance on love with a notorious player?After making a promise years ago Reread February 02 2018Reread February 10 2016Read June 19 2013HighlighsHe looks a little like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy“Nope now are you gonna take me in there and fuck me or are we gonna stand here all night making small talk?”“Oh I’ve had others after you Nikki” I can’t help the pang of hurt I feel with that commentI have never in my life been rejected by a woman before and I find that I don’t like the feeling“Wanna get out of here?” she purrs into my ear seductively giving the lobe a little nibble Why the fuck not? We jump in a cab because let’s face it; I'm way too drunk to driveHis arms tighten around me “Fuck Nikki” he says in a hoarse voice “Kade come back to bed” a high pitched voice coos from behind us Kade’s fingers dig into my skin and his whole body stiffens“Why the hell is Kade friends with her? She'll be back” James mutters “Why the hell did everyone fuck her?” I blurt out Like really what the fuck?The things Nikki claims Ashley told her is something I could never believe she'd say She's never been that nasty before ever and I've known her since she was a kid“You going to apologize to Ashley?” he asks“You need to say sorry to Ashley she’s a friend of mineHe was the one pursuing me when he hooked up with that Kelly chickOh did I mention I smoke? Probably not But yeah I doJust before we pull out Kade yells out the window “Did you know the first penis Layla ever saw was mine? And she was impressed”“I’m sorry Nikki I’m gonna take you home okay? I better go check on her; she’s all alone in that house Rain check on the movie”We're in the middle of making love and I’m so close Kade is thrusting into me lifting his hips up and panting when his phone rings “Shit” he curses “Ignore it” I mumble through kisses “It’s Ashley something might be wrong”he says pulling out of me Is he fucking serious right now? “She can wait ten minutes Kade”“I’m getting so sick of this Kade Ashley and I hate each other and if I tell you anything she says or does you don’t believe me You always take her side I’m so close to just saying choose me or her”The sight before me makes me do a double take Kade and Ashley are in bed together spooning

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You met Kade and Nikki in Chase Now it’s time for their storyNikki works hard and plays even harder A fan of no attachment type relationships Nikki is nowhere near ready to settle down or commit to one man What she doesn’t expect is ARCBETA Received by authors in exchange for an honest reviewFirstly let me say these two lady's are amazing authors to BETA read for It always helps when the uality of the writing grammar phrasing etc makes you forget that you are in fact reading a BETA copy and not a finalised novel straight from I adored my ARC of Chase and as such threatened to throw a big girl tantrum if I wasn't able to get my hands on the next in this seriesI have to give reference to the line in the movie 'Jerry McGuire' You had me at hello This ^ is how I felt reading the first paragraph of Kade and this line came up'He looks a little like Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy' Instant swoon as this is my celebrity hard core crushNow into the book HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE THAT I LOVED THIS MORE THEN 'CHASE'?? The Steele men are hottFunny sweet protective I love them Nikki and Kade I heart you I also hate you It's a fine line that is crossed many many times throughout this novel Nikki is a strong self assured female character with whom I fell in love with in 'Chase'I knew they had slept together but the way that man goes after herdominant Alfa male hotness right there I feel for Nikki after her past with Ben I can understand why she is so hesitant To have such STRONG feelings for someone instantly is intense not to mention scary as hell' I just don’t know if I can survive Kade' Me either Nikki me either 'Don’t need to be on somebody’s arm to look goodI like who I amI’m not saying I don’t wanna fall in love cos I wouldI’m not gonna get hooked up just cos you say I shouldcan’t romance on demandI’m gonna wait so I’m sorry if you misunderstood' Again the karaoke scene gets me The angst these two go through is frustrating beautiful emotional oh yer did I mention frustrating I love a good game of cat and mouse That's exactly what I got We get so much before anything serious even happens between these two Kade is just as strong of a character He is difficult to describe as he is a constant contradiction He is sweet but rude Caring one minute ignoring the next You love him then you love to hate him He is never downright nasty but he has his moments that you want to strangle him Am I confusing you yet??'He stomps off and James comes over to me and pulls me into his side “I think Kade is pussy whipped than Chase” he says with a twinkle in his eyesWith that we both burst out laughing'Out of the two I couldn't help but feel worse for Kade at first ' I want Nikki by my side To go to sleep with wake up with and everything in between I know Nikki is the woman for me now I just need to convince her To get her to let me in let me prove myself Prove my worth It will never be over between Nikki and I'He is head over heals for this wild red head and it is affecting him so deeply you want to cry then he turns around and does something so sweet you feel the need to swoon or something so Alfa and cocky it makes you blush and giggle I think I need my own Steele manI LOVED Lucy the boys mother in the first bookAnd she got me again this time I was seriously hoping the YOLO scene would be replayed and I wasn't disappointed How could you NOT love this woman??'When I find out Lucy put alcohol into James’ coffee I burst out laughing and when she says YOLO I almost choke with laughter Who knew this prim and proper looking woman had a sense of humor?'This novel moves smoothly and with easy from one POV to the next It was never choppy Which is something I really enjoyed Ashley oh boy can you say drama?? “You should probably run for an extra hour you need it” She gratesI'm usually yelling at the female in the lovers 'tiffs' but this time it was all directed at KadeThat boy had no clue I can't stand when people use and abuse kind hearted people It really is my pet peeve The fact that Ashley was able to manipulate him so easily annoyed the hell out of me but only adds to show Kades loving protective nature This is something that is not resolved uickly but I think it's a HUGH compliment to Dawn and Chantal that I wanted to jump into my tablet and bitch slap Ashley into submission while yelling at her that Kade will NEVER be hers Angry much She just doesn't let up Reminding me of one of those little chiwawa dogs yap yap yap fucking yap don't bother asking because yes I would kick herI really enjoyed Ryder this time round In ' Chase ' he just turned me off for some reason However I am looking forward to reading about his story ' I want him and I want him bad I just don’t know if I can' I like the fact that Kade and Nikki start again by being friends It's not rushed It just flows from there and they let it take its course I LOVED THIS“She sure is and I’ve seen her half naked” Kade says casually shoveling ice cream into his mouth“I’m sorry what?” Chase says in a deadly tone I bite my lip Kade is such a shit stirrer I kick him under the table“Ouch What was that for?” James growls Oops I try again“Nikki what the fuck?” Chase complainsOh come on Third time’s a charm right? I kick harder knowing it hits my target when Kade grunts I had tears I was laughing so hardI love pregnant LaylaI need candy NOWOh boy she made me giggle I'm desperate to know what's going on with JamesI'm hoping his is the next in the series after Ryder This relationship is up and down and so so good It is just so real I love the writing style I was NEVER board I laughed I cried I yelled I was frustrated to the point of wanted to throw my reader across the room I HIGHLY recommended this book you won't be disappointedI am so very much looking forward to the next instalment with Ryder Thanks you to Dawn and Chantal for allowing me to BETA again I Can not wait for Once again you have made my favourites list ;

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Kade Resisting Love #2To his now fallen best friend Kade swore he would take care of Ashley But what happens when Ashley has an agenda of her own? Will Kade let his promise to his best friend ruin things with the love of his life?Recommended for readers aged First of all I really wanted to like this book I wasn't too big of a fan of book one Chase but I was uite intrigued with the other characters Kade James I felt so disappointed in this one There were a lot of things that just didn't work for me The first half of the book basically covers a lot of scenes from Chase but through Kade Nikki's POV Although I felt some of those scenes were important to explain the history with Nikki Kade I didn't think it needed to be 40% of the book I felt like I was reading Chase all over again These particular scenes could also be confusing for people who didn't read Chase The storyline was very predictable the relationship between Kade Nikki at times seemed rushed the dialogue between them was uite lacking