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Download More Math Into LaTeX Mobi Í A Guide for Documentation and Presentation Ð [Reading] ➿ More Math Into LaTeX: A Guide for Documentation and Presentation By George Grätzer – This is the fourth edition of the standard introductory text and complete reference forThis is the fourth edition of the standard introductory text and complete reference for scientists in all disciplines as well as engineers This fully revised version includes important updates on articles and books as well as informatio I've been using Gratzer's LaTeX books for than 10 years My big problem how to introduce LaTeX to my students?Gratzer's book has always excelled by taking the beginner by hand and introducing LaTeX in a gentle way in Part I of his book Short Course This part as a pdf file is also available as a free downloadalong with sample files For this new edition the expanded Short Course even includes installation instructions for Windows and Mac users and a brief glimpse on how to convert a paper to a presentationBut learning from any book is not nearly as good as sitting next to a friendteacher who introduces the topic with patience and with examples I would do it this way if I had the time to sit with all my students individually and personally to instruct themNow I read it in the The PracTeX Journal that Gratzer has volunteered to do this for all my students He produced a series of video lectures discussing the material in the Short Course available free of charge at the Web site referenced above My students now sit down listen to a lecture read up on it in the Short Course then go to the next lecture The Short Course is searchable so if they forget where they heard a topic introduced they just search for it or look it up in the IndexMost students finish the lectures and the Short Course in an afternoon or two and then they are ready to start typing assignments for my courseTry it It won't cost you a pennyJohn Barsby

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N on a crucial new topic how to create transparencies and computer projections both for classrooms and professional meetings The text maintains its user friendly example based visual approach gently easing readers into the secrets of La I purchased this book when I switched from MS Word to LaTeX with the hope of getting a good guide to start with I wish I just started with trial error instead of spending my cash on this bookHere is the trick to learn LaTeX you have to find some template documents and practice yourself A book gives no help because by just reading you will never be able to play around with fonts numbering and euations Further this book is not able to answer your specific uestions especially because in the beginning you do not even know what uestion to ask in LaTeX terms so by googling your problem you are far better off The LaTeX community is huge and there are tons of free online sources available that are reliable and updated regularlyLast but not least do not forget that LaTeX is open source free so this book is only a rip off Just download a suitable LaTeX distribution to your computer jump to wikibooks and find templates Spend your money on something else

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More Math Into LaTeX A Guide for Documentation and PresentationTex with The Short Course Then it introduces basic ideas through sample articles and documents It includes a visual guide and detailed exposition of multiline math formulas and even provides instructions on preparing books for publisher I suppose I should have been careful about reading the title as it is named MORE math into latex not less It is uite a fat book for its job I knew LaTeX at one time enough to write a decent math paper But I wanted to get a SIMPLE book to refresh my memory and get me up to speed I don't know who this book is written for It's not concise at all I wanted to get up to speed uickly in less than 100 pages but it's much verbose than that For a technical book aimed at mathematicians it is not very technically friendly as a reference A lot of reading to get a little done No thanks