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Ue them to the next level of interactionUse Transitions Learn when why and how to use animations cinematic effects and other transitionsReact Immediately Provide a rich experience by using lively responses such as Live Search Live Suggest Live Previews and Designing Web Interfaces illustrates many patterns with examples from working websites If you need to build or renovate a website to be truly interactive this book gives you the principles for success If you are brand spanking new to web design and have never coded a single site you may want to hold off on this book for a minute I'm not saying it is not for beginners because it is Those new to HTML and CSS may want to get the hang of that before jumping into incorporating Ajax and JavaScript along with advanced CSS techniuesWho is it for? I would recommend this book for art directors project managers web designers all levels interactive designers DVD menu designers though not directly related you can still take away some important aspects or patterns and especially those that design online training modules we all know how dull they can be Like the DVD menu designers I mentioned above I think Flash designers can benefit greatly as well Though the book is not directly geared toward Flash design the patterns and anti patterns talked about can easily be used when designing for a Flash experienceThe layout of the book is broken up into the 6 principles described in the product description of this book The sections Make It Direct and Stay on the Page are by far the two largest sections for they are the most important of the 6 Keep it Lightweight is the shortest sectionprinciple but by no means is rushed or glossed over It poses some great design ideas to keep it intuitive discoverable and keep you from designing 'mouse traps'In order to get the most out of this book you would have to have designed a web site before reading this book If you are a project manager or art director in charge of a team designing a web site but not a web designer yourself it would benefit you greatly to have a general understanding of web design HTML what Ajax is CSS cross browser compatibilities and Javascript If you are just managing a team you do NOT have to know how to code these languagestechniues but in order to really benefit form this book it would be better if you generally know what each doesThis book could also help bridge the gap for some managers by euipping them with the correct terminology of web design Just speaking the language of user interface design can help speed up the time it takes to turn your directions into an interface that works the way you intendedThe book is detailed and to the point of the benefits of discoverability and weighing your options in the case of just how intuitive you need to make the interface This book does not read like a my way or the highway kind of book Scott mentions the potential pitfalls disadvantages and possible alternate scenarios that depend on your interactive goals as set by the audience visiting your siteA good number of the examples are from Yahoo and Netflix sites because Scott used to work for Yahoo and now works for Netflix but I never once felt like it was an advertisement for either one He manages to spread the love around and uses examples from the Gap iPhone blogs Google and othersIn short the book is an easy read something that one could go through in a long weekend There are screenshots and visual examples on virtually every page so in no way are we left to imagine the event happening Multiple screenshots are taken when the event happens over the period of several steps There is even a couple free companion web sites that will show the screenshots in a larger format than the book would allow While reading the book you will undoubtedly have many 'ah ha' moments or times when you rush to check your previously designed web sites to see if you need to make a correction to your interface admit it we all doI highly recommend this book for anyone that designs interfaces even if they are for mp3 players touch screens for electronics or those interactive lobby displays We all need some help in the area of user interface designNOTE there is NO code in this book This the theory of designing user interfaces for the web NOT the code

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Designing Web Interfaces Principles and Patterns for Rich InteractionsWant to learn how to create great user experiences on today's Web? In this book UI experts Bill Scott and Theresa Neil presentthan 75 design patterns for building web interfaces that provide rich interaction Distilled from the authors' years of experience at Sabre Yahoo and Netflix these best practices are grouped into six key principles to help you take advantage of the web technologies available today With an entire section devoted to each design prin Gut strukturiertes Buch mit Beispielen über Beispielen Leider ist es etwas in die Jahre gekommen Manche der Design Beispiele würde man so heute in keiner modernen web Applikation oder Seite mehr finden Deswegen sind Empfehlungen wie Place a brackedet 'edit' link near the item to be edited leider Platzverschwendung Außerdem sind manche der Photos extrem Klein und unscharf gedruckt Gerade weil von den Autoren auf jeder Seite über readability gesprochen wird ist das eigentlich schon ironisch Da hätte ein größeres Format und bessere Druckualität geholfen Als dritten Negativpunkt fallen mir manche floskelhaften Aussagen auf wie whenever you have a single field on the page that needs editing consider using the Single Field Inline Edit For multiple fields use the Multi Field Inline Edit Wow was für eine Erkenntnis

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Designing Web Interfaces mobi ¶ Paperback Read ¶ [PDF] ✍ Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions ✸ Bill Scott – Want to learn how to create great user experiences on today's Web? In this book UI experts Bill Scott and Theresa Neil presentthan 75 design patterns for Ciple Designing Web Interfaces helps youMake It Direct Edit content in context with design patterns for In Page Editing Drag Drop and Direct SelectionKeep It Lightweight Reduce the effort reuired to interact with a site by using In Context Tools to leave a light footprintStay on the Page Keep visitors on a page with overlays inlays dynamic content and in page flow patternsProvide an Invitation Help visitors discover site features with invitations that c Bewertung ja steht obenIch kann hier keine ewig langen Artikel verfassenIch kann hier keine ewig langen Artikel verfassen