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Infinity Immortal Witches #2 review õ 103 Ð ✅ Infinity Immortal Witches #2 PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Maggie Shayne – For five centuries Immortal High Witch Nicodimus has been suspended in an eternity of darkness His heart was stolen away in the ultimate betrayal by his love Arianna Now Arianna discovers a way tFor five centuries Immortal High Witch Nicodimus has been suspended in an eternity of darkness His heart was stolen away in Infinit. This is the second book in Maggie Shayne’s “Witch” series I didn’t think the back cover’s description of this book did it justice It sounded very boring and I was just going to read it because Ms Shayne is one of my top favorite authors I should have known that it would have been excellent Ms Shayne writes everything well I read this so long ago that I don’t remember the particulars of the plot I just remember that the witch series sounded very boring but turned out to be a lot of fun and I just loved every one of them

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Y Immortal ePUB #232 the ultimate betrayal by his love Arianna Now Arianna discovers a way to bring him back But the power that ret. Second in The Immortals paranormal romance series and revolving around Arianna and Nicodimus beginning in Scotland in 1511 to the present day in 1999My TakeInfinity takes us back to the year that Raven first died in 1511 and proceeds to inform us of Arianna's origins After uite awhile we come to today's world from the end of Eternity 1 where Arianna and Raven have met again and carries on from there combining Nicodimus' ending in 1511 with Dearborne's deathIt's a combination of points of view; first person protagonist from Nicodimus' perspective which is how we learn all his back history along with all his angst about not wanting to love Ariannaand yet he's falling for heroy The rest is a third person subjective mostly from Arianna's perspective It's annoying in 1511 as she's such a brat who does know her mindand isn't afraid to let all know what she's thinking And that's where her immaturity comes in for she loves shocking the villagers with her proclamations of being a witch This in a time when witches were persecuted Stupid twit But that POV does inform us of her honor in 1999Of course the villagers are hypocrites They'll use the services of The Crones in private while they decry them in public I do like that Joseph He's much open minded and in favor of justicewe should call for the execution of everyone who used The Crones' ways to aid themselves For if what they did was sin then we all are as guilty as theyIt's a fascinating world and magic that Shayne has created Yet this love meme of I can never love again is annoying Nicodimus has had over 700 years to get over it No I'm not trying to make light of his losing his wife and sons but really700 years Then there's the don't tell her meme so Arianna is not prepared for who and what she isThere's plenty of action — and be sure to read Eternity first The characters are stereotypical with a pace that alternates between slow and fast and does meander about Still it is a fascinating story that I enjoyedThe StoryA meeting of Witches both High and Dark that results in murders kidnappings and betrayalIt's unexpected love that will last for centuriesThe CharactersArianna Sinclair is a stubborn immature selfish village girl the daughter of the saddler Mara Sinclair is her mother; her father Edwyn Raven is the sister who drowned in the loch trying to save Arianna Eternity and whom Arianna found again in 1691 Duncan is Raven's lover whom Raven found again in EternityNicodimus Lachlan a cousin many times removed to Joseph is an Immortal Witch who considers Stonehaven a refuge from his life Black is his faithful horseStonehaven isa village in the Scottish Highlands Joseph Lachlan is its widowed laird Kenyon and Lud are his bullyish sons Nidaba originated in Sumeria and is Nicodimus' best friend who also sees Stonehaven as a refugeAngus MacClennan is the cobbler's son — and I cannot blame Arianna for not being interested in the boy Katie McDaniel would love to hook up with Angus God knows why Maddy Hargrove nearly died giving birth to young Billy; Nathan MacGregor still has his leg The Crones are Leandra Celia and Mary the village witches herbal women who cure the villagers who also fear themKenwick isMarten's keep Nathaniel Dearborne is a Dark High Witch and spiritual counselor to Marten Lydia and Kathleen are to be Arianna's maids Gorden will be her bodyguard764 wasNicodimus' time Anya is the girl fourteen year old Nicodimus rescuedtook from her abusive family after a winning battle Together they had two sons Will and Jaymes Kohl and Marten who develops telepathic combustion as a skill are Anya's brutal brothers who have become Dark High Witches Druids taught Nicodimus his first magics The Dark Ones use black magic and murder to attain immortality Immortal High Witches are of the light They are created when a person dies while attempting to save the life of a Witch and they return in another lifetime with the gift of immortality A High Witch can die if someone removes their heartThe Cover and TitleThe cover has a grayed down pink background with three scrolls of greenery and roses in the left corners and lower right corner In the center is an oval graphic outlined in a lighter pink with a longhaired blonde with a wreath of flowers in a white dress sitting on the grass with a brown haired man in a green cape flowing sleeved white smock and brown leather jerkin in a green plaid kilt black stockings and brown leather boots his head resting in her lap Framing them and in the background are menhirs a stonehenge of power At the top is an info blurb in cream Below that is the author's name in a flowing gothic font in an embossed appearing cream To the left of the oval is a testimonial in cream with the title in a cream script at the bottomThe title is how long an Immortal Witch lives how long guilt and grief can last what the possibilities are for love and joy to lastinto Infinity

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Infinity Immortal Witches #2Urns Nicodimus to her arms also summons an ancient enemy To fight this dark danger they must confront the past and reclaim infinity. This would be about a 42 Arianna is a much spunkier character IMHO than Raven Didn't dislike Raven but she was very passive about certain things Arianna is definitely not passive Liked Nicodimus as wellbit broody though Anyhow some nice backstory on who everyone was and nice lead in to the next book about Nidaba