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ePub í How to Start a Sentence · Words to Begin Sentences ´ [Reading] ➻ How to Start a Sentence: Words to Begin Sentences (English Daily Use Book 1) Author Join or create book clubs – Danpashley.co.uk This Book Covers The Following Topics How to Start a SentenceStart a Sentence Using ASStart a SenEr tariff has come as the last straw for residentsAs in the past party president distanced herself from the governments unpopular decisionAs long as here is violence by unruly mobs use of police force is inevitableAs often happened he forgot to send me replyAs part of the deal they will hand over control of five west bank townsAs penance he vowed to never scold any kid ever againAs per his version nobody had got injured in the incidentAs per rules the same bill should be passed by the two Houses of the Parliament before it is sent to the President for his signature and promulgation for implementationAs sanitary workers are absent on most of the days sweeping of that road is also irregular resulting in trash along the roadAs the bus was nearingAs the bus neared him he moved asideAs the day progressed over a hundred men protesters gathered at the officeAs the electric cables are hanging loosely it may anytime lead to major accident if any passer by comes into contactAs the mercury levels are dropping each day difficulties for the poor are constantly risingAs the war widened they had to leave the cityAs we progresses it is going to becomeanddifficultAs you know I have sent him a lett

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This Book Covers The Following Topics How to Start a SentenceStart a Sentence Using ASStart a Sentence Using AFTER and BEFOREStart a Sentence Using ATStart a Sentence Using BYStart a Sentence Using FORFROMStart a Sentence Using IFStart a Sentence Using OFONOUTStart a Sentence Using TOStart a Sentence Using INStart a Sentence Using WITHStart a Sentence Using WH WORDSStart a Sentence Asking uestionsStart a Sentence Using INTERJECTIONSStart a Sentence Using VERB WORDSStart a Sentence Using ING FORM of VERBSStart a Sentence Using PAST PARTICIPLESStart a Sentence Using LY WordsStart a Sentence Using PRONOUNSStart a Sentence Transitional ExpressionsStart a Sentence MiscellaneousExercises 1A and 1BExercises 2A and 2BSample ThisThere are different ways to start a sentence in English Using pronoun I we you they he she it is the most popular way to begin a sentence But there are many other words which are widely used to start a sentence They might be uestion words what where etc They might be words formed from verbs ending in ing ed en etc Besides words such as to in with if after are also used to begin a sentenceHere you will learn various words and phrases to start a sentence withImportan

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How to Start a Sentence Words to Begin Sentences English Daily Use Book 1T NoteStarting a sentence with and or but is correct or notUsing And or But to begin a sentence is generally considered grammatically Incorrect But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard So you can use And or But to begin a sentence But avoid excessive use of these words to begin a sentence Use these words in the beginning of a sentence only when they really give strength to your languageNote It is said that a sentence should not be begun with a conjunction of any kind especially one of the FANBOYS for and nor but or yet so But this is not hard and fast rule Particularly in spoken English starting a sentence with And or But is commonHow to start a sentence Using ASAs a matter of fact no notice was given to anyoneAs a policeman myself I am aware of all the lawsAs against last time four days the fair will last for five days this yearAs always he won the matchAs an interim arrangement we directed the authorities not to return the landAs fate would have it he crossed the international borderAs for David he is doing fineAs he got busy she picked up his sonAs he grew older he developed his communications skillsAs if the bad power situation in the city wasnt enough the hike in pow