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Hashimoto's Protocol eBook ↠ A 90Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back ☆ danpashley ´ [Download] ➺ Hashimoto's Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back By Izabella Wentz PharmDBed synthetic hormones that have numerous life altering side effects But there is a better way Diagnosed with Hashimotos at twenty seven pharmacist Dr Izabella Wentz knows first hand the effects of the disease as well as the valueand limitationsof medication The key to improved health she argues involves lifestyle interventions In Hashimotos Protocol she outlines a proven treatment that has helped thousands heal and many others feel betterin as fast as ninety daysDrawing on her own personal experience as well as her work consulting with thousands of patients Hashimotos Protocol offers a practical pathway for healing and reversing the autoimmune damage a Read with caution Has so many insightful things that affect Hashimoto's However one big mistake I made wish she would have addressed that if you go through the protocols especially in the beginning it's a shock to your system The first 3 days I cried for no reason and emotional By day 4 felt great Then about day 10 all h#l broke loss I ended up at urgent care for abdominal pain cramps bowel issue gas fever etc Missed diagnosed Went to my doctor and said I was 'issues' from change in diet Did research aside from this book and found out that if you are going gluten free in my case dairy soy sugar etc you need to be on low FOODMAPS So if you're going to make this drastic change do the homework and stick to low FOODMAPs first Maybe you'll be lucky and not have the problems I've had There are also a lot of conflicting things One we are to remove eggs and grainsseeds but they are in her recipes It is overwhelming After two weeks have taken a break from the book and just doing gluten free dairy on my own The book has amazing information but so much of it is confusing and way over my head

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Instant #1 New York Times BestsellerDr Izabella Wentz the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller Hashimotos Thyroiditis returns with a long awaited groundbreaking prescription to reverse the symptoms of this serious autoimmune condition that is becoming one of the countrys fastest growing diseasesMore than thirty five million Americans currently suffer from Hashimotosan autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland and causes the body to attack its own cells To alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating conditionincluding chronic cough acid reflux IBS allergies chronic pain hair loss brain fog and forgetfulnesspatients are often prescri I feel horribly duped on this one There were so many 5 star reviews on this I honestly didn't read the reviews before purchase Only after I started to read this did I realize how terrible it is I got through the first 70 pages and there was nothing but rambling saying the same things over and over again A lot of self promotion with promises to discuss important things LATER in the book It was so boring with only a few useful bits of information ONLY if you know nothing about Hashimoto's I thought of this book was something those of us who have suffered through failed attempts to get relief under a physician's care and traditional medicine might turn to I would think most people would know how crappy this disease makes you feel and how just meds aren't working The most aggravating thing of all is there is NO 90 DAY PLAN This is the most confusingly outlined book I have ever seen After 70 pages I decided to jump ahead and see if this actually got anywhere and it doesn't How can you call something a 90 day protocol without actually lying out the protocol day by day? Terrible book If you don't mind reading a lot of unneeded full this may be good for some who is learning about a new diagnosis but if you are looking for an outlined plan to follow forget this I returned it so misleading

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Hashimoto's Protocol A 90 Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life BackT the root of the disease The first step is a uick start two week detox that includes foods to eat and inflammatory foods to avoid advice on supplements to support the liver and an adrenal recovery plan Next readers create a personalized plan with foods supplements and other lifestyle interventions tailored to their bodys own uniue Hashimotos triggers which they can identify using self tests included in the book Hashimotos Protocol also features original recipesGrounded in the latest science Hashimotos Protocol is the first book to offer a proven protocol by an acknowledged expert in the field to treat this condition and help sufferers reclaim their liv I worked through this protocol with the help and guidance of a nutritionist so my experience can't be completely attributed to this protocol but we stuck to it pretty closely and I feel a lot on top of my life again I struggled to lose weight before but the weight melted off of me while following the book my brain fog is about 90% gone and I have a lot energy