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Book ✓ Hasan Author Piers Anthony Å 256 pages Õ Danpashley ↠ ❮PDF❯ ✫ Hasan ✓ Author Piers Anthony – In the days of Sinbad the handsome young merchant Hasan uests forth from Bassorah seeking great wealth But Lo The hand of Allah sets the youth upoSses And to know his life's desire Hasan must twice capture the love of the bird maiden Sana the world's most beautiful woman child of the vengeful king of jinns on the dreaded Isles of WakHarken ye now to a tale of exotic mystery sensuous beauty and strange sorce It was not terribly written Apparently it was based on a Arabian Nights tale which I havent read I was dissapointed to see that there was not much of a modern twist so far as women are concerned and disturbed at how highly sexist this was I can only describe it as a heterosexual Man's wet dream for the most part It did have a charming old fashioned story tone about it which I enjoyed However using words like Willy nilly clashed terribly with the writing style It was definately not the best read I experienced I am highly curious now to how women were treated in the original Arabian Nights tale now I will be reading that to find outYoutube Review

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In the days of Sinbad the handsome young merchant Hasan uests forth from Bassorah seeking great wealth But Lo The hand of Allah sets the youth upon a rare journey into the heart of deadly adventure unearthly periland magicEnslaved by the alchemist Bahram bound int This very early novel by Piers Anthony was revised and published in book form in 1977 but the version I read and am reviewing here was the original printed in two installments in the December 1969 and February 1970 issues of Fantastic magazine Vol 19 Nos 2 and 3 This of course reuired me to track down copies of the magazines which proved neither difficult nor particularly expensive I have reached a tipping point with Anthony despite my lovehate relationship with his writing favoring his sci fi leanings and groaning in exasperation over his proclivities for fantasy I am committed to reading eventually whatever I can lay my hands on of his This is primarily because his sci fi is very very good In this case however although Hasan is planted firmly in the realm of fantasy I found myself pleasantly surprised and grateful to have tracked down the original source of this taleThe beauty of reading Hasan from its original source is that the editor of Fantastic Ted White gives a detailed account of the novel's history and development in the December 1969 issue Even better in that issue is a reprint of an article Anthony contributed to a fanzine in which he details the history of The Arabian Nights which collection of tales serves as the source material for Hasan It is this fact ie that Anthony uses The Arabian Nights as a jumping off point above all which renders the colorful and fantastic elements of the story palatable at least to this readerAnthony has fleshed out the original tale considerably and added a few elements of his own devising detailed in the author's notes in the February 1970 issue to produce a reasonably well constructed novel Which is not to say that it is a masterpiece as my rating indicates although I might award it another half a star were that possible No Anthony's stereotyped characterizations are a little too wooden and two dimensional and there is much here that would appeal to an adolescent but fails to convince an adult reader And despite the story's setting in the ancient Middle East there is a misogyny which reflects our own culture circa the late 1960s at least as much as it reflects that of the historical settingThere is however one point on which this work is uite instructive and gasp valuable from a literary perspective It is easy for readers in a post 911 world to fall into the error of imagining that Islam was always portrayed through the paranoid lens of our present day perspective Hasan written than three decades before Islamic extremism tarnished the image of Islam or less permanently presents its protagonist a devout Muslim as anything but an irrational extremist Hasan is portrayed as sincere in his faith to be sure but at no point is his faith depicted as inimical to any other faith and the novel does touch on Zoroastrianism Buddhism Hinduism and Christianity uite the contrary Islam is here made out to be one in a panoply of faiths each of which has their good points and bad points but each of which should be respected and none of which should be feared Even the Zoroastrianism of one of the primary antagonists is not depicted as an evil faith simply the faith of an evil character For this reason alone Hasan makes for something just short of an important read in the world of 2017 when we are all of us uick to doubt whether that mythical beast moderate Islam does in fact exist

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Hasan Author Piers AnthoO a camel's corpse and left on the Mountain of Clouds to be devoured by a roc such is the beginning of Hasan's destiny For he has entered a world of mighty jinns and hideous ifrits empires and bejeweled jungle palaces enigmatic wizards and cloistered virgin prince Nice enough fantasy story It's most striking feature is its oriental cast Allah be praised Apparently this did give the author a license to put a lot of very unlikely plot twists in the story to help out Hasan the anti hero of the story deus ex machina? which was my main dislike If you like reading about jinns and efreets go for it otherwise I'd skip it