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Happy Hour of the DamnedEasy And the minute one of Amanda's undead friends disappears after texting the word help The undead so dramatic she knows the afterlife is about to get really uglySomething sinister is at hand Someone or something is hell bent on turning Seattle's undead underworld into a place of true terror And this time Amanda may meet a fate a lot worse than death. I did my damndest to avoid reading this book Happy hour and zombies not really my thing Okay well happy hour is but not really into the zombie thingBut there was that funny zombie thing thing that happened in downtown Austin in January and it seemed like a sign Then you know I love Richelle Mead and Richelle Mead loves Mark Henry so I figure what the hell It took me than a few pages to decide I didn't hate the footnotes and before I knew it I was snarfing my vitaminenergywater concotion all over the place I was wrong I was so wrong Mark Henry has got it going on This book and its followup nearly did me in I spent the better part of a trip to costco stifling my laughter after passing the Depends in bulk of course and trying to explain to my kids the unexplainable fits of laughter as I read the afternoon awayAnd the man knows his bags and shoeswell that or his wife does and damn she has good taste

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Stilettos Balenciaga handbag on sale while satisfying her craving for human flesh Don't judge And no not like chicken and decent vodkatinisMaking her way through a dangerous world of cloud doped bloodsuckers reapers horny and horned devils werewolves celebrities and PR obsessed shapeshifters not to mention an extremely hot bartender named Ricardo isn't. Confession Time Zombies Totally not my thing and not sexy I think this could be the very first zombie book I have read but it won’t be the last Contrary to popular belief zombies do not always walk around chanting brains If they are lucky enough to be “made” zombies like Amanda Feral they can continue to function as they did before death mostly The exception being the devastating and totally gross side effects of eating real food pale skin even a spray tan won’t fix and the desire for human flesh Other than those minor things they can carry on with their lives as usual Amanda Feral is trying to do just that refusing to give up her designer clothes power career or warm blooded boyfriend just because she is dead Unfortunately the afterlife isn’t so easy for her when one of her friends seemingly goes missing and she finds herself in over her head in someone’s attempt to stage a world takeover one Starbucks at a timeAmanda Feral and friends are uite possibly the most foul mouthed snarky and sarcastic group of characters I have come across yet They are dirty and I don’t mean “spank me” dirty I mean “depends” dirty Their brand of humor is not for the easily offended or light of heart Living with an experienced master of inappropriate jokes and sarcasm aka my husband I figured I was up for the challenge A few times I found myself cringing because Mark Henry holds nothing back gore and bowels are not off limits However most of the time I found myself silently snickering and snorting along at bad jokes and hilarious storytelling Mark Henry seems to have the uniue ability of making the gory act of zombies eating humans perfectly normal if not funnyI have only one itty bitty complaintfootnotes Happy Hour of the Damned is filled with footnotes giving you little tidbits of info sure to make you snort out loud Because I didn’t want to miss any of the funny I wasn’t about to ignore their existence but I did find them a tad distracting when reading it on the Kindle Obviously this is not the fault of the author but this may be one of those series that are better off read in paperback where you can flip back and forth easily gasp yes I did indeed say that mark your calendars Being a diehard Kindle lover who avoids dead tree books if at all possible I did come up with a method that was workable and figured I would share because I am a generous girl like thatStep 1 Before you get reading use the “go to location” function from the kindle menu of the book to go to the back of the book and find the start of the footnotes section Hit AltB to bookmark itStep 2 Start reading When you get to a foot note use the “go to bookmark” function to navigate to your bookmark On the K1 all you do is click on the progress bar and then hit the “next” button – I don’t know if this is true for the K2Step 3 Read the usually hilarious footnote then hit the “back” buttonStep 4 Continue reading to next footnote and then repeat procedure Since there are a lot of footnotes in this book and for some reason each one is on a seperate “page” I did reset the bookmark location every 3 4 footnotes so I would have less to page throughBecause of Mark Henry’s foul mouthed crew of comediens I give Happy Hour of the Damned 4 stars It was fun to read an urban fantasy with main characters who were not battling with moral dilemmas and ethical uestions I can’t wait to see what else Amanda Feral can get herself into Next up Road Trip of the Living Dead

characters Happy Hour of the Damned

characters Happy Hour of the Damned 100 ë [EPUB] ✰ Happy Hour of the Damned By Mark Henry – Seattle One minute you're drinking a vanilla breve the next some creepy old dude is breathing on you turning you into a zombie And that's just for starters Now the recently deceased Amanda Feral is tr Seattle One minute you're