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BOOK ¹ Flowers for Algernon È Daniel Keyes Increases his I and changes his life As the experimental procedure takes effect Charlie's intelligence expands until it surpasses that of the doctors Flowers for PDFEPUBwho engineered Wow I'm so glad I finally read it I had only read passages of it before but it was totally with sitting and reading the whole thing through I don't even know what to say I can't stop crying because of how things are for Charlie and I guess I just wish that they way he was treated wasnt so close to reality Also it's kind of painful to have to uestion things like intimacy vs intelligence and self actualization which are brought up so poignantly in the book I don't even know if anything I'm saying is making any sense but the book really got to me and now I need to be alone to cry and consolidate myself with it and the new ideas it has made me consider

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MOBI è DOC Flowers for Algernon 9780156030304 FREE ¾ [PDF / Epub] ★ Flowers for Algernon Author Daniel Keyes – The story of a mentally disabled man whose experimental uest for intelligence mirrors that of Algernon an extraordinary lab mouse In diary entries Charlie tells how a brain operation increas His metamorphosis The experiment seems to be a scientific breakthrough of paramount importance until Algernon begins his sudden unexpected deterioration Will the same happen to Charl I first read this book in 8th grade in my english class I remembered enjoying it being fascinated in how the author painted the picture that I really was reading Charlie's journal by use of spelling grammar and punctuation related to the level Charlie was at when writing the entries What I didn't know at the time was the people who created the text book I used felt it was okay to chop whole chapters out of the middle of the book They felt pulling out whole sections was okay in the name of protecting children from bad concepts like sex alcohol and violence They didn't consider that perhaps leaving the story intact and waiting for the children to mature before handing them this story was a better routeI discovered this injustice when I was in a used bookstore and remembered this story I read in class I enjoyed so I dug up a copy and bought it When I got home I jumped right in and started to reread it only to get a shock in the middle of the book where suddenly there were whole chapters about this neighbor Charlie gets involved with that I didn't remember When I reread the book recently there were things that I realized would have been chopped out of a version intended for 8th grade students to read and I just hadn't noticed as much the first time reading the complete copy because they were tucked in with the mundane things towards the beginning of Charlies developmentsAll ranting aside I find this book to be a fascinating look at human nature personality and development It's well written and does a good job placing you into Charlie's head as he goes up and down through this experiment If you read it in school like I first did do yourself a favor and buy or borrow a complete copy of the book to read The lessons learned by all characters in the book certainly give you lots of think about your own behavior and that of othersEDIT There have been a few comments pointing out that the story was a short story first likely the version I read in my school textbook that was later expanded into the novel I only wanted to add this note to my review as it seems some people comment without reading the other comments left so I'm seeing both comments informing me of this fact and comments of outrage that the book was censored

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Flowers for AlgernonThe story of a mentally disabled man whose experimental uest for intelligence mirrors that of Algernon an extraordinary lab mouse In diary entries Charlie tells how a brain operation I am finding it hard to put into words the vast range of emotions I experienced while reading this tale of hope perseverance truth and humanity When it comes to science fiction in general I would hesitate before declaring myself a fan The books I have enjoyed most from this genre tend to be the softer humanity focused stories Like this one I'm a huge fan of science fiction that doesn't seem too far away; something that I could imagine being just around the corner and that's how I felt about Flowers for Algernon This story is about Charlie Gordon who with an I of 68 can only hope to sweep the floors at the bakery Well that is until he is invited to participate in an experiment previously only tested on animals The experiment is an operation that will gradually make him a genius and allow him to become the person he's always longed to be But intelligence comes with a price Charlie learns that the people he's known for years are not what he'd always thought Where he once associated laughter with friendship he soon learns that it is mockery It has been said that intelligence is mostly about having a good memory and Charlie Gordon finds that out the hard way Memories that had been forgotten come flooding back bringing pain with themFlowers for Algernon looks at so many different things mental disabilities human nature intelligence and love It made me feel sad angry frustrated and hopeful It made me shake my head at people's abhorrent behaviour and it made me incredibly thankful for so many things I know how cliche that sounds but it's true Even though Charlie's intelligence grows to beyond that of a normal human he is emotionally still very much a child and has to learn the things other people learned long ago He doesn't understand what is happening when his body becomes sexually responsive to a woman and he often doesn't understand why people say one thing but mean something completely different It's a very sad story and it made me think about so many things The ending just about broke my heartBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube